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Copywriting services
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Copywriting Guide

What Is Copywriting?

Many years ago, copywriting was defined as a form of commercial writing used to either persuade or influence the reader to perform an action. This action, in many cases, was to induce the audience to purchase a product or service. Copywriting services were mostly provided by marketers and advertisers who had English, journalism, literature, or marketing degrees.

But with the rise of the digital age, anyone can access any information through multiple channels. This means there is a need to write more content to stay ahead of the competition. Democratization of content means the world of copywriting has changed as well. Modern copywriting now includes short blogs, social media writing, marketing emails, SEO writing, etc. Content Marketing agencies now provide website copywriting services, eCommerce copywriting services, SEO copywriting services, and other types of writing needed in the digital age.

The Main Goal of Copywriting

The main goal of copywriting is to persuade. Traditionally, this would mean driving your audience to buy your product or service. But in the digital space, this could include subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a case study, registering for a webinar, etc., and in the long run, leading them to purchase your product or service.

Unlike content marketing, copywriting uses fewer words to convince the reader to take action. This means copywriters require an in-depth understanding of the product, service, industry, and niche. They also need to have a unique insight into their audience's mind, so the copy can be personalized to address their pain points. Good copywriters also conduct research before writing their copy, so it captures the brand's image.

Who Needs Copywriting?

All businesses require copywriting. Whether you are a huge conglomerate or a start-up, you need copywriting services to sell your product or service and bring in revenue. Most organizations are happy to engage web copywriting services, but they tend to overlook other areas that also require copy, such as advertising, taglines, sales emails, social media adverts, etc.

In an era where there is an overwhelming amount of content to choose from, a good copy must stand out to be heard. One cannot overlook the importance of the written word. Whether it is traditional marketing or digital marketing, copywriting should be an essential part of your marketing plan.

Also, both B2C and B2B businesses require copywriting. For B2C businesses, the copy is drafted directly for the consumer, usually with an emotional appeal. But copywriting for the B2B industry is different as the sales cycles are longer and conversion rates are slower. B2B copywriting services involve targeting decision-makers and buyers in other businesses. These copies use more logic and facts to highlight the value that the business will receive.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is about writing content that not only appeals to your end-user, but also includes relevant keywords, so your content ranks higher on Google search. For example, if you are writing a web page and would like your target audience to find your page on Google, you would have to include the keywords they would search for.

According to the top marketing trends of 2023 by HubSpot, "Leveraging SEO" ranks #4 in terms of ROI and effectiveness, and 88% of those who use it will maintain or increase their investment in 2023. This highlights the continued importance of SEO and, in turn, the importance of SEO copywriting services.

Although not new, leveraging a blog that has a good SEO strategy continues to be a powerful tool marketers use to attract and convert leads. A good SEO copywriter not only understands their audience and chooses words that resonate with them but also understands how Google feels about certain words and phrases.

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Copywriting in Marketing

Copywriting is an essential element of marketing, sales, and advertising. Slogans such as Nike's "Just do it" or De Beers' "A diamond is forever" are iconic and result in immediate brand recall. These phrases are the work of copywriters, whom marketers rely on to deliver the intended message while maintaining the brand's voice.

All marketing teams have copywriters who participate in the entire process right from the first meeting. They pitch ideas, craft the message, provide feedback, and tweak the copy for better results. In the digital age, copywriters have had to adapt to different media types, writing styles, and technologies.

Elements of a Great Marketing Copy

Before writing, the main objective, specific goals, and the audience must be clearly understood. This helps to brainstorm solutions and integrate those solutions into the copy, along with addressing the below essential elements that are needed to write a great copy.

Language and format: A good marketing copy has short sentences and is easy to understand. If there is more text, these need to be in the form of bullets, subheadings, and smaller paragraphs.

Use the right tone: The tone of the copy depends on the target market and the emotion you wish to evoke while still maintaining the brand's image. A law firm would have a different tone compared to a children's book publisher. It should reflect the culture and values of the organization.

Provide a solution to a problem: The copy should be written in such a way that it answers the question, "What's in it for me?" The product or service's value should be highlighted in a couple of sentences.

Call to action: The marketing copy should have a clear call to action, so the audience knows what to do next. Even the text on the CTA button must be creative and drive conversions.

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Copywriting is the art of writing persuasive, interesting, and compelling copy for both digital and print media. It's a skill that can help you drive more website visitors to your page, get more people to sign up for your email list, or even persuade customers to buy your product.

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