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Paid Campaign
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Identifying Customers for Paid Campaign

To Know Is Half the Battle - Executing an Ad Campaign

Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes. You can either keep marketing through SEO campaigns and content or resort to launching paid campaigns. While SEO campaigns take quite some time to catch on and drive your ROI, the Pay-Per-Click (B2B PPC) strategies are said to generate up to 330.40% higher ROI.

Simply launching a campaign without being considerate of whom you’re marketing to can present itself as an enemy to your ROI in a long shot. So it quite literally pays to be mindful of your target audience, the potential customers.

Corporate giants such as Nike and Coca-Cola, over the years, have come up with campaigns that are received far and wide around the world by just knowing to whom to market their campaigns.

How Do These Campaigns Stand Out?

The call-to-action advertising handled by Coca-Cola, “Share a Coke” garnered as many as 25 million followers to the company on Facebook. The campaign made use of personalization to appeal to a young audience, irrespective of their interests.

Putting in a personal touch to every product proved to be helpful for the company as people promoted the campaign by putting up pictures on their social media walls with the #ShareaCoke, leading others to leap on the bandwagon out of FOMO.

On the other hand, Nike came up with “Just do it!” their call to action campaign which was a sure-shot hit with people who had a penchant for sports and fitness, regardless of their age.

Launched in 1988, the campaign offered us a look into the lives of many athletes, making their way through their workouts, and how these workouts come from an emotional standpoint. When the viewers saw how the athletes were also just people, going through the same emotions as any man would, of course, they wanted to “Just do it!” too.

This campaign made Nike lead the sports apparel market, with at least $ 10 billion over its close competitor, Adidas.

This shows that a proper target analysis and personalization can go a long way if you bring the right moves to the table.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going for a Paid Campaign

An advertising campaign is not an easy deal. Creating one requires focus, commitment, and sheer will. There are certain questions that you might want to ask before jumping into the campaign game:

1. The Crux of Your Campaign:

One of the important questions that you should ask yourself is “What am I telling my customers?”

Make sure that the idea that you sell is bought by your potential customers, and doesn’t leave them confused as to what they are looking at. Having an idea about what you are going to advertise before actually going through with your advertisement is advisable.

2. Reason for Your Campaign:

Your track is clear, but the destination remains. Do you want your sales boosted? Make the audience curious? When you answer this question, you become aware of your campaign’s goal.

3. Problems and Solutions:

Rather than talking about your product, spell out what it does and what value it can bring. Consumer gratification is your prime selling point, rather than flaunting your product. So tell them what problems your product solves to get them more interested.

4. Target Audience:

This might just be the most important question – Who is your target audience, and how do you plan on understanding them? It is not an easy process to do so, but it is not rocket science either. Following certain methods, you can get to know your audience better.

  • Habits and Routines

We, humans, are creatures of habit. Whether it is our morning coffee or our Instagram wall. We go behind what we like. Integrating this into a B2B PPC strategy through the data gained from target audience behavior, and carrying out the PPC B2B lead generation presents itself as an ideal solution to get to know your audience better.

As much as 70 percent of B2B buyers go to search engines for locating their next B2B purchase. Therefore, implementing a PPC for B2B campaign can be a prudent decision.

  • Identifying the Goals and Fears

Knowing your potential consumer can lead to your awareness of their goals and fears. Ultimately, every consumer would look for fulfillment in any way or mean, and are afraid of risks involved when striving for said satisfaction. This plays a pivotal role as considerations when they make their buying decisions.

Being alert as to not trigger their fears while honing your campaign to better suit their satisfaction can be an ideal solution for your PPC for B2B campaign’s growth.

  • Audience Targeting

PPC B2B lead generation is an ideal way to get your prospects to turn into qualified leads through various strategies such as Email marketing, social media marketing, search result marketing, Web ads, etc.

Also, through Google AdWords, you can improve your PPC for B2B campaign’s keyword relevance and in turn, improve your leads for the better

Create the Ideal Campaign

Using these methods, business conglomerates such as Apple and PepsiCo have generated a better following as well as a phenomenal ROI through their targeted campaigns.

Instances such as the “Joy of Pepsi” campaign by PepsiCo and “Silhouette” campaigns from Apple garnered a historical response from all over the world, because of these steps. Apple’s “silhouette” used different songs from different genres to get through its advancement of carrying whole albums in your palm, instantly striking a chord with the young generation. “Joy of Pepsi” had pop sensation Britney Spears, performing catchy jingles, instantly catching on with the youngsters of that time, shooting up its popularity.

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