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9 min read

How to create engaging content for content marketing

I was at a digital marketing conference when somebody from the crowd asked a question, "What does engaging content mean?" Each of the experts within the panel had a slightly different take on this question. That's when I realised that engaging content has a different meaning to different marketers.

While each of them had their viewpoint, there were certain similarities:

  • Engaging content is relevant to your target audience and helps them with an issue they have right now
  • Engaging content gives your audience something that they can't find anywhere else
  • Engaging content needs to be entertaining and educational
  • Engaging content needs to tell your audience a story
  • Engaging content invites the viewer to engage with your brand by adding a call to action

How to measure engagement?

If your content doesn't engage your audience, they won't consume and retain the information. This will result in a big waste of your time, money, and resources. So metrics such as an increase in traffic, clicks, opt-ins, conversions, sales, comments, likes, and mentions can be used to measure engagement.

So, how to create engaging content for content marketing?

  • Be original

With so much competition, it is crucial to create content that stands out. But, it is tough to create 100% unique content. This is because someone is talking about the same thing, taking a similar photo, or conducting similar research. So, how can you overcome this? Write a blog topic by adding your unique voice and spin. You can also share personal experiences and put your personality into everything you produce. 

  • Create actionable content

Before making a piece of content, you need to know the purpose of creating one. If you don't know it, then your consumer won't have an idea either. Also, you need to know what you want someone to do after consuming a piece of your content. For example, if you are promoting a new product on your website. Create a blog about it, highlight the features and benefits, how it can be used, and how it can improve your consumers' lives. This can convince the reader to make the purchase. 

  • Bring in empathy

Engaging content informs, entertains, and adds value. So, it's essential to start with the emotion your audience is feeling. For example, are you scared? frustrated? skeptical? Now, poke at your audience's emotions to motivate them to take action. Engaging also means interesting. So, mind map content ideas based on your audience's emotional journeys. 

  • Tell a story

It is easier for people to relate to stories than to data facts. That's why telling a story helps you connect with your audience and also improve your credibility on a subject. For example, if you are creating a fitness blog, tell a story during your certification training. This will let your audience realize that you are qualified and knowledgeable on the topic.

  • Think out-of-the-box

Engagement can also be in the context of depth. Think of it in this way: Look for small numbers of people reacting in big ways to your content. If your piece receives a few lengthy emails or if you see people writing some original comment, you have found the depth of meaning. 

  • Make your audience think

Creating thought-provoking content is an art. It helps the reader relate to what you're saying. For example, ask questions with no definitive answers or paint a picture with some abstract scenarios. But make it relevant with the current events or daily lives.

  • Use visuals

Content marketing strategy is not only about written content, but it is beyond that. You can enhance your strategy by inserting visual elements like pictures and videos. With infographics, if you conduct your research, you will have original content. Since people remember images, they will be likely to retain information. 

  • Make eye-catching headlines

Before your content is read, it needs to be clicked on. So, focus your efforts on creating clickable headlines. Whether it's on your website or organic search results pages, your headline will be the first thing people see. If you've got boring headlines, people have no reason to click.

Creating engaging content isn't easy. Perhaps you agree that it's the most challenging aspect of marketing campaigns. But with some effort, you can figure out ways to create engaging content. Your company also needs to define what it means for your audience and business through proper research and quality content development. 

Overwhelmed by all this advice? Choose a content marketing agency like Vajra Global to help you. We can help you with content that will make your audience love what they read about your brand.