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Email Marketing Campaign
3 min read

5 Steps to achieve App Installs from Email Marketing

So you are interested in the concept Email Campaign for App Installs and you are exploring for How to do an email campaign for App installs? Great! You are in right place.

Steps to Setup an Email Campaign

Here is the steps to Setup an Email Marketing Campaign for App Installs: 

Before the “Bullet points”,

The reasons why you should use Email marketing for App installs. Social media channels like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have sophisticated campaign platforms for App Installs but they lack the ability to personalise the campaign for the target audience. Email scores big here in connecting with the target audience.

  1. Strategy:Get your answers for questions like Why are we doing this? What are our goals? How much budget is right for an App Install? Ensure there is also a way to track the installs coming from your campaign.
  2. Target Audience:Identify the target audience. Understand about them like where do they come from, what are their preferences so that you can excel in Step 3.
  3. Personalisation:Now you know your audience and their preferences “personalise the emails” for maximum results. Personalisation can be in how you design, what words you choose, colours, pictures… just about everything you do in the email.
  4. CTA (Call-To-Action):Here is where you achieve your goal for the email. Let’s say you are e-commerce company who have developed an App and want the user to purchase through the App, you would have failed in your objective, even if your user clicks on the web page link from your email and makes a purchase :). So call it out – “Download Now!”
  5. Continuous Improvement:Sending out the email is just the first step. Success comes, when you continuously track the campaign and take decisive action based on metrics like delivery rate, open rate, click rate and app installs from emails. So now you have started  and congrats for your App installs.