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Lead management

  • Acquire and manage and track leads from various touch points
  • Creating landing pages and CTAs, publishing blogs, sending form submissions
  • Generate new business opportunities by initiating targeted communication

Marketing Automation

  • Personalized outreach to potential prospects and have a targeted and specified approach
  • Track the engagements through open and click rates and conduct consistent follow ups and take it forward to different lead stags

Enabling Sales

  • Create deals and track different deal stages
  • Create & customize quotes, assign task, provide user friendly payment options, schedule meetings

Pipeline Management

  • Standardize and track your sales cycle
  • Manage resources and conduct forecast of sales
  • Analyze sales strategy and prioritize your plans according to lead scoring to improve sales and marketing alignment

Custom API Integration

  • Designed to address unique needs, challenges, and adapt to specific automation process
  • Effortlessly synchronizing data across various systems and platforms
  • Custom dashboards and reports offer clear insights into integrated data and performance metrics

Reporting & Insights

  • Analyze and curate data for reporting for faster decision making and streamlining the business flow
  • Setting up dashboards for Sales development executives/account executives
  • Sync and clean customer data

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Onboarding & Migration

Onboarding & Migration

Vajra Global fosters a dynamic approach for your HubSpot onboarding and HubSpot migration with strategic and tailored initiatives that lead towards streamlined process of your business.

Custom Integration <br>Service

Custom Integration

Stay informed and empowered with our transparent reporting system. Access real-time data and insights through our user-friendly dashboard.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Vajra Global helps with the integration of Hubspot & other platforms to achieve your revenue growth ,comprehensive key performance indicators can be set for better alignment.

Implementation & Consulting

Implementation & Consulting

Get started on the right foot with seamless HubSpot implementation tailored to your business. Auditing of the existing Hubspot instance and Marketing Practices to fit business goals.

Our clients

Value of implementing HubSpot Marketing Automation

Enhanced capability and competence

Enhanced capability and competence

HubSpot marketing automation allows businesses to automate repetitive tasks through which more emphasis can be given on strategic and creative initiatives. This leads to increased productivity and better utilization of resources.

Personalization at scale

Personalization at scale

HubSpot marketing makes it possible to deliver highly personalized experiences to the customers. By analyzing large amounts of data, we can identify individual preferences, behavior patterns, and purchasing habits, enabling businesses to customize their marketing actions accordingly.

Enriched customer experience

Enriched customer experience

Businesses can execute seamless and relevant experiences to their customers with HubSpot  migration and can automate customer interactions, personalized messaging, and dynamic content, creating more engaging approaches that drive customer loyalty.

Improved targeting and segmentation

Improved targeting and segmentation

HubSpot marketing platform enables effective segmentation of audience and target specific customer segments for marketing actions. By leveraging HubSpot data enrichment, marketers can identify patterns and trends in customer data and use that information to create more targeted marketing campaigns and promotions.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

HubSpot implementation solutions can help businesses reduce costs by automating various marketing processes and administrative tasks and hubspot sales automation.This reduces the need for manual labor and allows marketers to allocate resources more efficiently.

Data driven decision making

Data driven decision making

HubSpot Solutions provides  analytics and insights into customer behavior, campaign performance, and market trends leading to better outcomes. HubSpot analytics tools are designed to empower businesses to make data-backed decisions, optimize their marketing and sales efforts.

76% of companies see ROI within the first year of Marketing Automation

Are you keen to discover the ROI of your business? unearth the opportunity to know how automation leads to increased productivity and accuracy.

Our automation expert team will recommend streamlining your workflows to align with your business objective. Vajra Global provides strategic advice on implementing HubSpot automation and how you could leverage its benefits to accelerate the customer satisfaction and service delivery.

You can gain from automating your business by implementing a more collaborative and personalized approach to your customers. HubSpot marketing automation provides enhanced data analytics capabilities which will enable better decision making and ultimately scale the profits to new heights.

Frequently asked questions

Segment your target audience based on buyer behavior,purchasing habits and preferences, demographics personas.This provides you better understanding of prospects and customers and based on which you can imply your marketing campaigns

Increased efficiency by eliminating repetitive manual tasks and saves time which can be used for other productive tasks . Marketing and sales alignment for a seamless work process.

Deprivation of effective strategy and relevant skills can cause obstacles in implementing the automation. Connect with Vajra Globals our team of experts will be coordinating with you to understand your business process and curate a strategic approach to implement marketing automation with ease.

HubSpot marketing automation platform has comprehensive features that any organization would require for streamlined workflow. Some of the best features include Analytics and reporting, personalization, landing page and cta creations,nurturing campaigns.

HubSpot marketing automation can significantly improve your marketing results by enhancing customer engagement and personalized communication. Here’s how HubSpot marketing automation can help: lead scoring ,lead nurturing , A/B testing , behavioral tracking,personalization, automation.

Using HubSpot workflow and sequence, timely execution and relevant communication can be ensured. This enables your business to exercise efficient cross selling and upselling opportunities ,retention and loyalty programs, consistent engagement, timely communication.

Vajra Global excels in analysis and consulting. We have a dedicated team that will take care of your end to end hubspot implementation right from set up of account,integrate with softwares and audit the existing HubSpot instance and marketing practices.

Hubspot marketing automation provides valuable insights of customer journey, engagement metrics, multi channel attribution, sales funnel progression,behavioral tracking and such.

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