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The 8 Best Marketing Automation Software

Did you know that 81% of leading marketers use a single platform for marketing automation? Marketing automation software helps businesses track contacts, save time, build relationships, schedule tasks consistently, monitor all channels, create reports, nurture leads, and monitor analytics with ease. With a plethora of tools providing many marketing automation solutions, businesses often find it challenging to narrow down the right applications for their needs. While there are many top marketing automation tools, below are eight that are sure to boost your overall marketing operations.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot marketing automation tools are known for their versatility and ease of use. They provide inbound marketing software solutions that enable marketers to automate many operations. HubSpot offers workflows, chatbots, and email triggers to streamline lead management with a hyper-personalised experience. You can rest assured that HubSpot tools are highly data-driven, and businesses can use a wide range of customer data to boost their marketing efforts. The HubSpot marketing hub is an all-in-one marketing automation solution that provides a lot of resources that aid in smooth automated workflows

If your business is looking for a fully integrated marketing system with various tools in one place, then HubSpot marketing hub and HubSpot CRM integration will adapt to your growing demands. It is a martech platform that integrates most of the features required for small or mid-sized business requirements. It features a unified user interface, a vast selection of social media management options, and easy integration with other HubSpot solutions. 

Adobe Marketo Engage

Are you a business looking forward to using a tool packed with features that take you beyond marketing automation? Then Adobe Marketo Engage is the best option for you as it automates paid advertising, social media automation, and email marketing operations. If you want to start with the basics and move into the more advanced functionality, Adobe is the way to go. It helps businesses to enhance their marketing strategy with its large active knowledge base. You can work wonders and seamlessly manage email campaigns with excellent tools for sales teams. 

Adobe Marketo Engage enables you to integrate with social media, CRM software, and paid ads and optimise your marketing efforts to the fullest. Its powerful B2B marketing automation aligns sales and marketing with the flawless execution of cross-channel campaigns that help acquire, nurture, retain, and expand customers with easy lead nurturing across all channels. Adobe Marketo Engage is one of the best workflow automation software for businesses.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Targeting communications over multiple channels can be quite cumbersome. Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps your business communicate over multiple channels. It is a unique tool that focuses on mobile app notifications with key features that create personalised touchpoints with automatic lead scoring, automated emails, and smart lead nurturing. It aligns sales and marketing to enable tight communication and maximised Cloud account engagement. 

Salesforce acquired Pardot, a marketing automation company, in 2013. It encompasses a deep feature set that includes list-building features, lead-scoring packages, contact tags, and campaign rules with a plethora of automation capabilities. Your marketing team can operate seamlessly thanks to Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s unlimited automation branching, new user onboarding, and quick integration with Salesforce applications like Einstein. 

Zoho Marketing Automation

Organising your marketing efforts and framing a clear-cut schedule could be quite daunting. Zoho marketing automation tools help you plan and identify campaigns with better monitoring features and organise all of your marketing efforts using a single calendar. It helps you connect your e-commerce site and send follow-up emails after purchases; you can also score leads based on the interaction with the marketing message and identify high-quality leads, thereby improving conversions. The Zoho suite of martech tools empowers your business to go for double opt-in with a privacy-first approach and a unified data dashboard to enable easy connections and attract qualified prospects. 

For email automation, Zoho Campaigns is the best choice for filling multiple software needs. It includes trigger-based workflows for onboarding new contracts, retaining customers, and keeping customers updated on the latest offers and deals. It also supports integration with Zoho CRM. 


Unifying your email marketing efforts can be made easy with Campaigner. It is known for customisable workflows that provide additional marketing automation features like purchase behaviour analytics, automation workflow builder, and a wide range of personalisation capabilities. It supports easy-to-build, eye-catching email campaigns, improved mobile responsiveness, and easy team template management. 

Infusionsoft By Keap

Is your business kickstarting its marketing, sales, and email campaigns? Then Infusionsoft by Keap is your way to go as it offers a unified process that yields marketing automation and CRM in one package, with businesses spending less time with data entry and easy management of marketing information across disparate systems. It enables marketers to add contacts easily, integrate CRM with email marketing, and offer a wide range of options for support and coaching. It provides the best automation templates for following up with new leads and booking demos. However, it is best suited for small to mid-level businesses due to its design. 

Twilio SendGrid Marketing Campaigns

Twilio SendGrid Marketing Campaigns is a robust martech tool that delivers large-scale email marketing campaigns. It has an integrated mail transfer agent (MTA), which drastically reduces the complexity of running high-volume email campaigns by taking care of all technical details like ISP outreach, reputation management, infrastructure scaling, and real-time analytics. Its in-depth email analytics and the capability of sending large emails to many recipients is truly a stand-out feature.


Having begun as a small email marketing solution, Mailchimp has now grown beyond email automation and into martech applications. It is now geared with a host of CRM features, basic e-commerce, and surveys. It is a full marketing hub that is easy to use with convenient email templates, optional web hosting plans, and improved AI recommendations with automation. Businesses can formulate a customised purchase path to deliver the right messaging and optimise interactions with Mailchimp. It also helps marketers import valuable customer data from various platforms for a highly relevant and enjoyable customer experience. 

Get Access to the Best Marketing Automation Software at Vajra Global

Choosing the right marketing automation software from the above list could be quite challenging. At Vajra Global, we help you narrow your search and provide access to many tools at a lesser cost. Subscribing to HubSpot’s suite of marketing automation applications can be quite expensive. As a HubSpot gold partner, we have access to HubSpot’s range of software applications that help you streamline your marketing efforts. With nearly eight years of experience in addressing customer’s needs in marketing automation, we are a leading martech company with a team of experts who are here to address all your concerns. Reach out to our experts for a comprehensive list of marketing solutions tailored to your business needs.