Complete Enhancement of Global Aviation New Network Website

Farnborough International News Network (FINN) is an online platform designed for the global aviation community. It is a video-led digital hub that offers news, reports, interviews, and opinions on the aerospace industry. FINN is created by Farnborough International Ltd, which is the organizer of the prestigious Farnborough International Airshow. FINN provides direct coverage from the primary air shows across the world and delivers a dynamic mix of content from leading figures in the aerospace industry, innovators, and journalists.

Problem statement :

The client connected with us to enhance their website. The requirement was to improve user interface and enhance user experience. Additionally, the site had to be updated to align with the latest market trends, ensuring it remains relevant and
up-to-date. The revamp was aimed at enhancing the overall look and feel of the website, while also improving its functionality and usability. Another task was to create a blogging and news website that met international standards within a tight timeline.

Strategy and approach :

As the first step, our team benchmarked the existing news section of the FINN website and analyzed market trends to identify areas for improvement. We conducted a comprehensive audit to assess the gaps in user experience. The client’s main requirement was to create a centralized hub for communication. To achieve this, we designed a homepage that allowed the categorization of news, articles, videos, and newsflash posts related to airshows. The client was also given the ability to add and highlight upcoming events. To enhance security and prevent automated activities, we developed a newsletter sign-up form with CAPTCHA. This helped to increase the security and protection of the website.

Vajra’s value addition :

Our team developed the FINN website in accordance with current business standards, with a focus on improved user navigation and a streamlined user journey. Based on the client’s specifications, new features were designed and implemented to meet their expectations. The end result exceeded the client’s expectations and they were extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Providing customized news coverage through cutting-edge UI/UX techniques.

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