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B2B Companies
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The AI Advantage: How B2B Companies Are Leveraging Artificial Intelligence For Smarter Growth Strategies

Did you know that 85% of marketers see AI as positively impacting B2B marketing? Implementing digital marketing campaigns demands time, resources, and expertise. With increasing client expectations and high competition, organisations need to resort to different methods to boost their digital presence, including working with a B2B marketing agency. With the ever-booming growth of AI, you can make the most of it to amplify your marketing efforts and discover new revenue-generating properties for long-term growth.

How Does AI Ensure Smarter Growth Strategies?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology helps your business by creating machines and systems powered by algorithms that simulate human cognitive abilities. It helps perform strenuous tasks that demand human intelligence, such as problem-solving, visual perception, language processing, reasoning, or decision-making, in the best possible way. B2B companies use AI in their growth strategies to increase operational efficiency and stand out from competitors. They also use AI to implement new techniques and strategies through data and insights to add more client value. With high advancements in AI technology, businesses can expand and use effective AI strategies for B2B growth.

Uses of AI in B2B Marketing

AI has transformed the digital marketing landscape, empowering more businesses to leverage intelligent business solutions and easily perform tasks. It also helps companies to utilise their existing resource pool to the fullest. Here are a few applications of AI in B2B marketing.

Dynamic content generation

With AI being powered by NLP (natural language processing), B2B businesses can use machines to learn human language, be it text or spoken words, to implement operations. Amazon uses Alex, and Apple uses Siri, which is solely powered by NLP. AI uses NLP and machine learning to automate content creation. It creates dynamic content tailored for each customer, thereby increasing reach and paving the way for more conversions.

AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbots

Did you know that AI chatbots will likely become the primary customer service channel by 2027? AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants enhance the customer experience in B2B interactions to a great extent. They can be customised in various ways and help your business handle routine customer queries and easily offer instant responses. In this way, businesses can focus on more complex tasks by freeing up more human resources. AI chatbots and assistants understand the tone of each interaction and provide instant responses with personalised recommendations or solutions.

Managing social media channels

AI tools and plugins can help you automate and streamline many social media channels simultaneously. They can help your business make effective data-driven decisions to make your social media channels more efficient. It can help manage posts, keep tabs on conversations, identify trending topics, and analyse the performance of your social media posts. You can achieve strategic growth with AI social media tools and improve your social media presence.

Predictive analytics and lead generation

B2B companies use predictive analytics to look at future market trends, sales patterns, and customer behaviour. AI algorithms make accurate predictions with a clear-cut analysis of historical data and promote informed decision-making. These algorithms look at vast amounts of data, identify potential leads, and score them based on their likelihood to convert. B2B businesses can use predictive analytics to generate leads effectively and improve customer interactions across different channels.

Hyper-personalisation and campaign optimisation

Hyper-personalisation is the method of using AI and machine learning algorithms to allow further segmentation and create a unique customer experience. This involves leveraging advanced algorithms and data analysis techniques to provide highly personalised marketing campaigns tailored to individual preferences. This is done by the process of data collection, analysis, customer segmentation, predictive analytics, personalised recommendations, optimised ad targeting, and automated A/B testing. Artificial intelligence in B2B hyper-personalisation helps through multi-channel integration and continuous improvement for better ROI.

Optimising website content for search engines

AI-powered SEO tools help B2B companies improve the content used in search engines by shortlisting popular topics and most-searched terms, detecting content shortages, and improving the existing content as well. These tools help manage the optimisation for both old and new content with data-driven recommendations for increased SERP rankings.

Competitive intelligence

Performing an in-depth competitor analysis can be quite an exhaustive task. There are several AI trends shaping B2B strategies that assist companies in using competitive intelligence to monitor competitor activities, pricing strategies, and market trends. This helps your business stay ahead of the competition and avoid all potential mistakes that are made by your competitors.

Examples of B2B Companies Using AI

person-utilizing-ai-tools-daily-tasks-scaled-1 With AI being a big boon in the current marketing landscape, here are a few examples of leading B2B companies using AI in their marketing.

Lead generation and nurturing by Mack

Mack Trucks, a leading automobile manufacturer based in the United States, set up automated AI-based lead-nurturing tools to enhance their customer experience. They use these tools to capture customer attention by driving them to sign up for Mack’s email list, which is then nurtured over a period of time. This nurturing period covers in-depth tracking, such as email opens, website activity, content views, and KPIs. When all prospects reach a specific threshold, the sales push begins with well-qualified leads, ensuring that sales executives do not waste time on leads who do not intend to buy their products. This has helped them manage their resources more effectively and maximise productivity.

AI-based automated emails by Epson

Ever since technology has enabled business users to send fully automated emails in a fool-proof manner, Epson - a leading printer manufacturer, has made the most of it by working with Conversica - a firm that specialises in sending automated emails. This helped Epson send authentic automated emails with AI-powered algorithms without any doubts that it is AI-generated. With this successful implementation, Epson’s customer response rate increased by 240%, with a 75% increase in qualified leads.

HubSpot’s AI-powered chatbots

Automated response systems often leave a bad impression on regular customers as they can often be very vague in replies. However, a well-executed chatbot with the latest Gen-AI systems can provide all the essential information and understand each undertone of user interaction. HubSpot combines reality and AI with a unique chatbot that gathers preliminary information on when a user goes live and engages in a constructive conversation that leads to a conversion. This implementation helped HubSpot establish itself as a successful brand and move leads through the funnel with the best customer service.

AI-Driven Growth Strategies for Your B2B Business with Vajra Global

B2B marketers would often find it hard to fulfil their organisation’s business goals. Resource allocation and time constraints are often roadblocks in sales and marketing operations in this ever-competitive world. Vajra Global houses a team of B2B marketing experts who suggest the best AI tools for your business needs. We are a leading B2B marketing agency with years of expertise in MarTech, and we understand the challenges you face in achieving strategic growth with AI. We are a HubSpot Gold Partner with access to the best inbound marketing strategies. We have the right AI-powered tools necessary to boost your business and adhere to the latest AI trends shaping B2B growth strategies. Reach out to us for a quick audit of your business, and let us help streamline your marketing efforts.