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Digital Marketing
8 min read

Marathon or Marketing. The Logic

Marathon can be described as the ultimate test of your physical and mental fitness. To the outside world, it might seem like a very mundane activity, but there is more to it than the eye can see. It takes a run to realize the potential behind not just running the marathon, but training for it as well.

marathon or digital marketing

With increased awareness on the health front, the number of marathons that have been taking place worldwide over has grown phenomenally. It has become the first physical activity that people resort to stay healthy. For various reasons, it seems to have become the preference over a gymnasium and just walking.

Why do people prefer to run a marathon over other workout techniques

When you do not exercise, you pay a heavy price. Physical inactivity is believed to be one of the main reasons for various health reasons. There are multiple ways to stay healthy and running is one of them. The problem is that we complicate things too easily. The simplest way to keep fit and improve your stamina is to put on your shoes and just run. The rule is very simple. A cardiovascular exercise will keep you on earth longer.

Marathon with other aspects of your life
Research states that running regularly could contribute to the success of various aspects of your life. The multiple inputs that go into a marathon - planning, commitment, hard work and execution - help improve character development. The merits of these inputs can be seen in goal-setting, discipline and organizational skills both at the workplace and in the personal life.

Marathon and Marketing

There are a lot of similarities between the two. Take the input required for a marathon. The same amount of input is needed for your digital marketing campaign as well - planning, commitment, hard work and execution.

Just as picking the right course for your marathon is important for your run, selecting the right strategy for your digital marketing is crucial to its success. With so many modes and methods available to you, you need to pick the path that will create visibility, reach your prospective clients and generate a good lead.

Just as while picking a path to run you will identify all the challenges that you are likely to face, with digital marketing there are a few rough spots that you will have to cross over to reach the finish line.

Concerning both marathon and marketing, your eye should be on the end zone. Do not waste all your energy trying to overtake the competition at the start. Save your resources and ensure optimum utilization. That is what will ensure that you reach the finish line. No shortcut both in marathons and marketing.

The prep

Both digital marketing and running a marathon cannot be done on the fly. You can neither wake up one day and decide to run nor can you suddenly start a marketing campaign online with your cup of coffee. The warm-up to the act is just as important as the act itself. While training for a marathon, you pick the right running group and strengthen your core. With marketing, you find the right digital marketing partner who will guide you with the correct practices and strategies.

digital marketing or marathon logics

Mix it up

When you exercise, you need to vary your workout to obtain best results. No matter how great it is, if that is the only workout you do, you are bound to hit diminishing returns. The same can be applied to digital marketing. There are various channels that you can touch. Different methods that you can apply. Multiple strategies to experiment with. Marketing Automation can help you bring out the best marketing skills in you.

Get a digital marketing partner. Get a co-runner. The idea is the same. Walk past the finish line together. Arm in arm. Complete what you started. No matter what happens along your journey. No matter if you get injured. No matter if you have a setback. It is always important to remember that failure is just a bend in the road. It is most definitely not the end of the road.

No matter where you are in life, life just notices if you are bending or if you think this is the end for you.

digital marketing Competition

Take a look at the bigger picture. When you cannot see the road ahead, it is usually just a bend. All you need to do is take the next step. And then the next. And you should move forward. People might not remember who won or who lost. But the story of someone who never gave up no matter what odds - that is the inspirational story that must be told.

Finish what you started. The rest will fall into place.