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Custom Automation Solutions
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The client is a large global supply chain company with offices in Asia, US, Europe, Australia, etc. The popularity of the company's brand name and the impressive strategies they implemented in the industry over the years had made them the authority in the field. Over the years, the company had established a global foothold through multiple acquisitions. 


Due to the complex organizational structure and as the company had grown inorganically over the years, it was getting extremely difficult for the marketing/sales teams to keep track of the leads and corresponding numbers. The work was time-consuming, and overall visibility at the top level of the hierarchy was lacking.

The client's main challenge was to structure the marketing and sales system without compromising privacy or interrupting the current operations. The various marketing and sales teams were siloed without any proper collaboration. 

Vajra Global stepped in and, along with the team of consultants and implementation specialists, designed an optimized solution. The client's global website built using WordPress (a CMS software) was integrated into the Hubspot - Marketing Hub Enterprise. The marketing process was better structured, and the process of identifying leads was automated. Now, as and when a lead flows in, an automated notification is sent out to pre-identified lead owners (from the marketing team).

As a next step, to bring about a collaboration of the Marketing and Sales teams, Hubspot was integrated into Salesforce (the CRM platform - which is primarily used by the Sales teams). This is being done in a phased manner, inducting in various international teams over a period of time. As a result, the leads would be processed smoothly from the marketing to the sales team based on pre-identified lead qualification criteria. 


Since the client's company had multiple acquisitions internationally, a global branding process was needed, and as part of this, the revamp of the global website was initiated using WordPress (CMS). Despite the company's global nature, the company had maintained autonomy to different divisions to enable them to act swiftly to client needs. This meant a combination of bringing the best of a global company with the benefits of a local player. This needed to be translated in the lead management process as well. So, Hubspot - Marketing Enterprise Hub was utilized to set up each region's team under the global management team's banner. This would ensure that the visibility of digital assets and contacts/lead would be given only to the respective regional team while giving overall visibility to the global top-level management.

Usage of Hubspot's key feature has helped the company maintain global visibility at the same time, ensuring the autonomy of regional teams.


Given the company's complex organizational structure, custom solution offerings were designed to meet needs specific to them.

An automated lead owner assignment process was designed by integrating the website forms on WordPress with the Hubspot Forms. An automation process was set in place using Hubspot to ensure that the multiple lead owners could be notified when a qualified lead flows into the system. Care was taken to ensure that each need specific to the organization was customized into the automation process.

 A selective integration process for Hubspot (marketing tool) and Salesforce (sales tool) was put in place since each international team had to be inducted separately to align the sales and marketing process under the global management team's leadership. Progressive induction of each regional team would happen, bringing about a transformation and alignment between the marketing and sales functions.


Our team of expert consultants worked with the client’s core management team to co-create and define the new-age marketing processes for keeping abreast with the latest trends in the market. In order to facilitate the automation process, the website (WordPress) forms were successfully integrated with Hubspot. A custom lead assignment solution was designed and developed to process leads between the two systems. Finally, a complex Hubspot to Salesforce integration was put in place to help further establish the collaboration between the marketing and sales teams.

Reach out to us at Vajra Global for more information. Our expert team of consultants and implementation specialists would be happy to assist you as per your need.

Email: sales@vajraglobal.com