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Cutting-edge in both
marketing and technology

MarTech implemented by marketing professionals

Solving your MarTech bottlenecks

Digital is here to stay, and we leverage our expertise along with automation to provide strategic and expert MarTech solutions. As a marketing automation agency, our range of services is designed to build deeper customer relationships using data and insights.

By combining the creativity of marketing professionals with the proficiency of technology experts, we create full-service strategies that will help you deliver unique customer experiences. Supported by marketing ops, content, and design, our core MarTech solutions are driven by data and Generative AI.

With a dedicated team of experts who love to think outside the box, we will ensure your marketing technology remains cutting-edge and effective in driving your business growth.

As a leading MarTech agency, we have mastered the art of combining marketing and technology. Through our MarTech services, we can be your tailwind.

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Solutions we provide

  • Marketing Automation

    Intelligent automation of your marketing tasks and processes. Our marketing automation specialists will make your activities cost-efficient with a bigger ROTI (Return on Time Invested).

  • Integration

    Insightful dashboards powered with real-time information. We can effortlessly synchronise data across various systems and platforms.

  • Intelligent Bots

    Accurate, quick, and real-time customer support through conversational AI chatbots. We will deploy multi-channel bots that boost customer engagement.

  • Revenue Operations

    Effecient data sharing between sales, marketing, and customer service teams. Our RevOps strategies and solutions will eliminate data silos and increase coordination.

  • Website

    Creative, easy-to-navigate, and engaging websites. Our team will create a user experience that improves your conversion rates.

  • Data Services & Analytics

    Powerful insights from raw data through advanced analytics. Our specialists will identify patterns so your outcomes can be more predictable.

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Services we offer

Frequently asked questions

What services does a MarTech agency offer? A MarTech agency offers a range of services focused on leveraging technology to optimise marketing strategies and campaigns. This includes services such as marketing automation implementation, data analytics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration, digital advertising management, Content Management Systems (CMS) optimisation, and overall marketing technology consulting to enhance marketing efforts and achieve business goals.
How do I choose the right MarTech agency for my business? To choose the right marketing technology experts for your business, assessing their expertise in your industry, track record of successful implementations, client testimonials, and case studies is vital. Evaluate their approach to data security and compliance, scalability of solutions, and ability to customise services to fit your specific needs. Choose the agency that aligns with your business objectives.
What types of tools and platforms do MarTech agencies use? A marketing technology services provider uses a variety of tools and platforms to execute marketing strategies efficiently. These include marketing automation platforms (e.g., HubSpot), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, data analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics), Content Management Systems (CMS), social media management platforms, and advertising platforms (e.g., Google Ads, Facebook Ads).
How do MarTech agencies stay updated with the latest technologies? MarTech agencies stay updated with the latest technologies through continuous learning, conferences, webinars, and peer networking. Internal training programs and partnerships with technology providers help their teams stay informed about the technical advancements. They also follow thought leaders and engage with technology vendors to understand emerging trends and innovations to provide optimal marketing technology solutions to their clients.
What is marketing automation, and how can a MarTech agency help with it? Marketing automation involves using software to automate repetitive marketing tasks, such as email campaigns, social media posting, and lead nurturing. MarTech agencies act as marketing automation specialists and can help implement marketing automation platforms, customise them to fit business needs, integrate them with existing systems, and provide ongoing support to optimise campaigns and achieve desired outcomes. At Vajra Global, we provide MarTech solutions that will streamline your sales, marketing, and customer services operation.

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