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Email Marketing
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Email marketing ideas to increase Conversion rate

5 Email marketing ideas to help increase conversion rate

Let me start by saying that email marketing is a way to achieve high ROI and is Industry professionals’ favorite. 72℅ of consumers in the US prefer email marketing. This is why you should use tactics that are most effective when it comes to email marketing. Adhering to industry trends is important and this blog will help you with that!

  1. Personalization – Bridge the gap - Bridge the gap between your business and the customer. Segment your prospects and send out personalized emails that might draw your target group’s attention. Try building an emotional connection between your customers and your brand. This will earn you many loyal customers. Travel with your customers. Customer experience is the essence of any business and travelling with your customers can make your journey better. Being an email marketer, you can do this by developing programs that enhance customer experience.
  2. Omni-channel marketing – Customer-centric practices - Omni-channel marketing is ruling the marketing world right now. What is Omni-channel marketing? Customer engagement is via various channels like websites, app, and email or by visiting a physical store. Omni-channel marketing aims to deliver consistent experience that is uninterrupted across various channels. Information is gathered from all the channels and the marketing experience is optimized.

Why is email an important aspect of Omni-channel marketing?

Email has a wider audience base. Thanks to segmentation, you can give the users what they are likely to expect from you. Next is the subject line. By sending out an email with a subject line that catches the eye you have started the email marketing campaign well. 45℅ users have stated that they open the mail that has a catchy subject line. Next is the interactive email content. Things can seldom go wrong, if you do all the above said things right. This is basically a concept of making your campaigns more customer-centric rather than being business-centric.

Consider Starbucks for example.

They have a program with a rewards card that gets loaded whenever a purchase is made by you. You can check and reload the reward card via website, phone, app, or in the physical stores and changes made if any will be reflected across all the channels. An email offering 10℅ discount when you pass-by the store is sure to be tempting isn’t it? How about receiving notifications about Starbucks stores in the destination to which you booked your flight ticket? These are the advantages of Omni-channel marketing.

  1. Interactive emails – Industry trend - If you still think that sending out emails that can just be read is what email marketing is all about, I would like to interrupt! Interactive emails have been blooming and budding lately and you have to stick to the trend. Interesting and innovative ideas are to be implemented in the email that you send. Video contents, GIFs, carousels, feedback forms, ordering capabilities, quizzes, polls, or hamburger menus can be used to attract and entice customers. According to Content Marketing institute’s survey 53% have claimed that they use interactive content out of which 75℅ intend to increase the usage and 54℅ intend to retain present usage. With all that said interactive content is fun and can be accomplished with quite a lot of work done in the back end.  With all the effort that you put in, this will make your emails unique. Contact Vajra to experience the pleasure of enhancing your customer engagement.
  2. Mobile experience – Make your brand stay in the palm of your prospects’ hands

According to Litmus, 55℅ of emails are opened via mobile phones and according to Radicati group, 80℅ of users are likely to use mobile phones for accessing emails in the 2018. So, how to go about implementing an email marketing strategy via mobile?  Create email templates that are compatible with mobile devices.

  • Create a subject line that is short and sweet
  • Make your emails interesting and to-the-point
  • Make your preheader text catchy
  • Have a clear and crisp Call-to-action buttons
  • Landing pages should be mobile-optimized

This way you can catch most of the fish!

3. Encryption – Prevention from hacking

Email security is in the minds of users right now as hacking has increased. With the increase in personalized emails and emails containing so much data in them through various channels and IOT devices, security becomes necessary. In Gmail, messages come with a lock icon to show the messages that are sent using Transport Layer Security. In future, many other inbox providers might follow Gmail.

Here is a graphical representation that shows the top email marketing trends in 2017.



The above are a few email marketing ideas based on current trends. Looking to enhance your email marketing experience with the help of professionals? Contact Vajra.