How important is having a website in the current trend for your business growth?

A quality website helps you build that first impression. It is a bridge to connect with your customers, a first point of contact with your target audience.

A website's scope is pretty broad, and your business should leave no stone unturned to leverage its potential. Especially considering the paradigm shift in the way customers connect with brands, a website has a significant role to play. Moving from one store to another has been replaced by browsing from one website to the other.

Therefore, a user-friendly, sleek, and catchy website is the need of the hour. It has a pivotal role to play in boosting your conversion rates. Moreover, engaging and delighting with your users' post-conversion will give your business an impetus in the digital space.

Understanding your target audience


Of people have left a website as it didn’t display well on their devices.


Of people left a website because it was badly designed.


Of people abandoned a website because it didn’t load quickly.

Understanding your target audience

Do these statistics scare you?

There is no reason to worry. You will face none of these challenges if you understand your customer well. You must gauge your customers’ pain points if you want them to engage with you and provide them with a great user experience.

To unlock your customers’ pain points, you should look at your website and ask the following questions.

To unlock your customers' pain points, you should look at your website and ask the following questions.

Is your website a unique one?
Have you thought about user experience?
Have you built credibility?
What’s the average time your customer spends on your website?
How easily can a user contact you?
Have you ever seen a monthly analytics report on your website?

If you are not convinced with any of these answers, you may get in touch with us, and we will help you out.

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Building customer centric websites

Building customer centric websites

To achieve a 360-degree customer delight you should have a website that is easy to navigate, informative, and engaging. We design and build websites that drive leads and sales. Building delightful user experiences, increasing conversion rate optimization, and offering excellent eCommerce web development services is our forte.

If your business is unique so should be your website. We work with you to create a web experience that stands out in the crowd, reflects your brand personality, and instantly builds credibility with your current and prospective customers, investors, or employees. Especially with the drastic rise in online sales, it has become significant to build a highly impactful E-commerce website to suit the user’s needs.

Seamless lead generation

Seamless lead generation

Lead generation is crucial for a business, and to generate leads, you should have a set of goals and try hard to meet them. We help you build websites that can generate leads with great design, excellent user experience, creative content strategy, interactive sections, and the right elements at the right place.

At the same time, we understand that generating leads isn’t enough. It is essential to have an analytics system, marketing automation strategies, SEO strategy and integrated tools for your sales team to extract meaningful metrics from the enormous volume of data all over the web.

Technologies we excel at

Content management system

A content management system is a web application that helps users create, manage, and modify content on a website without any specialized technical knowledge.

To give you an idea of how a content management system works, we’re going to take a tour of the WordPress and Umbraco interface.


With Open source software, you can easily create a beautiful and user-friendly website, blog, or web app.

A CMS allows users to amend, modify, and edit the content on websites using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface, without any coding knowledge. The data entered into CMS software is stored in a database, which renders the web page via a template. The HTML, CSS, Bootstrap of that page may also control the output.

Our experienced developers offer custom WordPress website development services, delivering high-quality and innovative output.


A flexible CMS – do things your way.

Umbraco is both simple and flexible. It gives you the freedom to build websites, apps, or other solutions precisely the way you want. The flexibility is available in both the way you choose to set-up the page and structure your projects.

Expand and elevate your business prowess with the industry-best web development company

Requirement analysis

UI/UX development

Mobile-first approach

Well designed CMS

High performance & speed

Compatibility testing

Responsive testing

Complete SEO




Years of experience


Lead gen pages



Our clients

Frequently asked questions

A custom website design on the other hand can be tailored to suit your business requirements and modified accordingly. It is easier to make quick changes with a custom design compared to an attractive template.

It is not recommended to use attractive templates available in the web as it doesn’t give you the leverage of making changes to the website. It is like a handicap for you to achieve your business objectives and would hamper you from exploring different designs and colour combinations as well.

With a large number of mobile and tablet users, our developers make it a point to ensure that your device is mobile friendly as it is the need of the hour in today’s world. Most web development companies aim to make mobile-friendly websites.

Our developers know the importance of having a mobile friendly website. We ensure that your website is not just mobile friendly but also compatible with other devices such as tablets and other small and large screen devices. Our web developers provide a highly versatile code which makes your website compatible with different devices.


For a website to be Search Engine Friendly, the URL’s have to be user friendly and the overall website has to be compatible with all devices. It is ideal to focus on internal linking, optimize images, avoid keyword stuffing, and check for your orphan pages.

Another key aspect is to ensure that you add the right set of keywords to the website properly.

Ideally, it would take a minimum of 6 to eight weeks from the start to launch. However, if you are looking for an enterprise level website, it would take 14 weeks, this includes 3 weeks for discovery, 6 for design, 3 for initial development, and 2 for modification.

It might also take some additional time for content creation and UX design.

Yes, soon as the website is live, we observe the performance and traffic of the website and make changes accordingly. We also provide on-going support to our clients and address issues immediately.

We make sure to update the website and address issues such as website downtime, longer load time, site updates, glitches and bugs immediately.

Connect with us at or contact us at +91(44)43539395. We are not only a web development company but also provide a wide range of digital marketing services. Just click on the contact us section on this website or scroll down to connect with us via social media.

We have provided the links to our social media pages in the footer of this site.

The cost of a website will vary according to your line of business and requirements. It is also influenced by the number of elements that you add on your website, its visual design, and the content added. It is hard to quote an average price due to its enormous range in requirements.

For a basic website, a Web Development Company may charge $2,000 or more excluding web hosting fees. However, if you are looking for an enterprise level website, you need to spend close to $ 12,000 for your website.

We are specialists in HTML, css, javascript, php, XML and other technologies and tools. We make it a point to run the code through final testing before making it live.

We incorporate the use of different tools which support various technologies and enable easier completion by leveraging the use of automation wherever possible.

The domain name of your website should be connected with the name of your business or product that you sell. The name must be 6-14 characters long. It is ideal to choose a domain name that is shorter in length as longer ones cost you a lot.

Make sure that the domain name is easy to pronounce, type, and avoid hyphens and numbers. The best way is to use niche keywords that reflect your website.

Yes indeed, at Vajra, as a web development company, we believe in establishing a transparent environment and a clear two way communication between you and us.

As we are putting the initial elements in place, we will share the skeletal framework of the initial website. You can take a look at our work and share your feedback. We will make changes accordingly and ensure that no stone is left unturned during the development process.

Absolutely, our web developers are always at your disposal. You can choose the one who appeals to you. Our website has the profile of all our team members and their designation.

We will also share the credentials of developers on request and you can take a look at it at your leisure.

Not necessarily, we have been providing our services to various clients across the globe. You see, that’s the advantage of digital marketing, you need not have to be physically present to market your product/service to your brand.

We provide remote services to our clients throughout the world, you can hear from the testimonials given on our website.

With the help of a web developer, you can create an online store that’s professional and easy to navigate. The first step is to choose a platform for your website.

WordPress is a popular option, and there are plenty of themes and plugins available to help you create a unique look for your site. Once you’ve settled on a platform, you’ll need to choose a domain name and hosting plan. Once your website is up and running, you’ll need to add products and set up payment processes.

Achieving 360-degree customer satisfaction requires a website that is easy to navigate, informative and enjoyable.

Web developers create websites that generate leads and sales. The goal of web developers is to create a great user experience, improve conversion rate optimization, and provide excellent e-commerce web development services.

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With blog posts, you can not only convey your brand values but also drive prospects to your websites through backlinks. Our blogs have helped our clients with increased traffic and conversions.

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