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Google’s Ecommerce Tricks
5 min read

How Google’s first voice-activated coupon has taken over e-commerce industry

Google's Ecommerce Tricks

Voice search has been a growing trend across all industries. Based on research from Alpine, there are over 1 billion voice searches per month. Moreover, WSJ has confirmed in one of their reports that in the next three years, users will spend 18% of their total expenses via voice assistants. Due to these statistics, many e-commerce industries are partnering with technology giants for various voice search projects. One of them is Google's first voice-activated coupon for target orders on Google express. Let us look into detail.


Recently, Target and Google teamed up for a pilot program of a voice-activated coupon on Google assistant. So, how it worked? Shoppers used Google home devices or application to say or type "spring into Target". Next, the shoppers received a short message, and they were given $15 off next Target order. Earlier, this promotion was going to run longer, but it was cut short since it met the promotion goals. As quoted by Target's spokesperson, this promotion was unique and was a big hit.

This trial has inspired industry professionals to think of how to use voice assistants effectively in different marketing structures.

Why people like voice search enabled devices?

People like voice search over text queries because it shows natural Behaviour. It is also straightforward to pick up the phone and search based on voice which will give users more detail in a short span of time. People will use a complete statement to get more accuracy.

How will Google's first voice-activated coupon effect e-commerce industry?

  1. Voice search enabled devices are the unchartered territory in the e-commerce industry. Hence, making most of these unique promotions can give companies a competitive advantage.
  2. It can boost sales for brands and also increase loyalty for Google voice technology.
  3. Shopping actions is an evolution of Google express which enables users to add products to a universal basket that connects mobile, browser and voice. Hence, due to shopping actions, there was a 20% increase in the number of items in shoppers Google Express baskets of Target. So, the availability of voice coupons builds a stronger relationship between any retailer and Google.
  4. Customers are used to shopping and completing transactions by using voice assistant. Hence, it's a natural progression to receive coupons from the same medium which indirectly helps companies to achieve their goals faster.
  5. Small to medium e-commerce companies are unable to partner with Google. But, these companies can use the voice assist apps as they are available on Android and iPhone which will be a new change for their consumers.


In future, we are going to see a significant shift and opportunities for the average e-commerce merchant due to voice shopping. As per prediction from ComScore, 50% of all our searches are going to be voice searches. Voice Search enabled devices are going to change the shopping experience forever. If you find this article insightful, requesting you to provide your feedback or comment on the link below.