Building human-centric designs through AI

Our problem-solving methodology for tackling design challenges involves using AI – where we put the end user at the center of an iterative innovation process. This includes understanding, empathizing, ideating, prototyping, designing and testing, and delivering design solutions with the user’s needs in mind.

These steps are fundamental to our approach toward the creation of actionable designs. This design narrative is further enhanced by using an AI-powered decision support system.

We recently used the visual analytics tool, which is trusted by the world’s largest brands, to assist a leading logistics company in increasing brand visibility for the launch of its new distribution center.

Learn more about our process by checking out the custom video created by our team!

How can AI be a game-changer in customer engagement?

Image intelligence AI tools utilized by our design team enable us to analyze visual creatives at scale and boost their marketing performance. Brands, creatives, and marketing teams use visual analytics tools like heatmaps and cognitive scores to determine the level of attention each element in a design receives and also help establish the order by which they are viewed.

Visual analytics

Break through the clutter and boost attention with our visual analytics tool

Heatmaps and cognitive scores are a great way to understand how customers react and engage with design elements. This data can help determine the subjectivity of your designs and what it actually “says” to your target audience.

With these reports, you can:


Get high-quality designs and maximize performance.


Evaluate what drives attention and focus on your visuals.


Eliminate bias that comes from overthinking and overdesigning.


Make data-informed decisions and increase transparency.

Phases of Design Thinking and AI:
How can we help?

  • Empathize
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Design
  • Deployment and Testing


This includes understanding and analyzing the goal at a deeper level. Our design thinkers focus on user-centric research to help gather the right information for the next stage.

Phase of design


The first logical step to solving any challenge is by defining the problem. A clear definition can help us rapidly create a scalable and personalized solution.

Phase of design


At this stage, we formulate workable solutions. Our team highlights different perspectives and ideates solutions based on the problem statement.

Phase of design


This stage provides the earliest sample that helps you get a realistic perspective of your concept. Here, we analyze and foresee the design loopholes further down the road.

Phase of design

Deployment and Testing

The image or video is tested for quality with our actionable prediction tool and run-through by our Design Head before being sent to our clients. This dual feedback loop increases the design’s potential to be explainable and reliable for our customers.

Phase of design

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