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14 min read

15 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Did you know that there are over 3.5 billion internet users in the world? You can reach a large audience with the right tweaks to your website. You need to strike the right chord in the online world and achieve increased traffic. Are you worried that you aren’t able to drive enough traffic to your website? 

Here are 15 sure shot ways to increase traffic on your website.

  • 1. Target for Blog Topics with Search Traffic Potential

Just looking for blog topics which are trending is not going to be the only way to drive traffic to your website. You need to gun down topics which have a relatively high search potential. Other than word of mouth, this is one of the best marketing channels that drive target users. To boost your ranking on Google, you need to generate passive organic traffic to your website. You can start off by covering topics that have a high search potential. 

  • 2. Look for High-volume Low Competition Keywords

Use suitable keyword analyzer tools such as the Google Adwords keyword planner to understand the performance of keywords. Once you get the results, filter the keywords by the search volume and keyword difficulty. Check for the search demand for the keyword and the number of times it was searched for on Google in a month pertaining to a specific country. Add intent-driven long-tail keywords to your strategy as well. This has a big impact on driving in the target audience with a high potential to convert into customers. 

  • 3. Perform On-page SEO

Begin with an audit to understand the performance of your website and produce high-quality content that your audience is looking for. Write concise-meta descriptions for your webpage with the relevant keywords. It is also recommended to use keywords related to user-generated content as this increases the chances of ranking higher on the search engine results page. A meta description shows just below the link in the search results; it also helps users by giving a brief about your website/product or service. This summary would increase traffic on your website.


  • 4. Execute Online Advertising

Ever noticed that whenever you search for purchasing an item, the first few results are usually sponsored ads? Yes, that’s right. Sponsored or paid ads are displayed first in the search engine results, higher than the pages with the best SEO and content. Make quality investment by bringing your website to the top of the search engine results through sponsored ads. Also, invest in creating youtube and social media ads. 

  • 5. Use LSI Keywords to Optimize your Content

Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are phrases which are related to your target keyword. For instance, if you write a post about social media, the LSI keywords would include LinkedIn, viral content, Pinterest, Facebook page, etc. So, once Google spots these LSI keywords in your content, it would immediately identify that your content is related to social media. Use tools such as LSI graph to identify such keywords and gauge their performance accordingly. 

6. Start Guest Blogging

Get in touch with an influencer to publish a blog post on your site. Better yet, you can have an interview with them and turn that into a blog post. This is one of the most effective methods to promote content but most importantly, make sure that the influencer resonates with your brand value. Also, become a guest blogger and identify complementary businesses in your area. Contribute a post to their website and don’t forget to add a link back to your website. Also, engage with influencers and promote ads on relevant social media platforms and other websites.

  • 7. Increase Referral Traffic 

Referral traffic is visitors that land on your blog page or your website from various other channels, both online and offline. It could also be email links, eBooks or PDF links. Connect with other bloggers and influencers in your niche and start pinning their content to yours. When you promote someone else’s content, chances are they will do the same for you. 

  • 8. Use Click to Social Media Links

Use click to tweet or click to Facebook links on your blog posts as they help visitors redirect to your social media page easier and faster. Since millennials are more active on social media, they might find it easier to follow your work on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Make sure to add them in your website and blogs in a visible or accessible area for better usability.

  • 9. Promote Content in Relevant Online Communities

Writing content is a great way to promote a community. Choosing the right online community to share your content with requires diligence. Apart from Facebook groups and Pinterest, you might also want to take a look at Medium, Hacker News and Slack Communities 

  • 10. Write Answers on Quora and other forums

Are you worried about how to get more traffic to my website? Another sure shot way to gain traffic is by writing answers on forums such as Quora or Engago. You can choose relevant questions on the website, answer them. Be sure to add a link back to your website with a side note. Also, look for questions related to the products or services you sell and answer them. 

  • 11. Start Email Marketing

Include forms on your website to collect email IDs of your visitors. Connect with your prospects and regular customers with newsletters that promote your product/services. This is one of the best ways to capture attention. Add a subject line that is catchy and relevant to your brand. It could be a pain-point, a benefit or an offer.  Don’t forget to provide useful information and links to pages on your website. Choose the right landing page and add a call-to-action accordingly. Also, never constantly blast your readers with emails as this would count as spamming and would result in customers unsubscribing or deleting your emails.

  • 12. Update Your Linkedin Page

Did you know that posting an Ad on Linkedin can reach 12% of the world’s target audience? Create a Linkedin page for your organization, post relevant content and gather followers in your industry circle. Showcase your brand as the thought-leader in your industry. You can expand your customer base by connecting with prospects, promoting your service/product and recruiting employees for your organization. Linkedin has got you covered in all these aspects. All you need is to keep your page up to date, and your network is sure to expand over a period. 

Study the pattern of your traffic on your website, and post relevant articles and whitepaper on your LinkedIn page. This will keep your clients, and prospects up to date with the products/services and drive more traffic. Most importantly, do not forget to add a CTA that redirects users to your website. This is a good way to increase traffic to your website. 

13. Learn from your Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that lets you gauge the performance of your website and interests you with the demographics, age, and other details of your site visitors. Track your visitors, understand the bounce rate and deduce what they want to know from your site. Regularly check your website analytics as it would help you identify the types of strategies and content that could work and the ones that need to be improved. 

  • 14. Make your Website Mobile Friendly

52.2 percent of all website traffic is generated from mobile phones. If your website is not optimized for different devices, you are missing colossal amounts of traffic. A mobile-optimized website improves user experience, increases average time on the site and provides a competitive edge. 

  • 15. Host Webinars 

You would be surprised to know that most people love to learn new concepts, so hosting webinars is a sure shot way to fuel their needs. You can bring in an effective social promotion campaign as well. Webinars are a great way to increase traffic to your website. Don’t forget to promote your webinar on various social media channels as well. 

If you are finding it difficult to deploy these strategies practically, do not worry, Vajra global is here to back you up with the state of the art SEO, SEM, social media marketing, content, and web design. We will help you get traffic to your website with our state of the art technologies.

While driving traffic to your website, take a look at a few things you should know about SEO. Explore more.