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Marketing and Advertising
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The Sensitivity of Marketing in Business Promotion

Digital Marketing: The Sensitivity of Marketing

One of the main reasons why any kind of marketing fails is because of the complete lack of empathy and sensitivity. Many believe that marketing is the simple advertisement that you see on television. Show the product with a pretty looking model, and you have managed to get his attention. For all you know, it is only the pretty looking model that has led to grasp his attention.

The Customer

Customers are no longer naïve and gullible. They are quite aware of not just their needs but also very savvy about the products and services that are being sold. The journey of the buyer is like a series of questions that must be answered. Once he is satisfied, you can be convinced that you have made a sale.

Create the experience. A happy customer is a lot more likely to tell his friend.

Sensitivity of Marketing techniques

The Sale

Winning the customer is more than making a sale. It is about retaining him and gaining his trust and appreciation. You know you have impressed him then he is telling his friends about your product. Nothing sells like word of mouth marketing. But to get there, you need to win the trust of the customer.

It’s the experience that makes the difference. So why should you improve this?
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Did you know that 85% of your customers will pay more for better customer experience? And that 80% of your customers will leave because of a bad experience?

A Relationship for Life

One point to remember - it is not over even after the sale is closed. The customer will remain a customer always if he is treated well. A follow-up and regular emails are vital.

When you research your prospective customer base, you must understand where the potential lies and be smart about it. We are not looking to sell one product one time. We are looking for a lifetime relationship with the customer. It’s time to be professional and yet humane at the same time.

customer relationship marketing
Always remember. Stop interrupting what the customers are interested in. Be what the customers are interested in. That is the key to smart marketing.

The Message

Intelligent marketing is the need of the hour. Words with meaning. Value to the customer. Let’s talk about an advertisement that is supposed to sell toothpaste or perfume but the message delivered is something entirely different. So different that you tell your children not to watch. “What are you trying to sell?” is the question on your mind.

An honest marketing can win more than a glorified lie. It is not necessary to use grand gestures and unnecessary elements to make the point. All you need to be able to do is connect with the customer at a very real level. The rest will fall in place.

The Sensitivity of Marketing

Selling a product is your motive, yes. But that does not mean you do whatever it takes to sell it. You need empathy, sympathy and lots of morals to make sure that you are on the right track.

Empathy is not just a fancy word. It most definitely counts. There is always a line you must not cross. And that line must be all the more respected when it comes to your customers. Unless they feel respected, they will not appreciate anything that comes from you.