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Web Development
13 min read

10 Benefits of Using PHP in Web Development for your Business

The web is the present, and it is the future as well. Times have changed beyond imagination, and more businesses are now accessible through websites or web applications. The concept of old brick and mortar stores is giving way to web stores. And the demand of the hour is dynamic websites to cater to the changing requirements of the customers. Now the question with which businesses are plagued is how to deliver dynamic and interactive content. The answer is simple; it is by leveraging the benefits of PHP web application development services.

What is Web Development?

Before we delve into what is front end development, what is back end development, we need to understand what is web development?

Web development involves building or maintenance of websites with processes that happen behind the scene. It makes the website look great, perform fast, and offer a seamless user experience.

Once we have understood what is web development, we will get into the details of what is front end development, what is back end development, and of course, PHP web development services.

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a commonly used open-source general-purpose scripting language suited explicitly for website building, and it can be embedded into HTML. This back end development language or PHP specialty is a server-side scripting language, whereby the client receives only the output as the processing takes place in the server. The processing is done using the resources of the server before the result is sent out. If you ask what is front end development, is it the same as PHP? The answer is a strict no; it is different from other front end development languages like JavaScript because it is processed on the client’s computer. The resources used are from the computer and not the server.

PHP is among the most loved languages for web development because of the dynamism that it offers.

The advantages of web development with PHP are many. That is why renowned websites like Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook, Flickr, and others create a rage in the web world. With PHP web application development, you can easily have an Ecommerce Website, a CMS driven website, social networking sites, and so many others. The list is endless.

The Advantages of Web Development using PHP

Let us have a close look at some of the significant benefits of using PHP for web development.

Customization: Customization is the keyword in recent times. Whether it is an email copy or a newsletter, no-one ever likes a templatized form. The touch of customization brings in higher engagement. This is what PHP precisely does. PHP offers the ease of customization. Its various extensions help in expanding and revising the current features of the website. PHP web development services are such that it provides the much-required flexibility to curate a website that is customized as per your business requirement.

Cost-effective: All businesses are keen to adopt cost-effective yet beneficial solutions. And being cost-effective is one of the benefits of PHP web application development. It is free to use. Therefore, whether you are a business tycoon or a startup trying to create space in the market, using PHP for web development will never dig holes in your pocket. PHP is a win-win situation both for small and big businesses. Without shelling out much, you get stellar results.

Safe and Secure: When you decide to use a back end development language or PHP for web development, you can rest assured about its safety and security. PHP offers excellent protection that can protect your website from malicious attacks or hackers. A website that is developed using the PHP scripting language is usually safe. As a business owner, you need not spend much money on your website's safety and security.

Offers fantastic web-experience: Unlike many of the front end development languages, PHP supports different operating systems. Whether it is MAC or Windows, you need not worry if you have a website developed with PHP. It also supports all the leading web servers. Hence, as a business owner, there is no need for you to invest an extra amount in offering an optimal web experience to all your visitors.

Has Easy Code and Offers Complete Control: No developer would love to develop a website with complex code, but developers love using PHP for website development. The reason is simple. It is an easy to use language. The source code is simple and clean, thereby making it a popular scripting language. PHP's exciting aspect is that it is neither technical nor tedious; hence the developer community enjoys playing with it. Moreover, its open-source nature gives it the benefit of 24*7 developer support across the globe. It's easy nature ensures that businesses have complete control over it.

Gives you a mileage: Did you know if you have a PHP-backed website, you shall have a competitive edge? Unlike some of the traditional front end development languages, PHP has many features. Using PHP brings benefits like multi-tasking, easy modifications, customizations, intuitive interface, robust design, flexible integration, and so many others. In a dynamic world like today, PHP's features are assets and hard to stay away from. In case you are planning to build a website that catches the attention of all, you can quickly check for some expert PHP developers.

Easy to Change: A programming language that requires too much effort even for a small change is becoming redundant in recent times. Businesses today are becoming agile, and they need to change their website from time to time as per customer demand. PHP is one such language that can easily be changed. Thus, a website that has been developed using PHP can be altered with ease as per the business requirement. It offers businesses with much-needed flexibility.

High Speed: Among many other benefits offered by PHP, one of them is speed. Using PHP, it is possible to build websites or web apps with speed. The reason is it reduces the workload of the server by using the memory. It reduces the loading time, thereby enhancing the processing speed. PHP enables websites to have a quick turnaround time as it improves both the pace of development and execution speed.

Excellent Server Support: Apart from offering robust support to some major web browsers, PHP also provides excellent support to some major web servers like Nginx Apache, Microsoft IIS, and others. Additionally, PHP is known to offer support to Netscape and some of the other personal servers.

Community Support: PHP is a widely used scripting language for web development. Many developers are using it daily; hence, the developer community's scope of support is higher when compared to other front end development languages. Also, due to the higher availability of PHP developers, the prices charged by them are reasonable.


The market today is flooded with a milieu of scripting languages that can be used for development. In some, the scripting happens at the back end, while it occurs at the front end for a few of them. PHP is an open-source scripting language wherein the processing happens back-end; the client receives only the output. Considering the many advantages, it has, like customization and flexibility, it is undoubtedly a wiser choice for businesses. PHP is in tandem with the agility that companies nowadays require. However, choosing PHP alone is not enough; businesses must ensure that they onboard expert PHP professionals so that the website development work can happen seamlessly. Numerous web development companies would claim excellent services, but mere words are not sufficient; one must check their credibility, portfolio, and reviews before getting into a final deal.