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Facebook Advertising Strategies
8 min read

How to Advertise on Facebook

Okay, do you know that Facebook is being used by an average of 3 billion people daily? This includes students, teachers, business owners, parents and many others. Facebook is a platform for various users - like a buffet filled with different kinds of food.

According to marketing experts, businesses must consider leveraging Facebook marketing to reach out to their target audience. If you're brand new to the world of Facebook advertising and don't yet know what it is, consider checking out the blog below! It has all the information you need regarding Facebook social media marketing and how it can help your business.

How To Use Facebook Marketing?

Different Types Of Facebook Advertising

Advertise on Facebook - Facebook advertising can be overwhelming and confusing to business owners because there are many different types of ad targeting options. Here is an overview of the different types and how they help you be more confident in your strategy.

Awareness Ad:

Awareness ads are a great way to build your brand's advertising base. For example, suppose you are a home baker who uses only vegan ingredients. In that case, one could get awareness by doing something like promoting a recipe for vegan cupcakes. Be sure to use high-quality photography. This way, you can attract vegan eaters to your page, and there may be chances you could get a sale on the first impression itself if the creatives are so good.


  • Brand awareness
  • Reach

Consideration Ad:

Consideration ads are for people who already know you, have seen your products and liked what they saw. Let's talk about the same vegan baker example. Try putting a very attractive cake that has all the yummy toppings on top, and you can put in an offer that makes it irresistible to people. For example, if you're advertising a new cake you are selling that is a vegan walnut cake, give a discount code along with it. This way, potential customers who happen to be vegetarian on the side can consider giving it a try. They already have seen your page and may now consider purchasing from you.


  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation
  • Messages
  • App Installs

Conversion Ad:

Okay, now conversion ads are for people who have seen you before, know about you and like your page. Conversion Ads show them more about your business by directing them toward your website or maybe even getting them to purchase specific products that might interest them. Conversion Ads will show up again in their news feed! These ads can drive action to your website, drive product sales or display the phone number asking them to call to make an appointment.


  • Sales Conversion
  • Store Traffic

What Are The Best Practices To Achieve Success In Facebook Marketing?

Facebook offers a number of incredible advertising options, but there is only so much potential to be unlocked. The ultimate success comes with implementing a smart strategy. Here are a few best practices for Facebook advertising:

Target The Right Audience: 

The first step is to reach your target market: the right people. Consumers who are interested in ice cream will likely be interested in something like dessert recipes, and shoppers who happen to be big on fashion may look for new ideas regarding their wardrobe. Make sure the ads match up with what your audience is looking for if you want them to click! Knowing whom to show your ad to is a good way of getting the most results out of it.

Visuals Are The Key:

Using images/videos that are relevant, engaging and attractive will help increase the chance of a potential sale or lead. The more potential customers see your creative visuals they like, the more they'll want to click on them and buy your product or service! You want to give importance to every creative as an opportunity to bring in new customers for your business. You must also ensure that you are putting your best foot forward when choosing a visual for the ad; it's the most important part.

Have A Clear Call To Action:

Beautiful graphics and amazing copy are always good to have, but you need to make sure that there's a clear call to action. Yes, Make sure there's an urgency to it! Try adding CTA like 'get this at a discount before the offer expires'. CTA's that add urgency can help to bring higher conversions - which is why it always recommends including them in your ads!

If You're Not Using Facebook Ads, You're Missing Out.

The growing demand to have Facebook advertising to acquire customers doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Hope that our Facebook marketing examples have given you a clearer picture of what exactly goes into a truly stellar ad. So if you need any help or are currently looking for experienced Facebook marketing partners, Vajra is ready to be your partner of choice.

Reach out to us, and you won't miss out on the tremendous reach our Facebook marketing services have to offer your business. Don't underestimate the power of Facebook ads!