About Us


Vajra- Witnessing inclusive growth and generating value

Enabling highest value satisfaction to the customer by providing optimal business strategy in this digital age is what we at Vajra do. Along with the customer-first approach, we adopt a healthy value system to ensure that the result is pure and untainted.

We do not just promise you results, we vouch for it and are accountable until the end.
We have understood the correlation between ethical marketing and overall satisfaction. This is what will set us apart in the industry today.

We are a bunch of enthusiasts with great passion and experience along with in-depth knowledge of digital and inbound marketing. Our team has rich experience working across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe. We work with global clients in the areas of Technology, Healthcare and Recruitment.

​We thrive on a high percentage of repeat business and take pride in this because we work as companions to achieve our customers’ mission.


Vision is what we envisage not only for our company and its stakeholders, but also our customers who as just as invested in us as we are in them. As a team, this is what we remember and visualise.

In our vision is a world with people who have purposeful relationships with organizations and brands that they trust. This trust is built in time using ethical marketing strategies.

Run your businesses through our proven growth methodology and see the difference.


The ends do not justify the means. We at Vajra deliver consistent transformative Digital Marketing Solutions without compromising on ethics and morals. Real business success comes from a combination of the latest technology, our core values, the happiness of our team and the satisfaction of our customers.

The only fashion that does not fade is Digital Marketing. We choose what matters to you, and your mission becomes our destination. That’s what makes us one of the best in the world today.

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