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Digital Marketing
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7 Bad digital marketing habits to ditch in 2017

7 Bad digital marketing habits to ditch in 2017

It is never late to start doing something good, or for that matter ditch doing something that should not be done. When it comes to marketing, everything comes down to customer behavior and that is exactly why you cannot afford to be indulged in bad digital marketing habits. Change is inevitable. Change your digital marketing habits to pace-up! Bad online marketing habits to quit in 2017 are plenty. 7 Bad internet marketing habits you need to quit in 2017 are enumerated below:

1. Not being synced up!

Keep yourself updated on the latest trends. 2016 was the year of video ads and this trend is likely to continue. Creating a profile on snapchat and going live on Facebook are a few things you cannot afford to miss out on. So, it is vital to stay on track and sometimes ahead. Be synced up and stay very much in the market.

2. Underestimating the power of influencers

Seeking the help of influencers can do so much than you can ever imagine. Having a set of influencers who know a lot about your brand can make your digital marketing strategy successful. Influencers are nothing but a group of people who already have a certain set of followers and have created a community. Reaching out to influencers can be advantageous to your business. Make sure that you give something in return to the influencers, as a sign that you are seriously into generating leads through them.

An example where influencer marketing impacted digital marketing

National Donut Day awareness

Dunkin’ Donuts decided to tell people about their offers on Snapchat to spread awareness of National Donut Day and they selected 8 influencers to do the job of creating and distributing contents. The influencers used their content to make their supporters visit the Dunkin’ Donuts store and avail the offers. Not only this, the influences were supplied with Snapchat Geofilters that could be used in-store. The result was that this store had 10 times more followers on their Snapchat channel!

3. Not being ready to pay the price

Long gone are the days when all you needed to invest in digital marketing is your time. Free usage of the internet or social media for marketing is not going to work anymore. You have got to pay a certain sum in order to wrangle down the social media algorithms. In order to make your posts and uploads reach your customers, paying to play is the only option. This cost however, is relatively low. B2B companies can resort to LinkedIn’s paid ads for better returns and e-commerce sites can do that via Facebook ads and also native ads at Amazon and Flipkart. Plan out on how much you can spend in internet marketing, so that you don’t end up spending much.

Another thing you have to consider is paid search. Organic search is good, yes! But to get traffic to your site quickly, paid search is the way to go. Sales and conversions can be increased easily if paid search is done right. Irrespective of the method of paid advertising you choose, track it using analytics.

4. Not switching to mobile friendly sites

I may sound rude here, but are you still bugging the visitors to your website with sites that are not mobile friendly? You should have ditched this long, long ago.



With the increase in the use of mobile devices there is a good chance that you miss out on a considerable amount of leads or potential customers with sites that do not respond on mobile devices. Responsive websites are so much in trend and the first thing you have to do is to take steps in making your website mobile compatible. Not ready yet? Google prefers mobile friendly sites. If you do not want your rank to drop, take steps now.

5. Ignoring security

Cybercrime is increasing day by day and it is your responsibility to protect yourself and your clients from such crime. What if one day you get up and find that your account is hacked? Prevention is better than cure and that’s to the various antivirus programs that come to the rescue. Don’t hesitate to even buy the premium version if you are into internet marketing.

If you feel that your IP needs to be hidden, VPNs are always there. You can get all types of security including social media. With many trustworthy VPNs out there, you can take measures to improve security.

6. Resorting to images that do not load fast

Make sure that your website is not made slow because of the image files. Uploading images at sizes of files can help as no one likes to wait for long. The loading speed of your website should not be disadvantageous, is what I am saying. Adding plug-ins in order to squish images can be done. You can optimize the images and upload them. Editors like Pixlr can be used for this purpose.




Source: Tagman

7. Taking it all up, alone!

Digital marketing has a large scope and the things that are related to it are an ocean. Large organizations have a dedicated department that takes care of everything like SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, strategy formation and analytics. It is definitely not something that a person can do single handedly. If you are investing in digital marketing, why not leave it in the hands of the experts? When you are planning for the long-run, it is time to contact us at Vajra Global so that can work with you for the success of your company.

Picking out a marketing strategy that can add more value to your brand can make your investment worth it. Take wise decisions and deploy techniques that can really get you what you want rather than adhering to bad habits that can cost you. Ditch these bad digital marketing habits and have a happy marketing journey!