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Digital Marketing Agency
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Why Should A Company Hire a Digital Marketing Agency In The New Normal?

Hire a Digital Marketing Expert for your Company

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” –Simon Sinek

Consumers or Customers or User or any other term that you give to the people who buy your product and services, let's speak of them. They are not doing business with you because you have a product or service made. They are doing it because of the reason why you made it. In other words, marketing is not about the products you make but the stories you tell, which have never been written in concrete as it is now. Consumers today have become educated in the digital world. More of them are accustomed to the digital platforms than to the real world, which in turn had made them less attracted towards the digital marketing of a decade ago. We call these consumers "sophisticated consumers". These consumers don't like to get spammed by the brands. Rather they want to be entertained and engaged; they want to get value out of the marketing itself. Before getting into detail on what more sophisticated customers want and how to give them that, let's put the recent situation into perspective. Recent situation? We are speaking of the global pandemic, of course! which has changed consumer behaviour for better or for worse (Check out our blog "Top 5 consumer behaviour changes expected in 2022" to know more about this topic). If you make a logical assumption that digital marketing would have found its most success in the last two years because of the pandemic which locked people inside of their homes with their social media and the internet, you would have been wrong. For example, look at the data of Click-Through Rate (CTR) for Google ads, it dropped dramatically to a whopping 41%. This is because consumers have become immune to repetitive digital marketing that does not offer value, which is why you need to associate your company with a creative and result-based digital marketing agency. Doing so will give you the added benefits such as more focus on your products and less cost expenditure. If you are not convinced yet, here is a piece with various industries and how a digital marketing agency can potentially help them.

1. Retail

Let start with "the industry" (or else among the top three), which literally made the most use of digital marketing all around. Regardless of the pandemic, this industry has seen strong ROI from marketing done on digital platforms. Fashion, food and electric appliances etc., come under the umbrella term of retail. Despite the retail giants seeming to have taken over the customer base with their mechanism of digital marketing, there is a lot of room for Small-scale Businesses (SSB) and Medium-scale Businesses (MSB) to make their moves and tap into an untouched customer base. Your in-demand product, or even a micro-niche product, can have the most guaranteed results with digital marketing strategies such as segmented email campaigns, mobile-friendly optimization and affiliate marketing.

2. Training and Education

The education industry has made strides in the post COVID world. One would not believe that a couple of years ago, it was not even under many people's radar as an industry that will benefit from digital marketing, let alone in the digital space. Now online education has become somewhat of a norm. In the new normal world where the home has become a hub for everything, online courses and training have skyrocketed in its demand. And for educators, it has become a source of passive income. Brands like "The Great Courses", "byteXL", and "New Masters Academy" are some of the new online education platforms that are gaining significant ground with digital marketing. Another subsection of this education industry online helps students to choose their university and also provides professional counselling for their decision making. These platforms have connected universities, educators and students like they were never connected before. Some of the difference-making digital marketing strategies that an agency can offer if you belong to this industry are retargeting campaigns, technical SEO, and conversation oriented content.

3. IT Sector

Whether it is Software as a Service (SaaS) or Application Service Provider (ASP) section of the software industry, digital marketing remains the important component that continues to contribute to its development. This industry would be among the top three industries that made the maximum use of digital marketing, as we alluded to earlier. Every company in this industry is always looking for more growth rates, peak performance and customer churn rates. As this industry has become clouded by its focus on top-line revenue growth and lead generation, a digital marketing agency partnership can drive the focus back into solution and value rather than pricing and feature. Also, as we stated at the start of the blog, consumers want content that is creative, entertaining and that gives them value, which is hard to do without an expert digital marketing strategist. Creative Content marketing, on-page SEO and PPC campaigns are a few digital marketing strategies that an agency can assist for your particular industry to show more results. Also, a digital marketing agency will have resources such as Content research tools, SEO optimizers, Competitor intelligence trackers, Grammar/plagiarism checkers, Automation tools, Website development tools and plug-ins etc., which will cut down your cost on resources.

4. Automobile

Historically speaking, the Automobile industry has always been a huge investor in marketing. This industry has spent more on marketing than almost anyone else. From TV to magazines, automobile companies have cash-in all modes of marketing. But since their gradual shift to the digital marketing scene, the automobile industry has saved huge bucks that previously had been spent in traditional marketing. Since 2016, automobile companies have increased their digital marketing budget by at least 35% and were right in doing so. By employing digital marketing, they were able to reach the right target demographics quite easily than before and study their audience. Through the data collected from the customer surveys and website sign-ins, companies were able to optimize their product and marketing strategies. A digital marketing agency can devise strategies such as review site leveraging, video marketing and email marketing etc., for your automobile company.

5. Fitness and Nutrition

Post pandemic world is going to be a health-conscious world. Seeing how many people survived COVID through just a healthy lifestyle is going to affect the decision making for a large number of people. Therefore there is going to be a large incoming of customers for the fitness and nutrition industry. Most fitness companies have got it right, as they are campaigning through social media to promote their products and services. But the bullseye of their campaign was when they started to tailor-make campaigns for specific group needs such as weight loss, strength training and muscle building etc. This could have happened only with an expert intervention, and that is a bet. Such advice and strategies can be the benefits for the fitness and the nutrition industry by partnering with a digital marketing agency. Influencer marketing, social media marketing and research campaigns are some of the areas where an agency can help you make a difference.

Why Vajra Global?

Marketing is not about the products anymore but the stories you tell. The stories of your product and services are the only thing that is going to move the sophisticated post-pandemic consumer. These accustomed online consumers will want value, entertainment and creativity to spend their attention on your digital marketing campaign. And by partnering with a digital marketing agency like Vajra Global, your company can start dishing out ideal strategies such as conversion-based content marketing, social media marketing, SEO optimization, mobile optimization and website optimization etc. Suppose you are a company that understands the seriousness of digital marketing and want an expert agency to help you contact us now. And to know about how digital marketing agencies can help more industries check out our blog archive.