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Social Media
8 min read

Social Media to Increase Organic Website Traffic

Ways to Use Social Media for Website Organic Traffic Increase

Rankings and traffic are two of the many words that rule the digital marketing world. Increasing organic traffic can be difficult at times, but if that happens, you can rejoice it in many ways.

Everything started with Google’s “Penguin”! This was basically designed to make the Search Engine Results Pages more valuable by weeding out the results which are of low value. Many websites are left without traffic due to this but, what you have to remember here is that every problem has a solution. So, the question here is how to increase organic website traffic? You can compensate such traffic loss with the help of social media marketing. What if the Penguin attacks you? You can focus on building backlinks that are natural. So, here are a few actionable ways to use social media to drive organic traffic to your website! The answer to the question “how to increase website traffic through Social Media?” is right here!

1. Choose the right channel

Which social media channel/ channels should you choose to reap more benefits? Let’s help you decide that first. Consider the demographic factors like age, gender, income etc. Become more analytical and ask questions like what they would like, what will be useful for them, which channel is used widely by your prospects or customers etc. If you run a B2C business Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. can be your choice. If you own a B2B business LinkedIn, SL etc. can be your pick. A few hours a day is the cost for marketing your business. Bring in traffic to your website by spending some time and close your most awaited business deal!

2. Backlinks 

“Natural” is the keyword here. You have to build backlinks naturally and this can be done by creating and publishing high quality content. Build Facebook and Twitter accounts and sync your blog to the social media accounts. Links to your posts are therefore created on your social media profile. Be mindful of what you post. Images, infographics, video ads, live video etc. are user magnets these days.


3. Engage followers

Engaging users with your content is very important. Find out what your readers are interested in and what they would want to read about. Please them with useful information and there! You have produced a content that is irresistible. What you get out of this? More shares and of course the traffic to your website might increase.

4. Connect with the audience

You can use surveys, questionnaires, contest etc. and connect with the audience. Show them that you are ready to give ears to them right from the beginning. For example, a bakery can hold a contest asking which of their pastries will potentially be the best seller and give out prizes for a few lucky winners. But don’t forget to create a CTA button for them to visit your website.

5. Be expressive

You can increase your traffic by expressing what you want. Include sharing buttons that are prominent and ask the readers to share your articles if they find it amusing. For example, you can express yourself like “For more exclusive articles like this, visit ‘your website”, and don’t forget to share this blog and let your friends enjoy what you just enjoyed!”

6. When to post?

The answer is quite simple. Post when the usage rate is high. Trial and error is the best way to figure out the right time for posting. Follow a posting schedule and find out what works best for your business. Studies claim that 18℅ higher engagement rate is witnessed on Thursdays and Fridays.

7. Refrain from spamming

Too many cooks spoil the broth. Be mindful of the frequencies of your posts. Spamming is a crime and you should refrain from doing it. In short, make sure to share shareable content that is fresh. We have created an infographic that shows the number of times you can post on various social media platforms. This is based on a study by Buffer and SumAll.

8. Make changes

Do not post the same thing in all the social media platforms. Make changes so that people do not see the same post in all the media they use. Become more innovative and make changes when you post!

9. Become a part of groups and communities

You can create groups with people who have similar likes and interests. This can increase website traffic as there is an element of community spirit. A tip here is to join groups that are not-so-popular to gain competitive advantage. Getting influencers to share your posts is also a good step to increase website traffic.

10. The link between your website and social media accounts

If it is an easy task to share the content on your social media, you have done your job! Check all the links and make sure that that work just fine. Traffic on website and social media are interconnected if bother these are linked. You can use social media logo buttons on your website for it to be more advantageous. Action buttons are vital.

Track the traffic on your website and you will be pleased after implying the above actions. If you want a digital marketing partner to take care of your social media marketing needs with expertise, Contact us!