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LinkedIn B2B Marketing
11 min read

7 Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing

Is LinkedIn B2B Marketing that effective?

It is often said, “It's a small world after all.” But that small world has become smaller, thanks to the advent of social media channels. . Meaning, your friend who has a friend, somehow knows you, right? But, being connected in this way comes with a piece of bad news, especially for B2B Marketers. A smaller world means that the unending lead generation process has an ever-shrinking window. 

So, how to find new ways to generate leads? Well, you may be surprised that LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools for generating B2B leads that many businesses haven't explored. LinkedIn's lead conversion rates are 3X higher than other major ad platforms, including Google Ads.

If you ask me again whether LinkedIn is useful, the answer is 'Yes.' Let's back this statement with some more data. 

So, leverage LinkedIn in the best possible way. 

Here are 7 advanced LinkedIn Marketing strategies for B2B businesses. 

  • Make an attractive company page

We all know that "First impression is the last impression." So make it count! Make your company page interesting and interactive. It gives your business the first impression and provides an opportunity to brand your company and show some personality. Also, it is an entry-point for LinkedIn leads to visit your actual company website.

So, how does it work?

  • Have an effective picture of your company which sends a clear signal about what you do and why people should care.
  • Structure the elements to lead up to a conversion action, i.e. click-through to your website.

Here is one example.

Microsoft is a powerful company, and what they sell is sometimes viewed as boring. But, in this picture, they share a different symbol of what they sell – a carefree, happy life. 

  • Make a Showcase page

Showcase pages help you promote individual brands that are extensions of your company. They are the perfect way to segment your inbound LinkedIn traffic. Also, it makes sense to create a showcase page when you intend to develop long-term relationships with a specific audience. You can target a specific customer segment and provide information that is relevant to them. 

Check out Microsoft’s Showcase Page.

  • Create high-quality content for your company page

LinkedIn is a professional network. Irrespective of that, people like to see fun, engaging content that tells a story about the business or brand they’re viewing. So, it’s crucial to spend time and create high-quality, relevant content for your company page. For example, write the first few lines of your company description that matter the most in your introduction and create an impact on your audience. 

  • Make use of Advance search

Wait not for prospects to find you; let your tools find your target.  LinkedIn’s advanced search gives you a unique way of identifying your target audience. From the LinkedIn header icon, click on search and advanced options. Next, in the centre column, filter your search based on your requirements. The data is focused on giving a chance for you to connect with people.

  • Use LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups help people to meet, chat and connect. By launching it, you spread the word about your company, organically.

You would also want to have a strategy on how to manage your groups. Here are a few basic rules -

  • Appoint an executive to monitor and respond promptly to questions and discussions
  • Post messages at least once a week
  • Keep 80% of industry-related topics and only 20% of your business offerings 
  • Invite people to your group

Once you have the group, invite the right people. But who are they? Clients, vendors, partners and influencers in your industry. To expand faster, you should consider advertising. Ads are the best way to spread awareness of your group.

  • Optimise your company page

Optimisation works wonders with LinkedIn. So, write the content for your company page and optimise it in the same way you would optimise your website for search engines. Use appropriate keywords throughout your content to help your page pop up in LinkedIn searches and get found by the right people.


Let’s recap the 7 advanced LinkedIn strategies for B2B Marketing.

  1. Make an attractive company page
  2. Make a showcase page
  3. Create high-quality content for your company page
  4. Make use of Advance search
  5. Use LinkedIn groups
  6. Invite people to your group
  7. Optimise your company page

Gone is the era of information; it is now the age of networked intelligence. With these LinkedIn Marketing strategies, you can optimise your online presence and drive high-qualified leads to your business. If you need help, then contact us. We can help you harness the power of LinkedIn and enable you to grow in this highly competitive world.