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Marketing Automation
8 min read

Marketing Automation to Meet Customer - Driving Engagement on Autopilot

Marketing Automation for B2B Lead Gen

As a Digital Marketer, you try to find out different ways to optimise and make things simpler to run more programs, produce quality content and accomplish higher ROI. Ultimately, it matters how you engage your customers. Nowadays, customers want personalised experience which is the most challenging aspect of marketing. It is because you require a deep understanding of what your customers are doing to connect with them at the right time with the right message.The challenge is to use the data effectively to create personalised experiences across channels. Moreover, customers drive their buying journeys independently of their brands, so it becomes crucial to entertain customers at an individual level.

Standards of engagement marketing

1) Treat customers as individuals and engage accordingly

Marketers must ensure that they understand the individual needs of their customers and market products which are relevant to them so that they create a personalized experience.

2)   Know what they do

Personalized web pages can attract not only known but also unknown visitors which magnified opportunities for marketers.

3)   Engage continuously

Marketers must focus on creating campaigns that capture customers at the right moment. They should use the whole database to market customers consistently and have a long-lasting relationship.

4)   Favorable outcome is the end goal

In the end, it is necessary to achieve your goal. You are driving your customers to make a purchase, but you want to ensure they use the product well enough to drive repurchase. Customer loyalty speaks volumes.

How marketing automation drives engagement

Engagement level is at its peak when there are endless and relevant discussions with audiences and customers over time. Marketing automation is a perfect tool that can connect with people on an individual level with a predictable outcome depending on where they stand in the journey. It also supports companies to streamline, automate and measure various marketing processes across channels and give a platform to test, measure and optimise ROI.

Let us understand various features of marketing automation that can drive engagement

   1)   Nurturing customers with Email Marketing

With timely and personalised email marketing platform, marketers can nurture prospects and steer them towards conversions. This platform allows marketers to send simple and complex emails ( Emails that are sent automatically based on pre-defined triggers, behaviours and other criteria). Simple automation via email includes sending customers a discount or special promotion, sending customers a survey to collect feedback and sending customers an email when they abandon their shopping cart. Email marketing can provide the right content to the right audience at the right time. Marketers need to set up email campaigns, sequences, triggers and routine maintenance to update material.

2)   Create consistent experience across devices with Mobile Marketing

Your audience is on different channels- adding mobile is easy, but you need to ensure to have a consistent, unified experience across channels. With the use of Mobile marketing automation, marketers can engage with customers in a mobile app with push notifications, customer service chatbots and in-app messaging. When a customer downloads the app, it will deliver the right message at the right time by sending the push notification. It will provide uniform, holistic reporting by rolling mobile engagement platform metrics in the same platform. Create a smooth brand experience with marketing automation.

3)   Track and boost engagement on third-party channels by integrating social media

Successful social media marketing programs are combined with other marketing campaigns and channels. Marketing automation can make it easy to integrate with website, blog and analytics and simplify your social media marketing. Social media automation can help marketers create content which is relevant to the customers, create personalised web pages, track engagement and add sharing buttons to allow the audience to share brand content easily. Marketing automation platform captures essential data of people who engage with the brand on social media which improves multi-channel campaigns and help share targeted content to boost engagement.

4)   Make use of comprehensive analytics and reporting to measure results and optimise engagement

A significant step is to build an audience engagement strategy, but it is crucial also to measure its effectiveness. The best engagement plans contain proven strategies which are tested, measured and validated before full implementation. By understanding what will work, you can make decisions to increase customer engagement- provide the highest ROI.

5)   Personalization at earlier stages of buying journey

You may think customers may see your brand and proceed through the entire buying journey and even convert at the same time. But, this is just an ideal situation. Customers or prospects might see a post and follow it on your website. After some months, they may see some case studies. It may be long until you get their email address. But, with website visitor ID and tracking feature of marketing automation tool called as web personalization, you can understand more about these anonymous visitors. Thus, you can create more personalised experiences since it enables marketers to gather valuable information regarding their customers.

With a marketing automation platform, you can drive engagement on autopilot and take it to the next level. Moreover, it will provide you with an edge over your competitors. There are many ways of how marketing automation can enhance engagement. Would love to hear your thoughts so offer your comments and keep the discussion on!