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successful brand identity
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Successful brand identity creation from scratch


LFC connected with us after establishing a digital solution for manufacturing industries. Branding and digital assets had to be built from scratch. The client connected with us to develop an online strategy for brand awareness with a branding blueprint, web designs and marketing collaterals.

Our Approach
Collaborating with ConnectFacts, we developed a brand identity with a name for the company - ConnectFacts - and their 8 products, logo colours and overall look and feel of their online presence, and the complete website design to create the brand’s personality.

Understanding the market, target audience and competitors, we helped construct a complete brand identity to sync with the offerings and established how the brand is to be perceived. This included regular feedback sessions with the client to ensure consistency and authenticity.

Connect Facts
Connect Facts
Connect Facts
Connect Facts
Connect Facts

Our designs gave a no-identity organization digital distinctiveness.