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Email Marketing
4 min read

Email Marketing trumps other channels to promote Mobile App

Are you wondering, what I am saying? I can almost hear you saying there are several ways out there to promote a Mobile App. Trust me, if you have a mobile app and need to have the installs go through the roof,Then you need more than one channel of promotion.

Email Marketing is one of the least popular channels, but trust me over the last 2 years, I have used Email Marketing effectively to get thousands of downloads for App developers.Statista report shows that as of Feb-16, there are over 2 million Apps in Google Play Store. Yes! You are not going to compete with all of them. To begin with, identify your customers and competitors (mobile apps).

One of my clients was an E-Commerce company who had a successful web portal had developed an App to enhance customer experience. This is a great example where the details of every customer ever made a purchase on the site was available along with their valid “Email” address.

We created a campaign for this target audience.

  • We created an intriguing concept for the campaign based on (a) how much we strive to enhance customer buying experience (b) how much we appreciate customer loyalty
  • We had also made sure to customise the emails for target audience; we had also segmented audience based on their purchase pattern and value
  • To make it more interesting, we had a countdown to the opening day with a special promotion – Part of the countdown, we made sure we explained why shopping with us was better than any competition out there
  • Countdown emails were customised for customers based on action to the earlier mail (open, click, install etc.,)

The result was stunning – We had never before seen open rates and our install results were 90% cheaper and had 200% more installs than competing channels like Facebook. The client was thrilled with the results said the ROI of Email was far superior.

In the following blog <hyperlink once it is published>, I will write about another instance where Email gave other channels a run for the money for App Installs.

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