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What Is A MarTech Stack, And Why Does Your Business Need One?

What if you could use a collection of technologies to optimise and augment your marketing processes throughout the customer lifecycle? What’s more, you could also monitor each aspect of the customer journey and optimise your marketing efforts with flawless integration, monitor spending, and manage operations all in one go. Yes, MarTech helps you achieve this. 

What is a Marketing Technology Stack?

A MarTech stack or marketing technology stack is a group of technologies or tools used by marketers to optimise and improve their marketing activities. Regardless of which industry you are from, you can effortlessly measure the impact of marketing activities, drive more efficient spending, and manage marketing efforts. A MarTech stack within the enterprise can organise and orchestrate business operations and enable fluidity between external and internal teams. It is sure to ease most processes and marketing activities with improved integration. Businesses can integrate with technologies like Salesforce, PandaDoc, Slack, and more. Also, marketers can use tools for reporting, lead conversion, and automation. It does not only help marketers but also executives and internal teams to collaborate efficiently. 

Why Use a MarTech Stack?

Did you know that there are hundreds of software technologies that help your business adapt to the latest changes in the marketing technology landscape? Businesses need to have a clear-cut understanding of the technologies that are fundamental to their business goals and, most importantly, need to measure the success of their marketing efforts and internal processes with utmost precision. A MarTech stack helps businesses across several industries achieve all these and automate resource-intensive processes wherever possible. Marketers can also simplify time-consuming tasks with personalised messages to customers. 

Components of a MarTech Stack

Before you assemble a MarTech stack, it is pivotal to know the foundational technologies and core components of a marketing technology stack. Whether your business is a B2C, B2B, or B2B, marketers will use different channels in customer acquisition, and a MarTech stack will aid in the best possible way. The core components of a MarTech stack that help you establish a personalised customer experience are the following.

  • An email marketing platform for managing email marketing campaigns.
  • Automation software and a scheduling tool. 
  • SEO tools for guidance on reaching your audience. 
  • Content management systems for hosting your blog or website.
  • Advertising technology and analytics tools for better decision-making. 
  • Mobile marketing apps and CRM software for effortless collaboration on sales efforts. 

What is a MarTech Landscape Infographic?

A MarTech landscape infographic is a pictorial representation that showcases the vast and constantly changing landscape of marketing technology solutions. Many leading brands use MarTech stacks to boost their marketing efforts and overall operations and they use a MarTech landscape infographic to obtain a clear picture of their organisation with a full spectrum of tools, software, customer details, customer journey and more. The infographic covers a wide range of capabilities, including content, analytics, advertising, customer experience, etc. It also helps in measuring the overall marketing performance of a brand and predict the potential growth in the near future. 

Benefits of Using a MarTech Stack

Did you know that over 11,000 MarTech solutions are available worldwide? Here are a few benefits to transforming your marketing stack.

Easy digital transition

An effective marketing technology stack enables you to monitor and analyse your customer journey and make ongoing amendments to achieve the best results. With most businesses transitioning from in-person offline service to digital products and experiences, it is vital for businesses across all industries to leverage marketing technology tools for a clearer picture of the customer journey. It helps you to digitally transition as most tools are quite user-friendly and adaptive to users with disabilities as well. 

Seamless technology integration

Technology integration enables your business to have close relationships with customers via customer data platforms. It helps streamline data from one platform to another and keeps internal teams pre-equipped to interact with customers and drive conversions. HubSpot, an all-in-one inbound marketing platform, provides customer service, sales, marketing, and content management solutions through a single platform. No matter what technology you use for communication, HubSpot can integrate with other systems and ensure that the tools are a part of your unique MarTech stack for seamless integration. 

Tangible results with closed-loop reporting

Your MarTech stack can be integrated with a reporting tool to analyse every touchpoint that your customer has with your business to tailor a strategy for tangible results. The closed-loop reporting strategy helps you create personalised customer experiences. It aligns the data collected by your sales team to centralise data across all operations. You can deliver a holistic experience with closed-loop analytics and a clear view of your website and content performance, enabling a more personalised customer experience with improved customer satisfaction. 

Remote deployment of marketing campaigns

Regardless of your team location, a MarTech stack allows you to access the skills required to deploy and monitor campaign tasks with improved collaboration and timely monitoring in key areas. It enables teams to collaborate better by sharing workflows and resources securely with digital asset management that ensures data encryption. The right marketing technology stacks can enable remote teams to manage and execute successful campaigns with optimal collaboration. 

Ensure Easy MarTech Implementation and Integration with Vajra Global

Building a marketing technology stack from scratch can be quite exhaustive and resource-intensive. At Vajra Global, as a leading MarTech company, we have a team of experts with years of experience under their belt to create the best stack according to your needs. Investing in MarTech technologies can be quite heavy on your pocket. From enablement to retainer services, Vajra Global provides end-to-end MarTech services that includes helping you build the right MarTech ecosystem. We are also a HubSpot gold partner with access to HubSpot’s tools and services and can assist you with setup, onboarding, implementation, and custom integrations. You can get all the services in one spot without looking for multiple partners. Get in touch with us for more information on MarTech stack implementation.