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Across mobile application platforms, there are over 5 million apps and this is increasing everyday. An average user visits at least 25 apps in a month; However 80% of the time is spent on the Top 3 Apps. This underlines the importance of Mobile App Marketing and picking the right partner who can help you achieve your goals for the Mobile App. The approach to Mobile App Marketing is quite different when you position your Mobile App as a companion to you product or service vs. when your core business is to generate money from the Mobile App.

The Mobile App Marketing Framework at Vajra is developed using the best practices learnt over years, working along side with our customers and Mobile App developers. The framework takes into account the behavioural aspects of the intended Mobile App User. Your unique customer requirements are applied to the framework to arrive at a customized App Marketing Plan that will help meet your business goals for the Mobile App.

The critical success factor lies correctly identifying the right target audience, understanding their needs, value addition to them from the mobile app and their behavioural pattern. Our framework addresses 6 key areas which needs to be looked at for meeting the goals of a mobile app, derived based on the mobile app strategy. It starts with user acquisition, achieving higher levels of engagement, leveraging the right moments for monetisation, retaining the user, driving updates to new version, continuous analytics and reporting. The data from the analytics, combined with best practices and industry data, would feedback into the model to further enhance user experience and drive up monetisation or the chosen business goal.

User Acquisition

How will you make your target audience know your app and get interested from among 5 million choices? What is the right cost of Mobile App Marketing is a huge task for app developers and businesses. You need the support of an expert who has an in-depth knowledge about the use acquisition tools, to come up with and execute a sustainable user acquisition strategy

  • User Research and Customer Persona Creation
  • App Store and Play Store Optimization
  • App Install Channel Assessment & Selection
  • App Install Campaign Execution & Enhancement
  • App Install Cost (CPI / CPC) Reduction
  • App Preview Video, Landing Page for User Acquisition
  • Innovative User Acquisition Models

User Engagement, App Update and User Retention

Mobile App User Engagement is a serious business and unique set of things are expected from your customer persona depending on the nature of the app. Vajra can work shoulder to shoulder with you to understand your customer needs and recommend suitable content, update frequency and right notification models to achieve the intended goal of user engagement.

  • User Engagement Models and User Rewards Strategy
  • User Experience Measurement and Design Recommendations
  • User Retention and Reconnecting inactive users
  • Online and offline Notification Strategy
  • App Update Strategy
  • Social Media and Content Share Strategy
  • Mobile App Performance Audit

App Monetisation

When your business revenues are dependent on the Mobile App, it is paramount that user experience and engagement is driven towards monetisation opportunities. Our multi pronged App monetisation framework, ensures we drive up Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and enhance paying user’s experience to enhance monetisation avenues to increase Average Revenue Per Paying User (ARPPU)

  • Monetisation Strategy
  • 3rd Party Ad Platforms Assessment and Suitability
  • ARPU and ARPPU measurements
  • Attribution Analytics
  • Mobile traffic monetisation
  • User Drop-off and Cart Abandonment
  • Mobile Social Commerce

Analytics and Reporting

Mobile App Marketing is made sustainable through continuous analysis of user acquisition, engagement, monetisation, update and retention. This when combined with user behavior, reach, conversion, drop-off point and Return on Investment (RoI) gives you the complete inventory of data needed to make strategic decisions.

  • Assessment of the right Mobile Analytics platform
  • Custom reporting dashboard based on strategic objectives
  • User Acquisition Analytics by Channel
  • User Engagement Analytics and Hotspot Assessment
  • App Update and Retention Analytics
  • Mobile Advertising Analytics
  • Monetisation Dashboard

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Experience based Marketing “Best Practices” for promotion of your Mobile App across its user life cycle

Accelerators and tools that can help you go-to market faster, better and cheaper, bringing you closer to their goals.

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Today there are over 5 million Apps across the different App Stores and the count is only increasing every day. Research suggests:

1.An average smartphone user has about 25 Apps in his phone but 80% of the time on smartphone is spent on the Top 3 Apps of his choice.

2.The attention span of a Digital Native today is at 8 seconds, 1 second less than that of a goldfish.

Given these, it is paramount that you have a clear mobile app marketing strategy to position your app with your target audience. The mobile app marketing strategy should be custom built for your customer persona, presenting them why your mobile app makes their life better. It is easy to get lost in the App Store Crowd and Mobile App Marketing Strategy can save you here.

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Great! How good is good for you? 🙂
You need to factor the following things in your mind

1.Nature of your App and how frequently do you expect your mobile app user to use your app

2.Is your App something that the user will use once / weeks / months / eternal? This can be determined by understanding why your user will use it e.g, A museum companion app is something you would use only when you visit the museum.

3.What % of your target customers have downloaded the App?

4.How are you doing vs. competition in terms of customer acquisition

5.Are you meeting your business objectives with regards to the Mobile App

As you answer the questions above, if you feel that there is a potential upside you can get in terms of user downloads, you need to think about marketing.

In addition to downloads, the Mobile App Marketing will also look at elements like User Engagement, Monetisation, App Update, App Retention and Analytics. If you would like to excel in these areas, helping you achieve your business goals, Mobile App Marketing will be the answer.

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Vajra’s Mobile App Marketing Strategy is a multipronged approach keeping in mind the complete life cycle of a Mobile App. The stages include

1.Mobile App Marketing Strategy

2.Mobile App Marketing Plan

3.User Acquisition

4.Mobile App Design

5.User Experience Recommendations

6.User Engagement


8.Mobile App Update

9.Mobile App Retention

10.Analytics and Reporting

* Stages 4 – 10 continue on an ongoing activity derived based on customer feedback and usage analytics

The inputs that go into the process are target customers, their segmentation, persona, their needs and why is this mobile app important for them etc., This will help in the design of the campaign and will reflect in the effectiveness of the campaign.

In addition, we bring in rich experience working across multiple customer in helping them successfully meet their Mobile App Marketing Goal. This helps you with a whole host of best practices, what not to do to avoid pitfalls in your progress

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Most Mobile Apps start off as a “Me too” exercise without thinking deeply about what value it would bring the customer and how much investment

the company is willing to do to provide this value. As a result, many of them start off trying to take what is in their website and fit it into a mobile app or even worse, build a responsive website and try to push this off as a mobile App.

1.Build it for Mobile: The App should be designed ground up, keeping in mind different phone screen sizes and resolution, making the app easy and fun to use.

2.Why does the App exist: Clearly understand the need for the App – Does it stand on its own or is it a companion to an existing product?

3.Who are your customers: Understand who are the customers for the App. Do you already have a connection to them through an existing business or do you need to establish a new connection? What are their behavior patterns and what are their spending patterns?

4.Provide Value: An average smartphone user spends 80% of the time he spends with smartphone on the Top 3 Apps of his choice. If you need the user to come back to your App, you need to give him a reason to do so. Showcase the value the user gets by using your App

5.Analytics: Continuously watch out your App’s analytics and listen to customer feedback. This is the best way to understand what users love about your App – Build on what they like and give them more of this.

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SDK or Software Development Kit are useful tools or software programs used to help software developers expedite the development process.

In case of Mobile App Marketing, there are SDKs exist that will help us in terms of building interesting functions to know both about how our App functions and how users are using our App and much more

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