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Brand Awareness
8 min read

Top 3 Reasons to create brand awareness with User Generated Content

User-Generated Content - What is it?

If you are looking for successful ways to improve brand awareness, you are in the right place. User-generated content is defined as any form of content (content, image or a video) posted by the users online such as social media platforms.

User-generated content is extremely popular with consumers as it is created by their peers instead of a brand. It acts as social proof. According to Stackla, UGC posts that are shared to social channels see a 28% higher engagement rate compared to standard brand posts. So, when you share the content with your followers that was created by their peers, they are more than likely to pay attention. This can be done just by asking your audience to submit UGC. It will result in more engagement.

When brands share the content created by their consumers on their social media pages, it is a win-win situation for all. The consumers get their two cents because of the fame and glory of being showcased on the social media platform of a popular brand. This inspires more followers to follow suit and share their experiences as well. The brand not only gets free brand awareness marketing, but they also get concrete proof of the quality of their product. Customer happiness and satisfaction is key to word-of-mouth marketing, and UGC is the foundation of the brand awareness strategy.

The power of User Generated Content

What’s the big deal about user-generated content, and why should your brand care? Here are three key reasons UGC is a crucial brand awareness marketing strategy you can’t ignore. And why it is your best laid plan to improve brand awareness.

Source: TINT

UGC Promotes Authenticity

Statistics show that user-generated content brings in 2.4 times more customers than the promotion created by the brand itself.

When Warby Parker Glasses promoted the picture of their customer’s post, it racked up over 15,000 likes and genuinely inspired comments such as ‘I die of cute’. Had the brand created the content themselves, it might not have screamed ‘real’. The audience would not have been moved. Authenticity not only helps increase brand awareness, it registers as a trusted brand in the eyes on the audience.

UGC Creates Trust

Be it a product, service or an experience; today’s consumers want to Google everything to make an informed decision. Research shows that 30% of millennials would never even consider the product without sufficient third-party evidence to back it up. For instance, if the restaurant’s review was not present on Zomato, it would not be present in their minds either. Such is the power of user-generated content. It’s all about the trust created at the end of the day.

Another interesting fact: 92% of prospects trust recommendations from people they know, and 70% have faith in online consumer feedback.

Now, who would not like to try out this product?

UGC Drives Purchase Decisions
Brands promote user-generated content for the ultimate goal - to influence the purchasing decisions of prospective customers. Research states that nearly 80% of consumers have confirmed that UGC plays a key role in their purchase decisions. When you increase brand awareness in the right way, you give them a good reason to buy your product as well.

Instagram stories sharing user-generated content are designed to drive purchases. Create lasting impressions that allow potential users to analyse and come to a conclusion. According to Instagram, one-third of the platform's most-viewed Stories are from businesses.

In this example, the brand has not only posted an image by their client, but they have also engaged with them personally on the social media platform to encourage them to share their experiences as well. If this does not work, what will?

It is evident that user-generated content puts the brand on the map in more ways than one. Asking for customer reviews is not enough to convince people to open up and share their feedback. It has to be done tastefully. Give them something to smile about.

The motivation

Customers need to be asked for their feedback and experience with the product and service. Brands need to take that step forward and offer something in return for their testimonial. Here is an example of the same.

This brand encourages users to share their experiences to be featured on their social media platforms. This motivates their customers, and it brings more traffic to their website.

Vajra Global as your Social Media Partner

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