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    Our SEO services


    Technical SEO

    Our technical SEO helps your website rank higher as it meets the technical requirements of all search engines. We take care of features such as crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture.


    On-page SEO

    Our on-page SEO technique optimizes your web page content both for search-engines and users.


    Local SEO

    With our local SEO services we ensure that with your online practice you are able to attract more business from relevant local businesses.


    Global SEO

    In an era when the world has become a global village, we understand the importance of global SEO. We leave no stone unturned to optimize your content for a multitude regions worldwide.


    Off-page SEO

    We at Vajra Global as your SEO firm, understand the building backlinks are at the heart of off-page SEO. Hence, we build relevant backlinks in your page so that your page ranks higher than the one that has fewer backlinks.


    E-commerce SEO

    Most people begin their online searches with just keywords. Hence, right keywords strategy is critical for search engine optimization. For you we find the untapped terms that customers search for and then implement the best keywords for your webpages.

    Why Vajra for SEO?

    You must be wondering why choose Vajra as your SEO service company! It’s simple! We are into this field for more than four years, we have served 50 plus global clients and they have received about 10k+ quality leads from our tailor-made SEO strategies. Despite being a young SEO company we have already left our footprints in more than 5 countries, where we have multiple happy customers. We have a robust team comprising more than ten SEO experts who can take your business to a different level altogether with their comprehensive SEO optimization strategies.

    How do we help your business?

    Increased traffic

    Increased traffic

    SEO is the best way to engage in inbound marketing. The best thing about SEO is that it can target demographic and bring in relevant traffic to your website without being pushy. SEO is highly customer-centric.

    Improved ranking

    Improved ranking

    The right SEO company & strategy helps to improve the search rankings of your website. It involves multiple SEO techniques to help your site rank up top in the search results.

    Quality leads

    Quality leads

    If you have the SEO strategy in place you can easily reach out to your target customers and hence in the way generate high quality leads.

    Branding promotion

    Branding promotion

    With great search engine optimization services when your site climbs up to the top of the search results, it gives more exposure to your business. Moreover, being on the first page of the search result, users can associate certain keywords with your brand.

    Best ROI

    Best ROI

    As a seasoned SEO company, our SEO strategies offer trackable and quantifiable results whether you are an E-commerce or non E-commerce website.

    Reduce dependency on PPC

    Reduce dependency on PPC

    With the right SEO strategy in place you have reduced dependency on PPC, since you can use the most important keyword as part of organic search.


    Why choose us

    • Plan


      the right marketing strategy focussing on the key business goals.

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      the right resources to build an effective marketing campaign.

    • Work


      smarter and maximise benefits from the marketing campaign.

    • Elevate


      your performance through data-backed insights and metrics.

    • Reward


      with exceptional results delivering the business goals and objectives.

    Frequently asked questions

    As we all know, Search engine optimization is an essential component of a business’s marketing and sales strategy. With the fast-paced growth of the Internet and the demise of many traditional channels to reach customers and prospects, having a web presence has become increasingly important.

    Reasons for forming and implementing a clear SEO strategy include:

    • To optimize your web presence and online visibility.
    • To build better branding for your business.
    • To increase your brand’s online credibility and trust.
    • To rank on top in the search engines.

    This is a very tricky question. As recommended by industry experts and marketing professionals, both are equally important in today’s business. SEO and PPC go hand in hand to deliver the desired success. You wouldn’t be able to establish domain authority, organic brand affinity, and a wholly formed online presence without SEO. Similarly, you couldn’t granularly target prospects by demographic, behaviors, or keywords without PPC. So, a smart organization understands the significance of both and adopts them.

    There are too many to list out. Here a few important ones:

    • SEO-based marketing is cost-effective.
    • Increase in website traffic, thus driving sales.
    • Increase in brand credibility with higher rankings.
    • A strong SEO campaign can be a long-term solution for your business.
    • Improvement in ROI compared to traditional marketing.
    • Gaining competitive advantage with better SEO services.
    • So, it’s vital to collaborate with the best SEO company like Vajra Global to benefit from specialized SEO services.

    You would have come across this common term – On-page SEO. It refers to tactics or techniques utilized on or within a page to assist in ranking higher in the search engines. On-page SEO includes both content and the HTML source code of any page (image optimization, keyword optimization, and so on), but not external links and other signals. Individual pages are leveraged to earn more traffic in search engines.

    First, ask yourself this question – What have I done thus far? If the answer is nothing, you are in a situation to start embracing readily available free SEO tools to run a complete site audit. It will allow you to find and rectify any broken links, ensure all your meta tags are in the correct order, and check page load speeds. Google Search Console has a great “Crawl Errors” tool, in addition to other tools that help you diagnose your site’s speed and usability. Once your current pages are organized, get cracking on keyword research and start working on content!

    This is a potential step towards shaping up an excellent SEO strategy for your business. Keyword research helps you determine the precise keywords for which you need to put in efforts and follow high-level optimization. For example, if your business sells anti-virus software, you will discover that ‘best anti-virus software’ has higher search volume and lower competition than other keywords. The next step would be to change the copy on your website to reflect this primary keyword

    This is a great question! You would have probably heard keyword stuffing is bad, and yes, you don’t want to infuse and throw in the keywords in an unnatural way. As a general practice, the keyword you want to optimize a page should appear in the title, in the first paragraph of the introduction, in the H2 section, and throughout the rest of your post according to the need. It’s extremely critical to integrate the keywords in the right place.

    Though companies are aware of the basic SEO techniques, the smart decision is to partner with an external SEO agency for better results. Vajra Global has a dedicated, experienced team of SEO specialists, who understand your marketing objectives and craft befitting SEO strategies. Our services are tailor-made that meets your requirements and elevates your search rankings. First page ranking can’t be achieved overnight, but with the right SEO company on board, you can make it happen easily

    SEO optimization involves a large number of techniques and tactics which will help in building your website credibility. A sensible combination of online marketing and search engine optimization would work wonders for your business. Having a flawless SEO plan is the best way to gain tenacious results. You can work on your local SEO or other forms depending on your business needs. Our SEO professionals will guide you through your marketing journey and impress you with our exclusive SEO services.

    High quality backlinks are much needed today. But what is it exactly? Well, the internet comprises two things – content and the links between them. As the search engines started indexing web pages, they required a way to determine the relevant pages for certain queries – based on a system of ranking. As time went on, the number of backlinks and its quality became a factor in determining a page’s rank. Backlinks are very important as it represents a vote of confidence from one site to another

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