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Chatbots that connect and convert

Value-driven intelligent conversations supported by AI

Transform your interactions

Chatbots are not new in the customer service space, but they have evolved rapidly in the last few years thanks to generative AI.

Whether you require traditional rule-driven chatbots for simple tasks and queries or AI-based chatbots that can understand context and respond with relevance, we have you covered. Our AI chatbot development is based on NLP (natural language processing) and can be trained to have natural interactions.

We can create custom AI chatbots for your website and mobile apps by training them on your data. This boosts customer engagement by providing personalised, quick, and real-time customer support through conversational AI solutions.

From lead generation chatbots to employee induction chatbots, we can empower your business with bots that not only automate tasks but also deliver intelligent conversations.

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Some essential benefits of chatbots

24-7-365 support 24/7/365 support

Increase customer satisfaction by answering queries outside normal business hours or days worldwide.

Cost-effective (1) Cost-effective

Reduce long-term and operational costs by automating repetitive tasks and minimising the need for human agents.

Personalised interactions Personalised interactions

Enhance customer engagement by using conversational AI which can tailor interactions based on preferences.

Support at scale Support at scale

Provide consistent support during peak times as chatbots can handle large volumes, making them ideal for scaling.

How do we do it?

Whether it is chatbots that work across different social media channels or marketplaces, our bots can process requests, answer instantly, and even provide feedback.

Through our chatbot integration services, we can connect with payment assistance solutions, CRM platforms, and the Cloud. Integrating it across iOS and Android systems results in better e-commerce experiences.

Behind our chatbot prowess are technologies such as machine learning algorithms, AI-driven decision-making, and integrations with platforms such as Dialogflow and IBM Watson. These technologies not only power intelligent responses but also enable continuous learning and improvement, making your chatbot dynamic in answering customer queries.

Our expert developers will provide post-development maintenance and continuous optimisation so your bot can operate at its highest potential.

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Frequently asked questions

How can chatbots benefit my business? Chatbots can help your business improve customer service and satisfaction by providing quick responses to common queries. They can provide 24/7 support and keep visitors on your website or social media channels engaged by making suggestions. They also analyse interactions and gather relevant information that can be used for targeted marketing campaigns.
How do I choose the right chatbot for my business? Before you choose a chatbot, you need to determine the goals and set clear expectations that your chatbot needs to achieve. You can choose between a rule-based or an AI-based chatbot. Evaluate the features and core functionalities of the chatbot before choosing one. If you need assistance choosing the right chatbot, we can help you select one what is best suited to your requirements.
Can chatbots be customised to match my brand's tone and style? Of course, they can. With Vajra Global's Generative AI chatbot development, you can program the chatbot to provide suitable responses to users with your brand's message and core values in mind. This is sure to help you gain higher customer satisfaction.
How does chatbot integration impact user experience on my website or platform? Chatbot integration into your website can help you enhance user interaction by making every visitor feel valued and supported. It helps you offer highly personalised interactions. Chatbots can handle multiple inquiries at once, thereby saving time and resources for your business.
What role will Generative AI play in creating chatbots? Generative AI or Gen AI chatbots are one of the most highly sought-after tools in the current market. They are known for their transformative methods in driving customer interactions and have evolved into multimodal systems that are capable of understanding both language and visual information. They provide natural language processing solutions through an interactive interface.

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