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2020 - 3.6 billion Social Media users worldwide.
2025 projection - 4.41 billion!
Where you at on your Social Media Strategy?

Source: Statista

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    Unlock your Social potential with Vajra Global

    Social media agency india

    Your social media pages can help establish the desired brand identity, create brand affinity, increase stakeholder engagement, and build a steady pipeline for conversions.

    "84% of consumers expect social-media-presence of brands they connect with." Quite a number, isn’t it? Unfortunately, social media marketing services are relatively underutilized, while in fact, its scope is vast and powerful.

    Social Media Marketing Services from Vajra Global helps brands build, sustain, and accelerate the right social dialogue, on the right platforms, with the right people, at the right time, to unlock the true potential of Social.

    Guide and aid the customer journey

    How important do you believe is knowing the stakeholder and feeling the pulse of the market? To identify and understand the pain points and solve for them? And thereby address your challenges?

    These should be your top priority, for this will enable you to guide and aid the stakeholders’ journey with the brand.

    Social media is the one place where all your stakeholders coexist - your prospects, customers, associates, investors, employees, new hires, and alumni! Engage with them, listen to them, respond to them, and get to know them all better. Craft and aid their journey the way you intend it.

    Here are some challenges that we can help you with as seasoned social media managers.


    Brand positioning & awareness


    Establishing authority & credibility


    Reach & engage wider audience


    Customer acquisition & retention


    Building brand advocacy


    Driving growth

    What we offer?
    End-to-end social media management

    A digital marketing agency with demonstrated expertise in social media management and marketing, we have been helping our clients consistently reach their brand goals besides business objectives of revenue growth - by leveraging social media, driving tangible results.

    Be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or WhatsApp - Our social media offering includes Platform-specific Strategy, Content & Creative Design, Active Contextual Marketing, Execution, Management, Listening, Monitoring, Analytics, and Insights - all tied to your brand and business goals.

    We POWER your Social with our proven, result-oriented delivery framework.

    Our social POWER methodology

    • Plan


      - Preferred platforms, Tailored Strategy, Target Audience, Goals
      - Key Messaging, Timeline, Scope, Action, KPIs

    • Organise


      - Brand Guidelines, Assets, Handles, Research, Assessment
      - Social Media Specialists, Writers, Designers, Tools, Inspirations

    • Work


      - Brainstorm, Calendar, Templates, Checklists, Page hygiene
      - Content, Design, Review, Finalise, Execute, Measure, Repeat

    • Elevate


      - Reach, Engagement, Sentiments, Advocacy
      - Experiment, Feedback, Insights, Amplify

    • Reward


      - Brand Awareness, Lead Generation (B2B), Purchase (B2C)
      - Social maturity, Positioning, Brand Following, Growth

    Our approach

    Identifying key stakeholders

    Identifying key stakeholders

    Who are the key stakeholders in the value chain? What would motivate them to speak about your brand/ product/service/ values or work culture?

    Platforms of relevance

    Platforms of relevance

    Where are your stakeholders active? Are you active on these same platforms? Is there a structured & conscious content flow there to drive engagement? Can it be better?

    Tailored social content strategy

    Tailored social content strategy

    Custom strategy to tap into the right user base and TG environment achieving voluntary stakeholder engagement; tying it up with an integrated plan of organic + paid campaigns.

    Social handle management

    Social handle management

    Comprehensive page management - Profile and page hygiene, optimisation, posting, scheduling, updates & more. Spot-on execution to transform strategy into action, driving tangible, measurable results.

    Dedicated & active ORM

    Dedicated & active ORM

    Stakeholder feedback and involvement to be actively sought, employed, and activated within the social media plan. On repeat mode. Listen, Respond, Resolve, Encourage, Recognise, Celebrate.

    Measure impact. Reboot. Execute.

    Measure impact. Reboot. Execute.

    Social Analytics & Reporting - Define & track KPIs, brand sentiments, market pulse, and audience behavior. Measure the external impact. Draw business-relevant, timely insights, building agility.

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    A quick look

    Here are some of our appreciated social media concepts and creatives.
    Attract. Engage. Indulge.
    Impact delivered.

    Frequently asked questions

    If you’re doing business-to-business (B2B) social media marketing, you need to be aware of a few key things.

    First, know your audience. What are their Pain Points? What are they interested in? If you can answer these questions, you’ll be able to create content that resonates with them. Second, consider using platforms other than LinkedIn.

    While LinkedIn is great for B2B marketing, there are other platforms out there that can be just as effective. Twitter, for example, is perfect for sharing news and industry insights. You can also use Facebook to connect with potential customers and partners. Third, don’t forget about SEO.

    Start Social Media Marketing:

    1. Choose the right social media platforms
    2. Create compelling content that engages your target audience.
    3. Maximize the reach by sharing it on multiple channels.
    4. Analyze and optimize your efforts for best ROI

    There is a simple formula that lets you calculate the ROI in social media. You need to divide profit by total investment and multiply the answer by 100 and you will get the ROI. Don’t worry, there are far simpler ways to measure it in a foolproof manner.

    Define your social media objectives, set smart goals, track the right performance metrics, and calculate how much you spend on social media. There are a few online social media management tools that help you perform calculations and track returns in a simple manner.

    Social media provides the right channel to showcase your brand values and information in a creative and entertaining manner rather than a bookish promotional manner.

    With increasing social media users in the new normal, you can find the opportunity to target a larger audience in different age groups to drive more traffic, increase leads, and ensure conversions. People from different social backgrounds and interests are present on social media.

    With over 4.14 billion social media users, targeting a large audience will help you drive more traffic to your website and open the door to conversions.

    You can enhance trust and brand loyalty through the right social media platforms and increase your brand presence through word of mouth in the online marketplace.

    Social media management also helps you to improve your brand and product/service offerings through customer feedback and address queries instantly.

    The efficacy of Social media advertising for B2B depends on a number of factors, including the industry, the target market, and the specific goals of the campaign. Many businesses have found great success with social media marketing in recent years, and it is an increasingly important part of most successful marketing plans.

    1. First, it is important to create content that is relevant and useful to your target audience.
    2. Second, be sure to actively engage with your followers and respond to their comments and questions.
    3. And third, make use of analytics tools to track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

    Social media and SEO has to work hand in glove to ensure the best results in meeting your business goals.

    SEO + Social Media = Increased Visibility + More Links.

    You can include CTA links, add relevant keywords in social media posts and content. With a deep keyword research, you can find the most searched keywords and infuse them in the content for higher ranking and search engine recognition. This will in-turn result in increased leads and conversions.

    Assess your business and understand its presence in the online marketplace. Each business shines best on a specific social media platform, you need to identify which channel best suits your business and create a marketing strategy tailored for that platform. Some social media platforms are focused on B2B whereas some are focused on B2C.

    For instance, if your business deals with videography, printing or media, Facebook and Instagram would be the best platforms for you.

    Social media agencies help businesses by increasing following activities.

    1. Customer acquisition,
    2. Improving retention rates
    3. Content marketing & content creation
    4. SEO & trending hashtags.

    Understanding target audience, pinpoints and benefits and connecting with them on the right social media platform is key. Connect with Vajra. .

    Social media gives customers the platform to express their opinions and share their feedback on your product/service. Ideally, you need to handle them in a diplomatic and calm manner.

    Address your customer’s concerns in an attempt to regain trust, and leverage the use of content moderation solutions provided by social media platforms.

    Gaining the trust of a customer is essential for your business in the online world so use Online Reputation Management (ORM) tools to communicate with an outraged customer in the right way.

    An ad post is a one time investment for a wide audience in a region that results in either a hit or a miss. It is usually towards a targeted audience outside your followers based on demographics and interests.

    However, a post on social media can be channelized for your followers to see organically. With most Social Media Algorithms limiting the number of followers who see your posts organically, you can promote important relevant posts to guarantee that more people will see them.

    Promote posts which perform well organically and put money to increase its reach significantly.

    Establishing the business brand, better customer relationships and loyalty prove valuable in building the business powerfully. One of the most lucrative ways to reach out to customers and a wider audience is to utilize Social Media for Business.

    Social media gets the maximum attention, and hence it is vital to engage customers by seeking their attention and building brand awareness.

    With social media constantly evolving, your reach depends on variables such as the time and effort put into social media marketing and management. The determining factors that help you see faster results are your audience, strategy, whether you are using paid ads, your budget, and your reach.

    It is ideal to take your marketing strategy slow and steady rather than fast as you will not be able to achieve traffic and reap returns. In most cases, social media marketing should take 6-9 months to start showing results.

    A successful marketing campaign can run up to 3 months maximum. A Social media advertising agency can be a cornerstone in creating a profitable campaign for the brand.

    The success of a marketing campaign comprises a social media strategy, creating brand awareness and much more. Vajra Global extends the marketing campaign for longer than the ideal timespan and engages the audience to the brand and the business.

    Check out the exclusive services provided by Vajra Global for successful online marketing.

    If you are looking to land more leads for your business, social media is the right place for you. It gives you the right platform to target the right audience, inspire them with visuals, create captivating content which is easily shareable, encourage inbound links, and improve SEO.

    You can also monitor your traffic, understand your competitors better, know whether your audience is listening, and engage with them at the right time.

    With 2.7 billion active users, Facebook is one of the best social media marketing platforms for promotions. Ads may be created with the aid of Facebook Ad Manager and used to target audiences depending on their interests.

    It is a platform that is essential to any brand and reaches a wide spectrum of people.

    Social media marketing for business is essential as it helps spread the word about your products and services to generate brand awareness. Also even more than the publicity, it provides you with the opportunity to connect with your target audience.

    CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) in social media is optimizing your social media platforms to increase visitors’ likelihood of completing a specific action, while improving user engagement. Vajra has its expertise in online marketing by optimizing social media platforms.

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