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Leveraging Generative AI For Personalised SaaS Marketing

Generative AI, or GenAI, has continued to revolutionise the world not only in SaaS but also in other industries. Did you know that GenAI is growing at three times the rate of SaaS growth and is likely to skyrocket in the next four years? Leveraging AI in SaaS marketing is not just a technology trend but a very effective tool that can make software more functional and user-friendly. Generative AI in SaaS products is sure to transform your business and help you gain a competitive edge in the market with improved penetration and conversion rates. There are many ways in which GenAI can be implemented, and the key is to ensure that it becomes a valuable part of the AI technology landscape. 

Current Challenges in the SaaS Market

The core challenges in the SaaS market are customer retention, data privacy, system vulnerabilities, repetitive tasks, operational scalability, and system integration. Repetitive tasks in marketing have hampered operational efficiency. Generative AI implementation can help your business overcome many challenges in the SaaS market. It helps in revenue recognition by consolidating revenue data from multiple sources with a single source of truth. Integrating accounting software with GenAI helps your business ensure enhanced accuracy in revenue recognition, fixing revenue leakage, and avoiding non-compliance fines. 

Why GenAI for SaaS Marketing? 

GenAI in SaaS is a technology that creates new content, including images, music, text, code and more. It requires clear input data and prompts that help in creating new content. It can greatly improve the overall functionality of your software and help you stay relevant in the market. The role of generative AI in SaaS is to analyse large data that includes customer interactions, social media behaviour, and demographic insights to create marketing campaigns that speak to the individual. GenAI achieves all this by acknowledging your business's unique context. They craft a message that best resonates with your brand and remain sensitive to the data. They can be trained with a diverse range of datasets that ensure the content is personalised and adapts to the ever-evolving cultural norms. 

Uses of GenAI in SaaS

GenAI can be used to create content like product descriptions, marketing copies, blog posts, whitepapers and more. It can be implemented in email management, e-commerce platforms, content management systems, and other SaaS applications that involve content creation. It can also help users by providing personalised content recommendations that are tailored to your preferences. Your business can automate and personalise user research with AI. With GenAI-driven design tools, users can simplify graphic design tasks by creating stunning illustrations and website layouts and gaining a competitive advantage in the industry. 

Generative AI can translate texts and speech, collaborate with SaaS platforms, enable better connections, and create data samples based on existing data. This helps your business expand its original dataset and boost the performance of machine learning models that are trained on this data. 

4 Ways to Personalise SaaS Marketing with GenAI

Third-party AI service integration with no access to data

Integrating GenAI service into your SaaS via API can help you quickly access AI capabilities. However, it would not have access to your datalakes, data warehouses, or documents. This can be used to answer business-related queries like industry regulations and risk assessments and in industries such as supply chain management and legal consultation. The expenses for using a third-party GenAI solution in SaaS depend on the volume of data processed and generated. 

Allow AI systems to access SaaS data

Use the embeddings method if you want to use existing AI systems with your own data so that you do not need to train the system by yourself. This enables you to integrate a GenAI system with SaaS data and leverage the specific knowledge your organisation gathers over time. AI will generate specific content based on the data you have provided rather than relying on the universal data accessible via the internet. This method helps you gain a stronger focus on the specifics of your SaaS business in the AI-generated content. This is best fit for scenarios that depend on corporate data and knowledge, including customer support, reporting, and content creation. 

Train AI models on your data

For highly personalised SaaS marketing, the generative AI product design lifecycle enables you to train a machine learning model on your data. It helps integrate AI into SaaS seamlessly. However, this is one of the most expensive and time-consuming methods if done in a straightforward manner. However, you can use a pre-trained foundation model and then fine-tune it on your data to reduce costs. This empowers you to perform the highest level of customisation and have complete control over the generated content. Training AI models on your data are best suited for domains with strict content requirements and cannot tolerate any inaccuracies. 

Monetise the use of GenAI

Another important aspect is that you can use various methods to earn on your AI-driven features. SaaS platforms can offer AI-powered features as a part of their premium packages, where users pay a recurring fee to access all advanced functions that include AI-driven insights. A leading inbound marketing automation company, HubSpot, provides tiered subscription plans with AI-powered features, such as subscription-based pricing. Your SaaS business can also provide usage-based pricing where you can charge users based on their frequency of AI-driven interactions. Some other methods include feature-based pricing, pay-per-use, and enterprise licensing. 

Examples of Industries Using GenAI for Personalised Marketing

There are many industries that use GenAI for personalised marketing, and one such example is a leading financial services company, Srtipe, that wanted to identify workflows and products that could be accelerated by large language models. They aimed to gain a better understanding of these models and the challenges faced. Stripe implemented GPT 4, a GenAI-powered content generation platform that helped them identify prospects for integration into their platform, thereby detecting fraudulent activities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot enabled their sales teams to use GenAI in CRM and ERP systems, enabling them to create personalised emails and automatic meeting notes, as well as predict risk capture for core supply chain processes. Their sales team was able to focus on customer relationships and close deals, thereby improving efficiency and saving time. 

Personalise SaaS Marketing with GenAI at Vajra Global

As a leading MarTech solutions provider, Vajra Global has over eight years of experience in implementing digital marketing solutions and marketing automation services for many SaaS companies. We have a team of skilled experts who can help you implement GenAI and personalise your SaaS marketing to ensure quality leads and conversions. Get in touch with us for a comprehensive overview of our GenAI solutions and implementation techniques.