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Video Marketing
11 min read

Video Marketing to sell your SaaS product

SaaS Product Video Marketing

The new way to sell your SaaS product.

We all know that in today’s digital era, content is king. However, providing the right content to the right audience is what matters the most. Video is an extremely powerful and rich source of content that needs to be exploited to get optimum results for your business to grow. So, what makes Video Marketing different and successful? How to use video marketing to sell your SaaS product? Let us try and analyse its applications and advantages.

Video marketing has the inbound capability of connecting with your audience, enlightening them about your product/service and compelling them to convert as a customer.

Marketing can be further segmented into two kinds. One of which is operational, that involves processes that have already been executed and have worked well for the business. This method is conventional where all your competitors also follow the same path, but yes, you do it a little better to gain visibility. However, the second type is more offbeat and unconventional wherein you take an entirely different process to market your product/service to your audience. This may involve taking risks, but hey, no pain no gain. This method allows you to stand out in the crowd and make a mark in the minds of your potential customers.

Here, you strategically advertise your offering by customizing your campaign based on certain events or happenings that are trending. Video marketing has the essence of both the above mentioned types and can work very well if used efficiently. That’s the reason we say, Video is indeed an extremely powerful tool to attract relevant audience and successfully sell your SaaS product.

Ways to use video marketing to sell your SaaS product:

Have you ever wondered how easy it was to follow a cartoon that appeared on television and remember the episodes as opposed to a lengthy answer mentioned in your textbook? That’s human tendency to absorb better when things are shown in motion as compared to black-and-white text. Even back then, video was more powerful. We never realized this back then, but it’s never too late.

Insights on how to sell your SaaS product:

Let us break down the entire cycle of Engage-Enlighten-Convert in detail to understand how we can tap our potential leads at each stage.

How to Engage your potential customers with your videos?

Video has the ability to interact with your audience in the best possible way. It’s like narrating a story to your leads using characters and dialogues. Who doesn’t like stories! They always work well in getting someone’s attention. So make your video connect with your audience by telling a nice and irresistible tale that grabs their attention and urges them to visit your site. It’s human nature to remember stories better than statistics. This has been proven by scientists across the world and we’re not just saying it. Video offers a strong medium for your brand to emotionally connect with your future customers.

Technology may reach great heights, but it is still the human touch that wins every battle. How many of you silently smile seeing Google Ads on Television? Google doesn’t need any kind of marketing, but it is that emotional bond that the brand wants to maintain with its customers.

To further optimize your strategy, you ought to create smaller buckets of your audience where you deeply drill down the categories of your customer base. Niche targeting can help you communicate with your leads in a really effective way and this in turn will give you better results in your campaign. Your brand definitely cannot talk to a 20-year old lead in the same way as it would to a 50-year old. Customize the way in which you talk to your audience and see the difference. Correctly identify different buyer personas and accordingly plan your communication with each persona. You’ll be mighty surprised with the outcome!

How to Enlighten your audience about your product/service through videos?

A true shopper will always prefer to go to a brick-and-mortar store to try on a garment before making the purchase. Have you thought about this nature of people? Well, it’s really very simple to explain this - a customer would always want to know in detail about the product, before buying it. So, it is imperative for a brand to provide complete and actual information about the product/service that it’s offering.

How do you do that in the online space? No points for guessing this one - It’s VIDEO! Video marketing gives you the advantage of showcasing your product in the most tangible way. Here’s what you need to incorporate in your video while educating your audience.

  • Make sure that your video has complete description of your offering.
  • Your video must have answers to what does your product/tool do, how to put it to use, how have others benefited from its application, and other allied queries.
  • Keep it simple and easy-to-understand. You do not know who’s watching your videos and it is always suggested to create shorter and simpler movies that people can easily follow and remember.
  • You must always deliver videos considering the viewer to be absolutely clueless about your product/service. Educate your audience in complete detail and with utmost clarity.

How can your videos compel potential leads to convert?

Like we stated earlier, that every buyer needs to see what he/she is purchasing. They have to be completely assured that they’re investing in the right place. Video gives you that opportunity to depict your offering with full confidence and clarity to your potential customer. If they are totally convinced with what they see in your videos, then you have a conversion. The quality and content of your video will suggest how important customer experience is for you as a brand.

Show your audience that you care and promise to only deliver the best and nothing else through detailed and transparent videos about your product/service. Listed below are some tips for you to create conversion-worthy videos and sell your SaaS product:

  • Create videos that offer solutions to existing problems in the industry. People are always interrupted by obstacles and are in search of optimum solutions to those problems.
  • Ensure that your brand offers those answers in a simple and effective manner. You’ll not just increase your conversion, but also retain the existing customers, this way.
  • Make videos that create a need for your product/service in the industry. There was never a concept of Chocolate Day or Father’s Day until Hallmark introduced them to upsell their greeting cards and gifts. So create that want among your audience and see what wonders it can do.
  • Introduce a creative and interactive video on your landing page. This could be your Homepage or any other dedicated page that you use for your campaigns. This simple change can yield surprising results for your business.

Remember, you are not selling your videos. You are using videos as a medium to sell your product/service. So try and create engaging and educational videos that allure your potential window to success. As Steve Jobs says, always stay hungry, stay foolish and keep yearning for more!