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SaaS Lead Generation
10 min read

SaaS Marketing Lead Generation Tools for Business industry

Leads are of paramount importance for the success of any business year after year. Generating adequate leads to feed your sales team can be made easier with certain tools. An effective and easier SaaS lead generation process can be achieved with the right tools. I agree that there are thousands of tools in the market and selecting the right one can be challenging. Read on to complete such a challenging task efficiently! Before we start, below are a few strategies and if you have implemented them or if you are in the process, I would say you are traveling the right path in acquiring potential customers who are waiting for your product/service:

Optimum practices/ Strategies  that will help in SaaS lead generation:

An optimised website:

Here are a few things that you should load your website with for the purpose of optimising it for leads:

  • Clear explanation of your business highlighting your values and culture
  • Please the visitors eyes with great images
  • Easy navigation
  • Modern design
  • Valuable copy
  • Convincing Call-to-actions
  • Lead forms that need to be filled for conversion

So, optimising your website for leads is the first thing you have to do when it comes to excelling in SaaS lead generation.

Landing pages:

Landing pages with quality content and videosdo a great job in converting visitors into leads. Landing pages usually engage visitors with an offer such as filling out forms or creating an account for more content. Now what can you infer of a party is ready to spend time to provide information? It simply means that you are feeling with an interested party!


Following up with leads is as important as generating leads.Email marketing campaigns help you in this context. These campaigns ensure that you connect with leads on an individual level. This not only helps in bringing in new customers, but also in building long-term relationship with them. PPC and SEO campaigns can also help in generating qualified leads by putting your business online!

Presence in Social media:

Social media presence plays a very important role in lead generation. More likes and followers will make your website ranking better. To put it precisely:

More traffic = More leads = More sales

The above are a few optimum practices that will help in lead generation.

5 tools that rule the SaaS lead generation industry:

Going forward, here are five best tools for effective lead generation in SaaS companies:

1.Hootsuite - To help in Social media presence

A business without a social media strategy is missing out on a lot of things! With the vigorous use of social media, your presence on social media has become inevitable. Hootsuite lets you maintain that most needed social media presence easily and it's free too!

What does Hootsuite help you with?

  1. Hootsuite lets you schedule posts on various social media accounts like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  2. Tracking all your comments and replying to them does not require logging into wash account separately as Hootsuite helps in tracking all your mentions and comments.

SaaS Lead Generation Tools for Business industry
2.HubSpot - all-in-one

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing automation software with a lot of good features. With respect to the current leads, maximizing success rate can be done more effectively if you know for a fact which of your lead generation endeavours work. HubSpot will provide you that information letting you draft cost effective campaigns. Blogging, SEO, landing pages, A/B testing, email marketing, analytics, and CRM are a few notable features of HubSpot.

3.LeadPages - to create great pages

The difference between leads and visitors is large and LeadPages lets you create effective pages that have the potential to grab the attention of your visitors, make them curious about your business, and ultimately convert them into leads.

4.LinkedIn sales navigator solution - for the best B2B leads

Capturing qualified leads have never been easier! You can see the people who checked out your profile and alsoget lead recommendations. You can save leads into your CRM using the social selling tool. You can target right buyers from relevant companies and you can also understand the targeted buyer's value. More than anything, you can engage with buyers on a personal level.

5.Google keyword planner - Improve rankings

High scoring keywords in landing pages, blogs, and descriptions will definitely improve your site's rank. Google keyword planner helps in discovering such high ranked keywords that will enhance your copy and increase traffic thus increasing leads passively.

SaaS Lead Generation Tools for Business industry

The above are a few tools that everyone in the SaaS lead industry should be using. Are you using any such tool that worked well for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Content source: Databox tool