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Why is Web design so important?

Designing is the process of turning your thoughts into a delightful presentation. It’s not something that’s majorly focussed on the outlook and aesthetics, rather it is something that works. Great design travels across every customer touchpoint and makes a long-lasting impression. Hence, regarded as the silent ambassador of your brand. It’s true that a picture conveys a thousand words. Today, Businesses use powerful and persuasive visuals to convey their message quickly and effectively.

With innovative designs, you can weave a unique story of your brand. Our highly experienced and passionate experts at Vajra Global help you implement meaningful and transformative design strategies inclined towards your core vision. Website design services, graphic design services, marketing collaterals, video creatives, and whatnot?

67% of businesses believe creative design will help them grow exponentially in the next five years.

Thinking out-of-the-box

This real challenge has caused many brands to fall behind in this competitive era. Worry not! Get on board to WOW your customers with some exceptional creatives.

Seamless user experience

User-centered creative web design is here to stay forever! It's time to focus on specific human needs and deliver an enriched experience, which will personally connect with them.

Adapting to the latest technology

It's crucial to employ advanced software and tools for effective output. We at Vajra strengthen your branding with trending creative web design elements and techniques.

User-centric service

To stand out among the crowd, it is indispensable to turn towards real human needs and pay attention to their preferences. Vajra Global helps you address the new complex challenges and take up a people-first approach, eventually shaping up a positive brand experience. We strictly follow a tailor-made strategy for every brand - hence, all our creatives will give a competitive edge.

We articulate your ideas into modern and memorable design pieces, which will connect, capture, and influence your audience. The perfect synergy of our expertise and excellence together brings out the best in us! Partner with us to witness some phenomenal work and take your business to new heights.

End goal

With the drastic shift in customer demands, we need to constantly renew the customer interaction with thoughtful and futuristic designs. You have a vision, and we assist you in accomplishing it! Vajra Global aims to develop a superior output for your business that would stand tall as your visual brand identity. This, in turn, will resonate with your audience and accomplish your brand positioning goals.

From website designing to social media posters to print and digital, we have a plethora of services for businesses of all sizes. Our customized design services are adored by customers across the globe.

Our approach

Research and discovery

Research and discovery

Staying ahead of the competition is essential in the digital world. We implement a design after thorough research and competitor analysis.

User experience design

User experience design

We provide a meaningful relevant experience to users through a user-friendly design. Your customers will be pleased with our attractive design.

User interface design

User interface design

A haphazard website design is off-putting for visitors. We bring an intuitive website design with easy navigation for your prospects.

Art direction

Art direction

Target your audience by conveying the right message through art and attractive visuals. We bring festive seasons to life with attractive art designs.



We use the best in class video creating tools such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Adobe Photoshop to bring designs to life.

Testing and optimization

Testing and optimization

Our videos are rendered at an optimum level and scrutinized for any bugs multiple times through multiple levels before reaching your visitors.

Our portfolio

With IT and technology booming in the new normal, we understand your market and brand values and create attractive graphic designs after thorough research. At Vajra, we have designed captivating visuals for RDZ and website design for Aloha.
Showcase your medical expertise and healthcare services through captivating designs, videos, presentations, and visuals. At Vajra, we create content by understanding your target audience and buyer persona. Our team of creative wizards have created printables and SM posts for Richfeel and Pureflo.
The right social media post with attractive designs and videos are the assurance your audience desperately needs, for them to take the action. With a full-scale competitor analysis and incorporate the right designs for your business. We have delivered attractive SM posts and videos for Maharishi Ayurveda.
40% of visitors stop engaging if they find the content or layout of a website shabby. We organize the design and content on your website after understanding your business and marketing goals. We have designed websites for reputed corporate giants such as TVS, and Nxt practice.




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Design assets

Our clients

Frequently asked questions

Creative web design helps make a site memorable, rising above the competitors and establishing the brand. Improving the user experience with smooth navigation and fast loading pages brings high traffic, conversion rates and ROI. Connect for customized web designs.

Creativity and Innovation are interlinked for creating an exemplary design for a business website that captures the attention of the audience. A website design company plays a crucial in designing websites that attracts and keeps the audience glued to the site.

Vajra Global designs unique websites that link to the brand in a distinctive way that is customised according to the business. The designs are exclusively made to enrich the audience with user friendly experience with various techniques.

Check out Vajra Global to create tailor-made designs for the business websites.

A Web Design Consultant is a technical professional involved in the design and development of websites and applications. Web consultants provide consultations with suggestions to determine the scope of website development projects in driving the success of their client’s business. They provide their consultant services through firms and businesses or as independent consultants.

A website is important for a startup because it’s often the first point of contact that potential customers have with your company. A well-designed website can make a good impression and help you stand out from the competition. A website can also be a valuable tool for marketing your products and services, and for communicating with customers. It’s also important for gathering data about your customers so you can better understand their needs and provide customized solutions.

Benefits of Website for Business:

  • Increases brand awareness and generates traffic
  • Cost-effective
  • Helps create an ‘authority’ site for better ranking on the search engine
  • Establishes credibility and trust

Connect with Vajra Global – a Top web design company in India for more details.

Your inputs are given the first priority. We go out of our way to understand the nuances of your business, objectives, and marketing goals. With your inputs, we can better understand your business and come up with a tailor made marketing strategy which suits your business.

Our process is very transparent, we will share the work that we do with you. Feel free to share your suggestions and inputs with us.

Please provide images and texts in electronic format as it would be easier for us to upload and process. If you have a hard copy of a document or image, make sure to scan it and email it to us. It is ideal to use a PNG, or GIF image on your website and stick to fonts which are easily readable and not fancy.

The web designing company which can provide the features critical to your business. A UX engineer, otherwise called a client experience architect, is the individual who makes your site easy to understand. They have both specialized and planned gifts, and they use them to make sites that draw in and hold clients.

Visual communication, client experience plan, interface configuration, site improvement, and content creation are large parts of website composition that cooperate to deliver the last insight of a site. These elements impact how a site shows up, feels, and capacities across an assortment of gadgets.

This aspect depends on the complexity of the website, your requirements, the number of pages, the nature of design, the number of graphical elements in it and other factors. Ideally, it should take somewhere between four to six weeks from the scratch.

Most businesses find it hard to choose a hosting provider, which is common among emerging entrepreneurs as they would be flooded with several questions in their head. May it be the registration of your domain name, designing your website or its maintenance; Vajra Global has got you covered. We help you out with hosting services and ensure that your website design stands apart from competitors.

Absolutely, Engaging in a full fledged discussion before starting to design the website is crucial. We are here to understand your preferences, likes and dislikes, and the way you want your website to look.

The website will be designed to your specifications and liking, however, we will provide a few suggestions accordingly to ensure that the website design satisfies industry requirements and stays ahead of the competition.

CRO in web development is the practice of improving a website’s user experience by implementing seemingly simple design changes, resulting in an increase in conversion rates. Vajra helps clients improve their website designs so that they convert traffic into buyers.

Yes, absolutely! Some of our clients were disappointed with a shabby job in design done by other vendors and were left disappointed with the design. We restored their confidence by using the same skeletal framework of their website and redesigned it with our client’s input by our terms. Also, if you are looking to retain a few elements of your old website design, we will help you by working around it and giving your existing website a very redefined look with new content.

The website is yours, we are here to help you design the website and once we are done, the design belongs to you. We will send a copy of the site CD which is for you to use.

Vajra Global is No.1 when it comes to a wide range of high-class portfolios for web design services.

Once your designs are approved, we wait for 80% of the content and then proceed with the development. At Vajra, we focus on building the infrastructure which wouldn’t be necessarily visible. We will share the demo site once your website is almost finished and you can start off with user acceptance testing, and training.

As mentioned earlier, your preferences are our priorities. You can feel free to add your inputs and share your thoughts on the graphic design and layout. If you aren’t pleased with a particular image or video, we will get your inputs and begin reworking on it to ensure that it appeals. We will also share our suggestions and recommend certain changes backed up by research data, after a thorough analysis for the betterment of your website and better reach.

Website for business is important because the old business card has given way to the web page in today’s digital environment. All businesses must ensure that consumers looking for their company’s name may locate an official source. When you acquire a domain with your name, you have a very good chance of having strong visibility in the SERP of online search engines.

Visual communication, client experience plan, interface configuration, site improvement (SEO), and content creation are large parts of website designing that cooperate to deliver the last insight of a site. These elements impact how a site shows up, feels, and capacities across an assortment of gadgets.

Flash animations have to be used whenever required only. Over using this type of animation will result in a very fancy website design with relatively low content quality. Also, another important thing is that using this animation makes it harder for search engines to read the content on your website.
It is also recommended to use other animation written in text HTML that helps search engines recognize and index the information on your website. This would be very useful as you will get the best of both worlds.

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