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Why is marketing automation important for your business?

How can you make the most of your marketing campaigns? How can you simplify your marketing efforts? How can you better streamline your marketing plan? The answer is simple. Perform smart work by automating some of the significant activities and drive maximum ROI.

Have you not utilized any form of automation yet? Then, this is the right time to invest in it. A recent global business survey revealed that 40% of businesses not using automation are planning to adopt it very soon. It’s evident that the remaining 60% have already adopted automation for achieving their business goals easier.

While automation may be deemed as a quick-fix solution, it can very well act as a key driver for your business growth. Effective automation strategy can nurture delightful customer relationships in the long-term. Vajra Global combines the power of technology and strategy to curate a befitting marketing automation plan for your business.

Solve your challenges quickly with marketing automation services

Of late, marketing automation has become the ‘go-to solution’ for businesses who want to get rid of tedious manual tasks and focus on real critical ones. In order to not get left behind in this stiff digital competition, companies are rapidly embracing automation to offload their time-consuming activities. But, in the fast-run, it is important to address your pain points with thoughtful actions and creative automation tactics for impactful brand growth.

Let’s bust the common myth that automation is only about Email marketing and simple support tools. The reality is that it can benefit your business in multiple ways when utilized properly. With the right automation in place, you can build personalized connections with your prospects and customers. Our marketing experts will guide you through this new tech, support your marketing goals, create impressive strategies, and finally maximize revenue.

  • Nurturing leads

    Our marketing automation tools are a breeze for businesses to generate leads and nurture them. No need to stress anymore!

  • Personalization

    Your customized marketing campaigns will turn out to be super profitable with relevant automation.

  • Effective CRM

    Coupling CRM with marketing automation services is the best thing you can do for your business! Stay connected with your customers like never before.

  • Data-driven insights

    Get set to gather some intelligent and valuable data to make better business decisions.

  • Targeted communication

    Let your core messages capture the right customers faster. Witness great results with a smart marketing automation system.

Our tailor-made solutions

The next-big thing for a rewarding customer experience

Some of the industry-proven tools and solutions that enhance the interaction with your esteemed customers while automating your priority processes.

Our four step process for marketing automation

A 4C Model

Marketing automation companies can be daunting for some emerging entrepreneurs.

Don't worry, we understand your business and marketing goals after a thorough analysis and identify the right tools and techniques which suit your brand. We make your work much easier by increasing your productivity and returns through innovative automation techniques. Make the most of automation to achieve your business goals by saving time with optimum resource management.

Understanding your business and marketing objectives

Understanding your business and marketing objectives

Our team of experienced automation experts delve deep and gain a thorough understanding of your core objectives and end-customer journey.

Identifying the right tools and techniques

Identifying the right tools and techniques

Followed by an initial assessment and intensive research, we recommend specific automation tools and solutions in line with your vision. We go the extra mile in handling multiple aspects of your marketing process.

Streamlined implementation

Streamlined implementation

This phase might be a challenge for many but not for Vajra Global. Our unparalleled expertise on the components and nuances of automation is a major player during the execution of smooth automation.

Delivering desired results

Delivering desired results

When all the elements fall in place, you can effortlessly achieve your targets. We take the full advantage of the latest technology to make automation work for your business. More time-saving, less energy, and higher returns!

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Frequently asked questions

Marketing automation is nothing but the use of software to automate your marketing processes in a much more efficient manner across multiple channels. It’s the modern technology that helps businesses to get rid of tedious, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks. It allows companies to decrease their manual workload and allows activities like email blasts, campaign management, lead generation, etc., to be set up seamlessly and executed automatically. Many automation platforms are designed to make customer lives easier.

Yes! The latest global survey results and statistics show us the actual advantages of using automation. Marketers believe that the biggest benefits of marketing automation are time savings (74%), increased customer engagement (68%), improved timely communications (58%), and increased opportunities, including up-selling. You could clearly realize the awesome benefits that automation could bring to both your marketing and sales teams. From focussing on priority activities to enhancing customer communication across channels, marketing automation works wonders for organizations.

There are numerous benefits of marketing automation. Some of them are as below:

  • It allows you to observe the data of your marketing activities and get insight into all processes about your customers.
  • Makes lead nurturing easy by triggered email and drip campaigns.
  • Automation enables to track visitors and their activities right from the start.
  • It also helps in saving significant time and money with your marketing campaigns by automation. It will eventually help in converting prospects into customers.
  • Also, it’s not limited to any business vertical and widely used across b2b, e-commerce sectors.

You will be surprised that marketing automation platforms are for organizations of all sizes. For small businesses, automation allows you to extend your limited resources and reach as many prospects as any larger sized entity. For large companies, automated processes help organize campaigns to ensure you don’t lose sight of your contacts. This concludes that efficiency is used to the maximum, and size is not a concern. Automated marketing makes it easy for you to reach your contact list in multiple ways..

As recommended by industry experts, marketing automation is highly beneficial in multiple ways which help in the growth of your business. There are various tactics and techniques by which you can assess your marketing activities and know which will work best for your business. You can even divide your database into various segments that will be easy to target and send campaigns. Email marketing automation campaigns are a big win in today’s business world. Get on board with a strategic marketing automation firm like Vajra Global to accelerate your business growth.

Getting to know about marketing automation systems is not a difficult task. You have lots of online resources and learning materials on the web, which will give an overview of what automation is all about in the marketing space. Many popular marketing automation companies offer courses and documentation related to automation. The great way to learn would be to take a tour of our website and blog posts. You can directly contact our automation experts if you want us to help you with your marketing automation journey.

Marketing automation involves the right usage of software and tools for obtaining desirable results. If you are going to implement marketing automation for your business, collaborate with an expert marketing automation agency like Vajra Global for optimum benefits. Usually, automation includes workflows that act as a script, describing what the system should do if a specific event or situation takes place. Today’s available automation platforms have plenty of in-built features, drag and drop creators and many other options for seamlessly functioning the scripts. Think well and adopt the most suitable platform for your business.

If you look at the latest statistics, global enterprises rely on marketing automation for increasing their efficiency in marketing activities. To be precise, automation can generate high returns, even if you don’t have a big budget or a large team. Businesses have started to witness the importance of automation as it saves a lot of time and optimizes their marketing efforts. Think how much time you could save by automating major parts of campaigns, such as nurturing prospects, retargeting, and so on. Once you are ready to go for it, you can start with automating your marketing campaigns. The sooner you begin building automation workflows, the better!

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