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11 min read

10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Web Design Company

Picking the right web design company from a plethora of service providers is, no doubt a very daunting task. Most web designing service providers like SaaS/digital marketing service providers promise a lot of things, but do they fulfil their promises? For this, you need to understand what is web designing and what is good web design. Here are ten aspects of what to look for in a web design company and how to choose a web design company.

1. Visit the prospective agency’s website

You can determine whether the prospective service provider is full of false promises, or they are the real deal by simply visiting their website. Most web design agencies put their best foot forward in designing their own website and pay a lot of attention to detail. You can witness a unique design style, capabilities and technical expertise in their work which are qualities of a good website design. Here, it would be best if you created a checklist to see whether the site is responsive, is it aesthetically pleasing, its usability, and overall site design. You will be able to determine whether their design style meets your expectations and creativity standards. Qualities of a good website design are determined by fresh quality content, easy to use, optimized for mobile, and optimized for search and social web.

Look at other competitors in the market and determine whether their design style remains up to date. Most importantly, the site must be visually pleasing, highly functional, and provides a good user experience. Also, look for good professional writing on their web pages and in the blog.

2. Verify their credibility

Perform a background check on the agency and check whether they are recognized in the market. Take a look at their stakeholders and previous clients to gauge their reputation in the industry. A credible website development company would be certified and recognized by reputed industries in the domain. They should know what’s best and implement the superb designs that suit your business. Do a small research and see where they rank among others in the industry. This will help you understand its quality of service, work, and craftsmanship. Another thing to note is that they should also have a dedicated UX design team for designing graphical images, videos, and creative content.

3. How is the quality of design?

For a design to drive visitors to your website, it has to be user-centered, aligned with design trends, and flaunt an impressive portfolio. A user-friendly design that constantly evolves with design trends answers the question of what is good web design. Look into the portfolio of previous works to have an idea on their design approach and development process. If you see a concrete portfolio with renowned clients, you can proceed with confidence. Also, keep an eye out for dummy/template designs in their portfolio as some agencies use them to impress readers. A good web design agency should showcase its recent designs on social media proudly.

4. How far do they go?

Another critical aspect of what is good web design is where designers don’t shrug to go an extra mile in improving the completed site. If a web design company is willing to redesign your site for free after the first service, it is a clear sign that you are getting a good value for money. However, you need to bear in mind that certain agencies track additional charges after you are already committed to them. So, it would be best if you crossed verify and agree on a project outline before you begin.

5. Are they Versatile?

A web design company has to know key aspects of what is web designing and should be in-tune with your client base. For instance, a design that appeals to 50-year-olds would not have the same impact on 20-year-olds. Since each segment of the population has different preferences, you need to understand your client base. You can do this by collecting information via comprehensive studies, surveys etc.

Engage in a meeting with your prospective web design agency and perform research of the client base thoroughly. Do a detailed investigation of your client base and share the information with the agency. This would help the agency understand your client base better and come up with a design that suits your requirements better.

6. Check for Online Reviews

Don’t forget to Google the agency and check their reviews. If their reviews are poor, the odds are that they have a poor reputation in the market due to their incompetence. Look for reviews on websites such as glassdoor, and check their LinkedIn and social media page to determine whether they have a strong online presence. Most agencies showcase their work on LinkedIn, so take a look at that and if they appeal to you, check whether they post regularly. These are what to look for in a web design company.

7. What is their specialization?

Specializing in various OS platforms and programming languages is nearly impossible; however, a good web design company should have mastered the important tricks in each. Look for agencies which specify their specialization as it will help you gauge their expertise in providing services. Pick an agency amongst companies that have the right skillset in the nature of service you need. Study their web design packages that meet your industry’s requirements and make the right choice.

8. How well do they understand the buyer persona?

Understanding the buyer persona and the buyer’s journey is crucial for any digital marketing or web design agency. Made sure that the prospective agency understands the demographics of your target audience, their preferences, age, gender, and purchase intent. These aspects will help the agency to prepare a design that fulfils the needs of all buyers. Most importantly, an excellent user interface and interactive design encompassing good coding constitute what is web designing. Understanding the buyer persona is a crucial aspect as it helps an agency to design a website that appeals to your target audience.

9. Are they updated with the latest trends?

Most people overlook this very crucial aspect. Inspect the prospective agency thoroughly and check whether they invest in employee training sessions, seminars, workshops, etc. Go a step further and check what articles they are referring to and determine its credibility. This will help you understand whether their web designers are up to date with the latest trends and are informed on the latest market research and tactics.

10. Do they offer aftercare support, and to what extent?

Just getting your website design completed within the deadline is not the end of the story. It is also important to perform regular tweaks to your webpage according to the latest trends. The nature of the web is always evolving in various forefronts, so it is crucial to have a constant flow of new content. If you add new features or products, you need to update your website by adding new webpages. Check whether the web design company offers aftercare options in terms of monthly retainers or long support packages. Discuss with them to understand the policies and pricing details regarding after-service support.

These are some of the key aspects of how to choose a web design company; make sure to prepare a checklist that covers these ten aspects before you start hunting. Also, get in touch with industry experts to determine whether you are on the right track while on the hunt. We are to help you with the right design for your website. You can get in touch with Vajra Global for your website design. We have in-house experts in web design, web development, SMM, content marketing, and SEO.