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Can HubSpot Truly Empower Your Marketing And Sales?

With a comprehensive set of tools, HubSpot can empower your marketing and sales efforts with integrated functionalities and insights. HubSpot's software and tools empower marketers to streamline their efforts and ensure easy resource allocation. Many HubSpot marketing trends and best practices are leveraged in their all-in-one platforms, enabling them to streamline workflows, integrate with CRM, and provide state-of-the-art marketing automation capabilities. With HubSpot Academy, businesses can amplify their sales and marketing efforts with the latest Hubspot trends in analytics and reporting, personalisation, customer segmentation, and educational support. Here are a few ways HubSpot can truly empower your marketing and sales operations.

How Does HubSpot Help with Email Marketing?

Did you know you can empower marketing and sales with HubSpot by using their email marketing tool? You can craft, personalise, and optimise your marketing emails without spending a fortune on designers. Email marketing tools enable you to optimise performance, send professional emails, and customise emails through easy integration. It helps in creating unique email campaigns that display across any device with goal-based templates. With A/B tests, you can optimise email campaigns and use suitable subject lines that drive the most engagement and sales. HubSpot email marketing tool uses AI to enable marketers to create engaging emails instantly. It helps in rewriting, summarising, highlighting commands, making relevant changes to the tone, and meeting all requirements with ease.

Streamline SEO Operations with HubSpot

Get the latest technology and HubSpot trends by using HubSpot SEO marketing software. This software helps your business and brand to build authority in planning your SEO strategy to drive your sales and marketing efforts. You can create a custom content strategy, build search authority, and integrate your SEO software with HubSpot. With the data monitoring feature, you can easily gauge whether the SEO strategy brings real investment and choose the right URLs to track important topics in one holistic dashboard. With a real-time view of reports and insights on the HubSpot dashboard, marketers can optimise their SEO strategy to best fit the organisation’s needs. The tool also supports integration with Google Search Console for deep data insights to inform your SEO strategy.

Easy Custom Reporting and Website Analytics

HubSpot tools include a robust reporting feature that provides flexibility to create reports based on different needs. It provides various reporting methods and techniques, such as single object reports, funnel reports, contact attribution reports, and revenue attribution reports. It also features a custom report builder that helps analyse objects with respect to marketing, sales, and service activities. HubSpot’s traffic analytics tool is designed to provide a holistic view of website traffic data by source, topic, country, device time, and more. All you need is to install the tracking code to your site and start tracking traffic easily. This tool supports all operations, including filtering and customising report data and exporting reports to spreadsheets.

Flawless Ad Management with HubSpot

Managing ads has always been a cat-and-mouse game in marketing and sales. With HubSpot ad management, marketers can connect accounts from all supported ad networks to a single unified HubSpot account. They can use HubSpot CRM to view top-performing ads that amplify the inflow of customers. Marketers can stay focussed and relevant with HubSpot ad management and drive more conversions with improved ROI. CRM-powered targeting helps marketers report data at each stage of the buyer's journey, thereby ensuring better targeting. Marketers can connect their accounts, apply tracking pixels, and sync leads with just a few clicks without needing a developer or IT setup.

Prioritise Leads with Predictive Lead Scoring

HubSpot’s predictive lead scoring software enables marketers to prioritise leads based on thousands of data points. It uses data points from the customer journey to analyse and score each lead with improved scoring systems for quality leads. It also focuses on selling by automating your sales team’s repeated tasks. You can also automate lead scoring with machine learning to parse through thousands of data points to qualify leads. This would help marketers to close more deals with timely follow-ups and back-end prioritisation.

Examples of Brands That Have Improved Sales and Marketing with HubSpot

empower-hubspot1-scaled-1 Many prominent brands have boosted their marketing and ensured increased sales growth with HubSpot’s tools and services. From navigating through a cumbersome manual process to facing a lack of visibility in viewing tasks, HubSpot has helped organisations to build the right strategy that helps them overcome all hassles. Here are a few examples.

How Travellers Autobarn doubled their sales revenue

Travellers Autobarn is one of Australia’s most iconic vehicle rental businesses with a long-standing history of providing a seamless travel experience to tourists and citizens. They faced inefficiencies in processes and disparate tools. Therefore, they turned to HubSpot and leveraged their user-friendly interface and robust suite to achieve a 30% conversion rate. This doubled their conversion rate, sales, and volume and streamlined their full-funnel marketing strategy. Autobarn saved a lot of time and ensured a seamless business transformation.

Increased productivity of marketing and sales operations at Prowly

Prowly is a leading SaaS platform that helps PR professionals to save time on daily tasks. Their sales and marketing teams faced challenges due to manual data collection, tracking complexity, transparent data analysis, and marketing challenges in quantitative assessment. They turned to the HubSpot platform for a comprehensive toolkit that aided in data management, landing page creation, analysis, and workflow management. Prowly witnessed an increase in conversion rate percentage, thanks to HubSpot.

How Growth Tribe increased conversions by 300%

Growth Tribe, a Netherlands-based education centre, faced challenges due to limited visibility of the tasks performed by other teams. This resulted in misalignment among teams and missed opportunities with dwindling customers. Growth Tribe turned to HubSpot CMS and subscribed to the Enterprise tier, which enabled the team to move all functions to a unified platform. They were now able to bring new automation and efficiencies to the background. This enabled them to refocus their efforts to perform highly productive tasks. They migrated their old web hosting service to HubSpot. This integration proved to be fruitful as they were able to speed up their customer onboarding process, resulting in 3x more conversions.

Vajra Global: A HubSpot Gold Partner

Subscribing to all of HubSpot’s software and tools can be a burden on your wallet. There are many marketing automation implementation partners in India, but as a leading Martech company and a HubSpot Gold Partner, Vajra Global can help your business upscale your marketing and sales efforts with relative ease. With years of experience providing support services for marketers across various industries, we understand the latest trends and provide access to various tools in HubSpot’s stable. We measure and analyse your data and develop a fruitful marketing strategy that maximises ROI. Our team of developers is here to implement GenAI and automation into your marketing strategies to boost your marketing efforts further and reach your business goals. Vajra Global’s skilled SEO and marketing professionals is here to craft a successful marketing strategy and integrate it with the right tools to ensure increased leads. You can also get regular updates on your marketing efforts through a comprehensive reporting system.