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Google AdWords Success
7 min read

5 Secrets To Google AdWords Success

2020 has been a roller coaster year for businesses around the world. Many of them are looking for fast, effective ways to get their brand, products, and services in front of qualified audiences.

One of the most efficient ways to do this is through pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. PPC is a form of digital advertising whereby an ad is presented to internet users based on a formula of terms entered into a search engine. With well-executed PPC campaigns on platforms like Google Ads or Bing Ads, marketers can bid on keywords relevant to their business and find potential customers. But it’s easier said than done. Since you pay for every click you get from your ads; a poorly managed PPC campaign can cost more than the revenue it brings in.

So, what is the secret to success in AdWords? The answer is simple. It is about developing an excellent management methodology and sticking to it rigorously. If managed properly, Google AdWords can help increase online traffic, provide brand recognition and generate sales while reducing marketing costs.

So, here are 5 secrets to Google AdWords success

  • Keyword selection

As a marketer, you need to take time to create a list of specific keywords that potential customers may use to find your brand through search engines. And Google keyword tool is the perfect place to start. Along with this list, you need to focus on negative keywords because they increase your traffic quality and improve your CTR significantly.

Once you have this list ready, remove duplicate keywords. Do this to avoid confusion as some people mistakenly believe that you are bidding against yourself when you have the same keyword in multiple campaigns with the same target audience. Also, periodically check keywords that have spent more than the expected amount to drive a single conversion and decide whether they’re worth keeping.

  • Use PPC to support organic traffic

SEO campaigns take around 6-12 months to be up and running. Whereas, Google AdWords campaign, if set up correctly, takes immediate effect and generates results. Hence, it is risky to depend only on search engine traffic. A combination of both SEO and PPC is recommended to obtain a vast online presence.

  • Include a good Call to Action

The Ad copy plays a vital role in the success of your AdWords campaign. Ad copy is usually far less complicated and tends to work best if kept plain and simple. Having a good call to action can improve your campaign’s effectiveness.

  • Focus on testing

AdWords is the easiest testing engine. It allows you to test the new Ad text and landing pages and let Google tell you which ones are running best. You can even test positions, i.e. sometimes number 2 and number 3 positions can also generate many clicks at a lower cost. There are many brands which save a lot of money by testing their offers and messaging with AdWords.

  • Focus on tracking

AdWords reporting provides a large amount of data. You can precisely track the effectiveness of each search phrase and jump-start your SEO campaign. This will help get your website ranked highly in the organic results for the most profitable search terms.

How do you know when you’re successful at AdWords?

When you achieve your key goal. A football team knows where the goal line is so that they can all move in the same direction. Similarly, the search marketing team of any business needs to know their goal to work together effectively.

A goal must be one key performance indicator (KPI) that matters the most to the business. It should be tracked, and the data needs to be integrated with AdWords, where it can be used for optimisations. 

Also, the goal must be reasonable. For example, you cannot target cost per acquisition below $30 and also expect to be in the top position. In such cases, you may have to choose based on which one matters the most.

Moreover, AdWord Quality Score should never be your primary goal. It must be just one of the metrics that should be used to pursue real KPI. 


With so many conversions generated through PPC, Google Adwords is a necessity, not an option. The key is how to make the most of your Google Adwords PPC campaign a success. 

At Vajra Global, we can help any size of business increase the effectiveness of its PPC Google Adwords campaign. For more advice, get in touch with us today.