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Digital marketing channels
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Marketing channels are worth focus for Business


Marketing channels are worth focusing on

In the exciting world of digital marketing, you cannot be ignorant of the changes taking place in the world of marketing. As time passes by, you can see a lot of trends emerging. Being at par with these exciting changes can make your digital marketing journey enjoyable and fruitful. Choosing marketing channels wisely is a very important and tricky task. So, which marketing channels are worth focusing on in 2017?


Email marketing can never let you down. According to a study, emails get 40 times more customers than social media marketing. What you have to remember here is that your email is an extension of the website of your business. Try to draft a mail that has the same writing style and design of your website. Emails should be nothing but interesting and it should please your prospects and existing customers. Don’t forget the CTA buttons. Give your email receivers what they want and clearly specify what you want from them. Keep your mails short, sweet, and to the point. If you have more information to share, write it down as a blog post and share the link in your mail.

Here are a few stats that you need to know about email marketing:

  • 72% of US consumers prefer email marketing
  • 53% of the emails are opened on mobile devices
  • 75% of subscribers claim that they delete the emails that cannot be opened on mobile devices
  • Inclusion of images leads to an increase in views by 94%
  • Usage of the word “video” in the emails that you send results in a 19% increase in open rates

Social media

83% of marketers are using social media as a marketing channel. The best way to have instant interactions with your customers is through social media. Social media helps in building brand credibility. Research on social networking sites and find out which one of them works out for you. Make sure to be active on social media. Resolve their complaints and respond to their queries promptly. Here are the social media trends that can make your digital marketing in 2017 awesome!

  • Live videos

43% marketers are planning to use interactive videos in 2017, according to Wyzowl survey. Make optimum use of Facebook live, Instagram stories, Twitter’s Periscope, and YouTube!

  • Messaging apps

Usage of apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook messenger to interact with customers are very much in trend. Messaging apps are used by 4 billion users across the world.

  • Chatbots

The rise in the usage of Chatbots is likely in 2017. Chatbots can be used in the improvement of customer experience and to respond to their queries. Facebook has already announced that third parties can create their own Chatbots. Take advantage of this and establish good relationship with your customers online.

  • Expiring content

Snapchat brought in the concept of short-living content in the form of videos or images. This was followed by Instagram as “stories”, and now WhatsApp has brought in the “status” feature. All these platforms let expiring social content to be displayed and this feature is used by Digital marketers wisely. You can promote your brand or engage your existing customers using this feature across various platforms.

  • Content personalization

Creating relevant content based on the preferences, interests, and likes of your customers is vital. Retargeting via Facebook can help in crafting advertisements based on the interests of the audience, by finding out where they have been on the web. Content personalization lets you interact with your customers personally and will earn you loyal customers.

  • Influencers

47% of the online customers use Adblockers. Old techniques of advertising are no longer effective. This is why you can use the help of influencers to acquire customers and establish brand credibility. 84% of the brands are looking to invest in at least one influencer marketing campaign.

Organic traffic

SEO will likely develop in the following years. People will continue to search for products and services online and if your business does not pop up first in the search engines you are indirectly helping your competitors’ businesses. Do your best to rank better! Here are a few top SEO trends for 2017 that can help you stay a step ahead of your competitors:

  • AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages project is an initiative by Google. A new standard is introduced to build web content for mobiles. AMP compliant pages can be opened quickly on mobile devices.

  • Video content

Written content still has got it, but video content is on the rise. Video ads are experimented in search results by Google. Embed video contents in the form of webinars, tutorials etc.

  • Voice search

Voice search is used by 55% of teens. 56% adults have responded that they find voice search enjoyable. Optimize for voice searches and use interrogative words like what, who, when, where, and why in your headlines.


Content marketing is another marketing channel that might contribute towards ROI this year. Blogs, white papers, videos, infographics etc. contribute a lot, especially to B2B businesses. 39% of B2B marketers are planning to increase their content marketing budget. 45% of marketers believe that content marketing is really worth it as it is capable of generating more leads.



Here is an infographic by SocialMediaToday to show the top tactics employed by B2B marketers in Content marketing:


Direct marketing

This is especially for the B2B marketers out there! Reaching your audience with useful messages is what you do when it comes to direct marketing. Telemarketing is one direct marketing channel. A report states that 5 out of 9 leads come through direct marketing.

The above are a few marketing channels that you can use in 2017. You can rock the digital marketing world by partnering with Vajra. Contact us and worry no more about Digital marketing.