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HubSpot Marketing Automation
12 min read

Business benefit from HubSpot Marketing Automation

HubSpot Marketing Automation

Lately, Marketing Automation is the hottest trend in the digital world. Firstly, let us understand what is Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation software prioritizes and implements companies marketing tasks in streamlined and efficient manner. It does not compromise the content you are producing but will save your time and effort and help you generate revenue for your company. Marketing automation software impacts the conversion and closure stages. If you leverage a marketing automation system, it will support you to nurture your leads through the buying process and help you deliver personalized messages to your target audience.

Why do we need HubSpot Marketing Automation?

HubSpot software provides easy tools that help your company get found online. It helps grow your business by converting website traffic into leads and customers, lead nurturing, Marketing analytics and optimizing based on results. HubSpot Marketing Automation software is top-rated because it is user-friendly and its features bring a lot of value to the table. When it gets challenging to nurture leads across multiple channels, HubSpot Marketing Automation acts as an extra pair of hands that will automatically trigger personalized emails and follow up. It also has an intuitive interface, free CRM, powerful workflow and predictive lead scoring to engage customers and lot more. Let us discuss in detail how HubSpot Marketing Automation tool benefits business compared to other tools.

1.To create a streamlined and collaborative environment

Data silos happen when companies use different integrated systems to manage various aspects of their digital strategy. Because of this, data becomes isolated which makes it challenging for different departments to achieve company goals. HubSpot Marketing Automation platform bridges this gap because it not only focuses on marketing data but seamlessly funnels this data to use in CRM system for the sales team. So basically, whatever communication or action marketing team has with leads and customers it can be shared with the sales team in real time. This is the real power of HubSpot Marketing Automation platform that can add significant value to both sides in the day to day operations. The following steps define how HubSpot Marketing Automation tool provides collaboration.

  • When the visitor accesses the website, the tool will capture all the information that is interesting to them. The information gathered through HubSpot marketing automation provides context to the sales team that makes them understand what the visitors want, and they do not waste time.
  • The sales team can efficiently provide the next step for visitors, and since HubSpot marketing automation tool integrates with CRM, the sales team can subscribe the customer to the mailing list to automatically get the information that is relevant.
  • With active streamline and collaboration, companies get best ROI for their website for the various tools used across their company and online strategy as a whole.

2.Unique features

Features determine whether a particular software is worth the price. So, what is so good about HubSpot Marketing Automation software and why are companies investing in its All-in-one solution? Let us see the unique features in detail -

  • The tool makes content creation, optimisation and launching easy, and even provides SEO advice to push companies right to the top for inbound marketing success
  • HubSpot provides a variety of templates and easy editing tool for email marketing
  • HubSpot efficiently manages the social media channels and brings about easy coordination with their massive campaigns
  • Automated workflows extend for an infinite number of steps so that companies can ultimately expand the marketing campaigns
  • HubSpot tool has event-based segmentation that supports companies to segment leads easily on their interests
  • HubSpot has an automated predictive lead scoring system based on lead behaviour, and it helps to identify potential customers that will move down the conversion pipeline
  • The tool keeps track of all communication with leads in one place for useful lead nurturing
  • It provides personalised content that can be tailored to meet customer expectations
  • The tool contains A/B testing to compare how two iterations of the same content are performing
  • HubSpot has an up-to-date reporting tool, so tracking of success with campaigns is simple

3.Provides scalability which is crucial

Scalability is essential for businesses because transferring stored information to a new system is a high-risk and challenging task. Additionally, training employees on new software diverts attention from operations. HubSpot Marketing Automation platform offers business continuity so that companies do not have to worry about these issues.

4.Pricing plays a critical role

Inbound marketing is expensive because of skill of human resources and time spent on implementing the software. Single channel tools like Buffer and Hootsuite is less expensive as compared to HubSpot platform, but it gives limited opportunities and incomplete insights. If companies use single channel tools, all pieces of the puzzle disconnect from each other and it is difficult to maintain integration of marketing activities. HubSpot Automation Marketing software provides long-term benefits since it integrates everything into a single platform and is essentially cost-effective. HubSpot also offers a one-month free trial to its users to get acquainted with the tool and understand the nuances of working on it.

5.Customer service and experience

Customer service with HubSpot is positive f the representative takes a decent amount of time to walk through the more delicate points of the Automation software. The representative does not push to make a purchase or lose interest if users want to test the software. HubSpot provides phone, online and live chat technical support and customer service 24/7. It also has an online community forum where users can ask fundamental questions. Many HubSpot partners and users talk about the fantastic user experience and readily flexible platform that helps to view the entire marketing strategy in an organised dashboard.

6.Publish specific content to targets without IT

HubSpot Automation Marketing platform enables you to put yourself in your customer shoes and provide specific content that your audience wants. It also helps lead nurturing because the platform answers audience questions and engages at the right time. HubSpot makes it possible to upload and publish content using content management system that consists of customizable templates. Customizable templates make it easy to update the content on a regular basis.

7.Reporting and tracking for better insights

Companies going digital should be able to track the performance of their social posts, ads, SEO and other channels. HubSpot software helps to connect dots between digital activities and provides the number of leads and customers that come on the website through different campaigns. With HubSpot Marketing Automation software, sales and marketing teams can get the analytics to save time and understand which marketing channels are getting more customers. Based on this data, marketing actives can be streamlined to create an impactful digital marketing strategy. With accurate tracking and reporting features, the team can get amazing sales insights to understand where the real opportunity lies and whether cross-selling is on the cards.

8.Buyer personas and Keywords.

HubSpot Marketing Automation tool asks visitors what kind of buyer personas they are and accordingly saves information. This information can directly help to provide specific content for lead nurturing. HubSpot has a keyword tool that allows marketers to focus on keywords that can yield better rankings on popular Search Engine Result Pages.

9.Get most of the social media and measure ROI

Social media management is time-consuming, so HubSpot provides marketers with a platform to schedule and manage posts efficiently. By tracking marketing campaigns, HubSpot platform can give details like new leads and customers acquired to understand if marketers are getting their ROI.

HubSpot Marketing Automation tool requires the right team who work parallel to your business to create its magic. It is a fantastic platform that can help companies make informed decisions.

As a leading HubSpot Partner agency in India, we are here to help businesses grow multifold and also maintain the momentum over time. Get in touch with us to know more on how our partnership can work wonders for your business.