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Web Designers
8 min read

Top 5 Tricks and Tips for Web Designers

Web Designer Tricks

Let’s take a look at how the visitors feel when they stumble upon your website. Do they know what your company does within the first five seconds of landing on your website? Can they understand the flow easily? Do you know where they go first? How is the bounce rate? How far do they go?

We can ask you more questions. The question is, how well do you know and understand your website? It is time we take a look at what happens beyond web development. Once the site is live, we must understand what the visitors are up to and how they respond to it.

If you are not happy with its performance and are looking for tricks and tips followed by a modern web designer that helps bring in the right audience, then you are in the right place.

It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of creating a website. You might be so involved in talking about your business and how great you have been, that you might forget that the end-user must be caught up in it as well.

The reason why websites have been created in the first place is to communicate with the world. It should convey what your organization does, the use of the products and services, and why the customer will benefit if they pick you. You need to address the right buyer with the right content.

So, the next question is, what can you do to ensure that your website stands out among the million others online.

Web Design Tricks

Here are the few things that modern web designers follow to enchant the audience and enhance your digital marketing strategy.

1. Site speed should be a priority
Your design should be your boon, not a bane. Too many images, for instance, can slow down your website. It is important to not only design efficiently, but also optimize the images, so that site speed is not affected. Make sure that the quality of the images is not lost. It is a delicate balance and requires a professional web designer. In the world of digital marketing, slow site speed is a killer. It literally kills the conversion rate.

2. Apply Hick’s law
Did you know that the audience is not only confused when they visit your website, but they also are not too determined about making that decision? They might want to take a look at different choices and then make up their minds in time. More often than not, there is no real urgency. In such a situation, having too many options on your website might leave them with more questions than answers. Design your website such that they find the solution to whatever they are searching for.

web designer tricks

3. Stop hiding data
No one likes to search for information on the website. It is not a puzzle. Your page should provide answers to the visitors. Unless what you are selling is a mystery room and you want to give a sample of your service on the website; make it easy for the visitors to find what they are looking for. Avoid sliders and tabs. Give scrolling a priority over clicking. Statistics state that your conversions can go up by 30% when customers are handed out the solutions. Your web design should be simple, elegant and clear.

4. More visual cues
The attention span of a person is dwindling. According to Statisticbrain, 8 seconds is the average person's attention span. Only 28% of the words are read on a normal web page. If your message has to hit the right chord, you need to create strong designs. Subtle might be charming, but sometimes you need to hit the nail on the head and at the first go. Digital marketing is all about giving your customer what he needs and bringing them on board.
You have 3 - 5 seconds to make an impression online

modern web design tricks

5. Tug at the heart’s strings with real people in the images
Web designs aim to guide users. When the directions are clear, the visitor follows automatically. While arrow marks do the trick, a human pointing out the way has a more significant impact. For instance, take this image. When the baby is looking at you, you are looking at the baby. But, when the baby is reading the content, you are tempted to as well. (Source: torquemag)
web designer tricks for website

The internet is a place where ideas are available dime a dozen. You need someone to give you a filtered list of web design ideas that have been tried and tested. Tips and tricks that have lasted a long time. We at Vajra have tried many designs before presenting them to the client. Let’s get on a call and discuss the best ways to present your ideas and improve the conversion rate on your website. Let’s create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy now.

You know where to find us.