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Creative Communications for Digital Marketing is getting the Right Message across to the Right Audience at the Right Time and at the Right Cost is the key to success of any brand communication. At Vajra, we strive hard to come up with not only “creative communications” but also follow proven frameworks that ensure your brand gets the recall it needs with your clients.

We collaborate with you to understand your company, business goal, brand and target audience. Increasingly customers are using digital means like search engine, social media or online forums to read about their needs and in the process discover relevant brands. The availability of feature rich tools to reach out to your clients both through verbal and nonverbal communications, have increased the noise, with every brand overloading communication to their prospects and clients. Our approach helps your brand voice reach your customers and prospects.

Web development & Hosting

Your business website is one place where your customer can get to know about your business 24*7. 80% of new customers visit your website before they make their first purchase with you. It is critical that your website reflects your services, brand and value, connecting with your customer helping him, make the decision to move forward with your brand.

  • WordPress Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Best in Class User Experience
  • Social and Email Integration
  • High Performance Secure WordPress hosting
  • Lead Generation through intelligent Call to Action (CTA)
  • Web traffic Analytics and Recommendations

Content Services - Human First SEO Optimisations

The digital world loves to read and we can help you with content that will make your audience love what they read about your brand. The bonus, we will also make Google love what we write about your brand through smart choice of keywords. We can help you with fresh thinking to connect with your customers and get your message delivered, every time.

  • Branding Messages
  • Collaterals – Brochures, Case Studies
  • White Papers, Summaries and Abstracts
  • Content Evaluation
  • Web Content Creation and Management
  • Blogs
  • Product Copywriting

Animation Services

Animation is a wonderful way to explain some of the most complex concepts in a very simple intuitive way. Imagine the sophistication of brand communication when you combine Animation with strategic storytelling and creative flair, gives you inspiring tales for your brand’s easy association and recall with your customers.

  • UX/UI Design and Consultation
  • Social media / App Store Attention Grabbers
  • Whiteboard Animations
  • Engineering & Medical Simulations
  • Gleaning Insight through 2D & 3D Animations
  • Brand Videos
  • Video Advertising

E-learning Services

Creative and interesting models of learning is critical in the information age, where your customers and employees are overloaded with information available online and choices of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). We can help you in the process of putting together an interesting way of getting the knowledge delivered both to your employees and to your customers.

  • Digital Content Development
  • Storyboarding
  • Corporate Learning & Performance
  • Custom Content Services
  • Mobile Learning
  • Interactive Presentations

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Why Vajra for your brand communications?

Strong experience in Brand Promotion including Brand Launch, Brand Awareness, timely Brand Recall and positive Brand Association

Use proven methodologies and framework that has worked wonders for clients across the globe and the ability to customize them for the need in hand

We appreciate people are at both ends of the communication and love telling brand messages as inspiring tales to make the brand-customer connection seamless.

Connect with your customers, @ “right moments” creating a positive brand influence – Who better than your customers as your brand ambassadors?


With the onset of smart mobiles and 4G connectivity, a normal smart phone user has way too many choices on his phone to get distracted-

Emails, WhatsApp, SMS, Push Notifications, Reminders and so on. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that Digital Natives have a shorter attention span than a goldfish
The average attention span for a digital native is 8 seconds and this is all you have to grab his attention for another 30 seconds; if you make an impression, you probably have another 120 seconds. As a business, you are not only competing with competition in your own industry but also with the other mobile Apps like Email, Whatsapp etc., which can distract the user and move him away from what would have otherwise been possible sales closure

Creative communication is the way to get you message across to your customers and prospects in this short time frame. This involves coming up with innovative, out of the box ways including humor, facts, comparisons and interesting tales to grab the attention of your audience. The essence of creative communication is to have the right message delivered in the given opportunity. When combined this with the right targeting, right time and right cost, it become effective digital marketing.

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Attention span of a Digital Native is 8 seconds and shockingly this has come down 33% from 2013 to 2016.

As further advancements in Digital technologies, will only make this worse, it is extremely important that the marketing communication is made more creative to be able to reach and register the intended message with the targeted audience.

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“Creative without strategy is called Art. Creative with strategy is called Advertising”. Vajra believes in this philosophy.

1.We start with the business goals, product functionality and how the product uniquely services its client.

2.Second, we draw up customer personas and parallels to how the product needs to be perceived by the customers.

3.We draw inspirations for our campaigns from simple things that the customers would associate themselves with

4.We use a combination of drawings, photos, facts, infographics, animations, video clips, humour, memes etc., to be able to bring out an inspiring tale to our customers helping them relate to how the product would make their life better.

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Our clients appreciate us for our ability to bring out complex messages in a simple way, making their client relate to their brand (product / service).

Our focus is to have your intended “message delivered” to your clients at the right time and right cost – This is what you can expect from Vajra in the area of creative communication.

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