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Web Design company
10 min read

Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Web Design company for your business website

In 2018, Aditi had started a boutique business. From flowy gowns to long dresses and cute tanks, the retail shop had brought together some unique outfits to complement the customers. It was going great. Her business was booming, and she was getting a good response. But, everything changed with the pandemic in 2020. The nationwide lockdown had caught Aditi off guard. There was an unprecedented level of disruption and uncertainty.

After four months into the pandemic, Aditi wanted to get back on track. She needed surefire ways to reach out to her customers. Aditi knew that a beautiful and eye-catchy website could help the business reach new heights. But, building a new website from scratch was not easy. So, she decided to take help from a Web Design company.

But, there were a plethora of Web Design companies having different skill sets and expertise. How to choose the right one? Aditi wanted a company that would understand her requirements and deliver the best solutions within her budget. To solve her problem, she started searching the internet for some blogs or articles that could help her choose the right company. That's when she came across this blog.

This article provides top 10 tips for choosing a Web Design company for your business website.

Make a list of your requirements
Before you start finding Web Design companies, you need to have a clear idea of what you want in your website. After all, your website is your business and a marketing tool.

Examples of the things you might want your website to do.

  • Generate leads for your business.
  • Sync with CRM.
  • Integrate with a marketing automation tool.
  • Link with the email marketing platform.
  • Allow users to fill out forms directly.
  • Examples of features your website might require to achieve your business goals.

  • User-friendly navigation
  • Search-engine-optimized content
  • Ecommerce functionality
  • Secure online forms
  • Check out the company's track record.

    Once your list is ready, start assessing the potential Web Design agency partners on experience, portfolios, services offered, and agency culture. But how to do that? Ask yourself some critical questions. Do they have user-friendly designs? Do you like the website designs they have produced? Can they meet your objectives? Also, check out the testimonials and ask them to show you the website they have made in action.

    Know more about the team

    There are many ways of judging a web designer's expertise. Best way to tell how good they are is to speak and know more about them. It is also helpful to understand if they have experience in developing websites for your industry.

    Communication is vital

    A good website design depends on communication. So, you should be able to explain your expectations to the web designers and understand their response. It is recommended to ask the turnaround time for your email response.

    Latest design trends

    A web designer needs to keep up with the latest design trends. This is because you are much likely to trust a website or organisation that looks modern. However, there needs to be a balance between modern and traditional approaches. The website needs to look unique and fresh.

    Understand if they have a balanced approach to online marketing as well as web design

    It is crucial to understand if the Web Design company offers other services like search engine marketing. Also, it is good to know if they have any online marketing experience. This can help you optimise your website for maximum sales.

    Know the design process

    How do they go about building the website? What are the steps they follow? These are some questions that need to be asked before you start the project. It will help you get aligned with the journey.

    Check the company's terms and conditions
    This is important and helps avoid problems further down the line. Ask questions such as: Are there any hidden costs? Are updates and maintenance included in the website design fees? Are there any extra charges for bug fixes? or Who will own the source code?

    Responsive design

    A responsive website is the best way to design a website these days. If a Web Design company isn't knowledgeable in responsive design, they are not right.

    Cost of the project

    Every company has a set budget. Maybe it is a fixed figure or a percentage of perceived value to your business. A basic thumb rule is not to compromise on quality. Choose a Web Design company that meets your budget along with your requirements.

    Why is Vajra Global right for you as a Web Design company?

    We believe that your business website is one place where your customer can get to know about your business 24*7. 80% of new customers visit your website before they make their first purchase with you. Your website must reflect your services, brand, and value and connect with your customer helping him decide to move forward with your brand.

    Our Offerings

  • WordPress Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Best in Class User Experience
  • Social and Email Integration
  • High-Performance Secure WordPress hosting
  • Lead Generation through intelligent Call to Action (CTA)
  • Web traffic Analytics and Recommendations
  • Our Culture

    Along with the customer-first approach, we adopt a healthy value system to ensure that the result is pure and untainted. We do not just promise you results; we vouch for it and are accountable until the end. ​We thrive on a high percentage of repeat business and take pride in this because we work as companions to achieve our customers' mission.

    Our Expertise and Experience

    We are a bunch of enthusiasts with great passion and experience and in-depth knowledge of digital and inbound marketing. Our team has rich experience working across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe. We work with global clients in the areas of Technology, Healthcare and Recruitment.

    Our USP

    We understand the correlation between ethical marketing and overall satisfaction. This is what will set us apart in the industry today.

    As we know, the first impression is the last impression. And your website is the first impression a potential customer will have of your brand and business. So, take your time and choose the right Web Design company.