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A strategic marketing partner

Outsourcing your marketing is a big decision. It needs a growth partner who is willing to understand your vision, business goals and work as an extended team focussed on outcomes. We also know that every customer situation is unique and hence build a custom approach on top of our outsourcing framework that meets your need.

Our outsourcing model gives you a capable marketing team with expertise in marketing technology, creative design, content development, inbound marketing, paid media, social media marketing, email marketing and marketing analytics. You will also have a leader at the CMO level who can report to the CEO/Board.

Companies use marketing outsourcing services to propel their business profitability

Research indicates a brand's online reputation has over 70% influence in the purchase decision. Digital marketing is an integral factor in the growth of businesses. Outsourcing digital marketing helps an organisation get an end to end marketing expertise, giving them a launchpad for growth. Our value led, outcome based model makes us the right partner for your growth needs.

  • Marketing Strategy

    A plan that helps you grow profitably with high levels of brand recall and loyalty.

  • Marketing Technology

    POWER of technology to stay connected and relevant to your audience.

  • Design & Video

    Engaging visual design is essential to grab attention in the distracted world.

  • Content Writing

    You got attention. Contextually relevant, crisp content that connects to deliver the intended action.

  • Digital Campaigns

    Search, social, content discovery, influencer, affiliate - performance marketing at its best.

  • Marketing Analytics

    Attribution, RoI and insights. Measure, benchmark and continue to enhance the customer experience.

Our holistic outsourcing model

We understand your business objectives perfectly and come up with the best marketing strategy for your exceptional growth. Our distinctive framework has worked well for many clients across the globe.

POWER your growth

4E approach for marketing outsourcing

A 4C Model

Make your work a lot easier with marketing outsourcing companies.

We achieve this through customised marketing services tailored to your needs, build strong relationships, and deliver impressive campaigns that convey a captivating story about your brand.



Ability to conceive, create, and launch compelling and sophisticated marketing solutions.



Our clients vouch for our ability to deliver customized marketing services, fulfilling end-customer needs.



Years of earnest work have built a long-term, trusted, valuable relationship with our clients.



Develop impressive campaigns that tell a story to build a positive customer-brand association.





0.5 M

Leads (B2C)

100 M+

USD Pipeline (B2B)

Our clients

Frequently asked questions

Many Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) are always in a need to deploy their best resources for core business activities. They do appreciate the need for marketing as a key driver for sales and revenue generation and hence look to partners who

can work as their extended team and help them with their marketing goals and objectives. This process is called “Marketing Outsourcing”.

Marketing Outsourcing helps you in two aspects (1) It frees up time and resources for you to focus on the core competency of you and your team, gives you the space to innovate your product / service (2) Gives marketing to the experts who will strategise and execute the marketing for you, clearly helping you communicate better with your prospects / customers, position your brand well, generate leads and win customers.

Here are some of the scenarios when companies normally outsource their marketing activities:

  1. Your company small and growing – You may not be able to afford / need a full time marketing person. However there would be marketing activities that are needed. In a scenario like this, you can work with companies that offer shared marketing desk and charge you based on the amount of work to be completed.
  2. Your company is Startup and the core team lacks marketing experience – While it is critical as a Startup to focus on the product / service, make it unique, you also need support right through the process to help you with the right marketing expertise, providing you an external / customer perspective. You can look to outsource to a company that can help you both with Strategy and Execution of Marketing activities, also giving you the flexibility to ramp up or ramp down the marketing team during the critical stages of product launch and growth.
  3. Your company is a SMB, which is too busy with daily business activities and simply does not have enough time / bandwidth to implement a well-strategized and effective marketing campaign to help generate new leads and nurture your existing customers. Here too, marketing outsourcing will do your business loads of good.
  4. Your company has an internal marketing team but has been consistently not been able to meet your marketing goals – In this scenario, it would be good to start off with an assessment of your marketing efforts and understand the best way to restructure your marketing team and identify opportunities to outsource specific parts of marketing, basis the skills available internally and the marketing goals for the coming quarters. This can be done in a phased manner to help the company transform its marketing, helping it overall achieve the business goals.

If you are able to associate yourself with any of the above scenarios and looking for expert help in marketing, feel free to let us know at here or write to us @ and we will be glad to support your needs.

Vajra Global is happy to partner with other marketing agencies for their needs. If you are digital marketing agency, looking for additional bandwidth to support a client or if you are traditional agency, looking to provide digital services for your existing clients, we can help you. Feel free to let us know, what you need here or write to us @

Excellent Question! Today, marketing has become very complex with nearly infinite options available to mix and match your marketing strategy. What we find common across many of the Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) are that they have one person who is completely stretched between drawing up strategy, understanding product & business needs, designing campaigns, executing them, analysing them and fine tuning them real time. As you would appreciate this is a very ineffective process and causes a burn-out to this professional.

Here is where a marketing outsourcing company can Vajra Global can help you in different ways – (1) Work as a partner with your marketing professional, brainstorm with him and be his sounding board; help with selected activities that will free up his time for strategic work (2) In case you already have a well defined plan, allow your marketing professional to do the thinking, designing and we can do the execution for you

In a nutshell, Vajra Global SMB marketing outsourcing practice will help you reach your business goals and strategic objectives in a seamless manner.

Based on our experience working with clients, here are a few reasons why clients have outsourced marketing

  • You have an excellent product but not able to build a solid pipeline
  • You have an excellent website but there is no traffic
  • You write regular blogs but there is no comment or likes or reads
  • You have social media posts but there is low or no engagement
  • Your team does not have any exposure to inbound marketing or certain / all areas of digital marketing
  • Your web page rank is very high and you don’t come up when your customers search for your products
  • You feel that your competition is doing much better marketing compared to you; they are able to react fast and make quick changes to marketing strategy and implement the same
  • Your sales team keeps missing targets and eventually your revenue is not growing or is flat; You have not closed sufficient number of new clients to give you the growth you need

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