CSR : Because We Care

A successful life has two mountains. The first, we climb for self-discovery, and the second, when we help others climb their first. Vajra Global made the first trek by getting more than a foothold in the global digital marketing scene. Now on the second, we empower NGOs by bringing awareness to their cause.

About Us

Our journey warranted by our expertise helps NGOs to make their digital presence impactful. To make a difference, we are exposed to a wide range of causes and initiatives involving diversity, women & rural empowerment, children’s health, safety & education, abolishment of discrimination, etc.

The goal of bringing together our passion and our intention to help with our marketing expertise Is to create a real positive impact to the society around us.

Our Projects

Abhinav Social Trust

About NGO: Abhinav social trust is formed to promote social welfare activities especially Technical Education, to strengthen skills of trainees and make them work ready Technicians

Causes: Education, skill building

Skills needed: Social media marketing, digital marketing

Delivery: Complete digital marketing strategy

Vajra Team: Gayathri Venugopalan

Renukiran Welfare Foundation

About NGO: Renukiran Welfare Foundation is an NGO that aims to provide quality education to underprivileged children for better uplift of their lives

Causes: Education, child’s rights

Skills needed: Social media content management, design

Delivery: Images, content

Vajra Team: Indu

Renukiran Welfare Foundation

About NGO: Renukiran is an NGO enabling education for underprivileged children, women empowerment & wildlife saving.

Causes: Education, environment, skill-building

Skills needed: Content writing

Delivery: 4 blogs

Vajra Team: Indu


About NGO: SEVAK stands for Society for Empowerment through Voluntary Action in Karnataka. It is a voluntary organization not for profit in nature, working for the empowerment of women, promotion and protection of child rights,

Causes: Education, women’s rights, child rights

Skills needed: Creative content writing for website

Delivery: Content on the website

Vajra Team: Thurshith

Sports Coaching Foundation

About NGO: Sports Coaching Foundation is an NGO trying to inject sports culture among the masses especially focused on Vulnerable children and youth.

Causes: Children, Sports

Skills needed: Content writing

Delivery: Concept note

Vajra Team: Anjana G

Abhayudaan Foundation

About NGO: Abhayudaan is an NGO that catalyzes sustainable development across Education, Research, Skill Development, Healthcare, and Environment.

Causes: Education, skill development

Skills needed: Social media marketing

Delivery: Social media posts

Vajra Team: Priyadarshini

Case Studies

Our satisfaction comes from making a difference in the lives of souls that would otherwise be unreachable if not for these NGOs. Read our case studies to see how we did it.

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