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We are changemakers

Innovation and excellence are part of our DNA

We never stop

Our voyage has been characterised by relentless exploration and innovation, which has given us a deep understanding of Technology and Marketing and its potential to transform. It is this understanding that propels us forward to provide meaningful MarTech services.

Our award-winning teams located in Chennai and Tanjore aim to build brands, deepen customer relationships, and enable the highest value satisfaction. We thrive on a high percentage of repeat business and take pride in this because we work as partners to achieve our customer’s goals.

Technology and Marketing

Our core values

Transparancy Transparency
Transparency We champion transparency and encourage open communication to build trust in every interaction and decision we make
Innovation Innovation
Innovation We encourage innovation, pushing boundaries to create solutions that redefine industry standards and surpass expectations
Ethics Ethics
Ethics We prioritise honest conduct, ensuring integrity and accountability guide our actions and decisions consistently
Respect Respect
Respect We demonstrate respect by treating everyone with dignity, valuing every perspective, and acknowledging every contribution
Integrity Integrity
Integrity We uphold the highest ethical standards, aligning our actions with values to earn enduring trust
Diversity Diversity
Diversity We recognise and embrace the strength in our differences and nurture an inclusive culture that encourages collaboration

What we do

At Vajra Global, our eight-year journey is the bedrock and driving force behind our unwavering commitment. By combining the creativity of marketing with digital tools and methodologies, we provide a wide range of services and solutions that push the boundaries of conventional MarTech.

  • Marketing
  • MarTech and GenAI
  • Industry
  • Resources


Digital marketing is our strength, and we have won multiple awards for it. With insights from our tech platforms, our expert marketers are able to provide customised solutions that lead, attract, and convert leads.

MarTech and GenAI

We are proud of the fact that we are a marketing company that excels in technology. Our consultative approach, combined with deep tech expertise in MarTech and Generative AI helps us provide top-notch solutions that help businesses grow.


Our expertise spans across several different industries. Our comprehensive MarTech solutions and strategies are built to help each industry achieve its objectives by highlighting the features and benefits unique to each.


We are keen to provide the latest news, trends, and insights on marketing and technology. We research and provide high-quality content that educates and informs. Our success stories showcase our achievements and capabilities.

Founding members

Ganapathy Sankarabaaham Chief executive
Nellaiappan T N Director - Strategic consulting
Sankarabaaham Director - Finance

Meet our team

Our dynamic team of experts is committed to shaping the future of MarTech. Our diverse skill sets converge to deliver solutions that inspire.

Sriram Manager - Sales
Venkatesh Srikanth Manager - Technology
Deepa Venkatraman Manager - Content
Kowsalya Murugesan Manager - Design
Vijay Ramgopal Manager - Operations
Nithya K Pillai Manager - Marketing
Prem Annanth Manager - Business analysis
Ketzi Victoria Manager - Human resource
Vijaya Kumar Arumugam Manager - Quality management system

Come explore the future of MarTech with us