79% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn marketing is an effective source for generating leads

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    LinkedIn marketing agency

    LinkedIn marketing agency

    Are you looking to reach a professional audience for your business and are not sure where to start?

    A powerful LinkedIn Marketing Agency Plan is the best way to go forward. LinkedIn is an influential social network connecting professionals from around the globe. Usually considered as the online version of a networking event, LinkedIn interests professionals seeking to expand their boundaries, get a better job, stay updated on industry intelligence, or directly meet some new people to exchange innovative ideas.

    LinkedIn users mention a lot of personal details such as their job titles, companies they have worked for, their age, location, alma mater and much more. LinkedIn Advertising agency gives you opportunities to target your ads to appear to only people in specific industries, job roles, and geographical regions of the world.

    Why us

    You may have seen other business owners succeed incredibly on LinkedIn, and wondered why it’s not working out for you in the same way. Your quest for an impeccable LinkedIn marketing agency ends here.

    Why us


    We have an immensely talented team to offer best-in-class LinkedIn Marketing Solutions



    We produce insightful reports that provide significant perspective on your LinkedIn Advertising campaigns



    Our team has delivered pathbreaking results through Smart LinkedIn Marketing Strategies



    We go the extra mile just to accelerate your business and share the joy of success

    LinkedIn makeover services

    Studies suggest that 80% of B2B leads come from linkedIn.

    Most of the influential people who may potentially be your prospects, are present on LinkedIn to evaluate your company profile and see your brand pop-up as a possible service provider. A powerful LinkedIn profile along with your website helps to build your credibility and reassures your leads that they are investing in the right place. Your LinkedIn profile and company page are pivotal to your professional branding strategy. Are you worried that your profile is not as appealing as it should be? Then, It’s time to reconstruct your underperforming LinkedIn profile into a compelling medium that increases brand awareness, generates more qualified leads for your business and finally drives more sales. With our Linkedin Profile Makeover Services, we create a unique professional profile that engages your network, builds your brand, and encourages you to achieve your goals.

    LinkedIn marketing services

    Most companies have understood that social media, when used rightly, can be a powerful tool for generating leads and driving sales.

    However, several times, companies don’t know how to leverage social media in a way that produces results. With our LinkedIn Marketing Services, we can seamlessly integrate LinkedIn Advertising agency with the rest of your inbound marketing efforts to encourage you to boost sales and generate highly qualified leads.

    Through B2B LinkedIn Marketing, we can create awareness for high-quality prospects who are most likely to convert. Our channelised efforts can harness LinkedIn’s total potential by targeting decision makers and influencers based on specific industries, company size, or particular interest in functional topics. We develop effective strategies that empower you to discover and connect with targeted prospects more efficiently.

    71% of LinkedIn management campaigns fail. You deserve better than that!

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    Frequently asked questions

    Your LinkedIn Profile helps you build trust and credibility in the professional world. It establishes you as a thought leader in your space by playing the role of your updated online curriculum vitae. You can build your personal brand by creating a profile on LinkedIn.

    To get started on Linkedin, add a creative headshot with an eye-catching and a keyword filled headline. Keeping in mind your target audience, craft an exciting summary of what you do along with your interests and experiences. Use visual media that makes your page jump off the screen. Don’t forget to customize your URL.

    The success of your content depends on whether or not it has reached the right person at the right time. LinkedIn’s target options help you aim by industry, job title, company, geographic location, and much more to reach decision-makers and executives in their news feed.

    Create your buyer’s persona for your content. You can choose to retarget your website visitors and “create an audience” based on members who have previously clicked on your website link.

    Specific targeting criteria enable you to search with title, industry, geographic location, and designation. Another good option is to target the company. Be specific to reach the right department.

    LinkedIn brings in valuable opportunities for brands to connect with decision-makers, business leaders, and accurate audiences. By making LinkedIn a part of your social media strategy, you can promote your business in the following ways.
    Create your company’s profile
    Enhance the page with intelligent, compelling, and informative content
    Make the posts actionable with lucrative CTAs.
    Create regular text ads, conversational ads and boosted posts along with targeted and sponsored inmails.
    Leverage groups by connecting and interacting with like-minded professionals

    Research shows that 51% of organizations acquire B2B customers via LinkedIn. Be part of it.

    LinkedIn is exactly what you need if you are struggling to bring in clients and maintain a good ROI in the process. With over 350 million active members on this platform, it allows you to build and leverage a powerful professional network. Get un-gated access to decision-makers, ensure wide distribution of content and drive meaningful traffic to your websites with blogs and other content assets.

    Build a powerful yet engaging profile with the right keywords to ensure higher visibility on the search engine.
    Identify the prospects using LinkedIn Advanced Search, LinkedIn groups, and the premium account.
    Make use of the Boolean Searches to bring in more targeted prospects. There are three basic Boolean search commands: AND, OR, and NOT.
    Adopt relationship-building conversational messages that provide value and need not always sell something.
    Stay consistent with your practices.

    When you run a LinkedIn ad campaign, your creatives appear in a variety of locations on LinkedIn. It includes text ads, sponsored content, sponsored messages, and dynamic ads.

    Text ads: The text ads are available on the desktop and appear as ‘ads you may be interested in.’ They are also available as a text link ad found at the top of the homepage.

    Sponsored content: Appearing as both images and videos, the sponsored content ad appears in the homepage feed on desktops, mobiles, and tablets. It also appears in the right rail of the desktop homepage.

    Sponsored messages: It includes message ads and conversation ads. They appear on both the desktop and mobile when the member logs on to the account.

    Dynamic ads: They include spotlight ads and job ads and appear in the right rail when the member logs on.

    A sponsored content is an update that is first posted on an organization’s LinkedIn Page. It is then promoted/boosted with a goal to appear in the feed of LinkedIn members. A Direct Sponsored Content is a promoted/boosted post that does not appear on a LinkedIn Page.

    While the difference is clear, there is no answer as to which one is better.

    Sponsored content requires it to be uniform with your style of writing and appealing to your followers. You can share content more specified to your target audience. You can repurpose old content for new goals.

    Direct sponsored content can be modified to suit your campaign’s needs and goals and need not adhere to the previously followed format to the T.

    While LinkedIn ads seem more expensive than Facebook or Twitter, they are definitely worth it. Create successful campaigns with relatively smaller budgets to bring in high-quality leads.

    You have two options to pick from: cost per click or cost you are willing to pay for every 1000 impressions. The bid amount depends on the current competing bid on your target audience and its relative size.

    Pick the ad budget option (total daily budget). Based on this number, your ad will be shown through the day until the daily budget is depleted or until the number of clicks on your ad has used up your specified daily budget for that particular day ( If CPC).

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