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Thought Leadership
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The EXPERT Framework For Thought Leadership

The battle for attention has never been more intense, and the rate of disruption has never been higher. To stand out, leaders need to position themselves, and in turn, their organizations, as authorities in their industry. Thought leadership has become an essential requirement in any content marketing strategy. It helps individuals and organizations build brand equity, enhance customer relationships, and create new opportunities for sales, alliances, and partnerships.

However, true thought leadership is only possible by extending support for the big thinkers, so they can identify new approaches, take calculated risks, and think outside the box. Leaders appreciate and acknowledge the need to build their brand and gain more visibility but do not have the time. Many do not know how or where to start, and others might lack the skills to create content.

We will work with you to identify your niche, audit your current thought leadership approach and content, and build a strategy that will showcase your capabilities.

Our thought leadership program has been crafted by keeping you and your audience at the center. Our expertise, knowledge, versatility, and use of smart digital tools will establish you and your organization as thought leadership experts in your field. We blend deep research with social media expertise and creative storytelling to create customized solutions that will build your online brand.

Below is our 5-step thought leadership framework, which we will use to help you in your thought leadership journey.

Thought Leadership Strategy

EX - Explore

Thought leadership starts by identifying your vision, goals, and what you wish to achieve. We will assess what you have done so far in this space and also identify who your competitors are. We will define your audience based on who will benefit the most from hearing what you have to say – so, as a thought leader, you know whom to focus on. We find answers to questions like - what would your audience like to hear from you? What fresh thinking and perspectives can help them? What conversations are dominating the space? And we look at which of those aligns with your business strategy. Answering these questions and others helps to build a good strategy while zeroing in on your niche.

P – Plan

Once we gather your requirements and gain more knowledge, we will research your industry and competitors and identify trends. We will analyze different possibilities and develop a thought leadership strategy that aligns with your goals. A customized roadmap is then drawn up, and this could range anywhere from a few months to over a year. Rather than having a big-budget PR campaign, we will drip-feed content over time. We will also set a cadence for regular meetings with the thought leader. Combining the thought leader’s expertise and experience with the writer’s ability to develop, edit and polish the content is necessary.

E – Execute

During the execution phase, we will work closely with the thought leader to obtain their views, thoughts, and opinions. We set the plan in motion by producing the content and coordinating with all internal teams to publish and distribute them. All content will be deeply researched and of the highest quality. We can also use paid promotions to boost a post or blog where appropriate.

R - Review

With the help of different metrics and analytics, we will monitor and review the performance of the published content and make continuous tweaks to the content plan. Every thought leader is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. The insights we obtain will be shared with you and also used to generate more content ideas. Measuring thought leadership and brand equity is tricky, but we can easily track social media stats such as likes, shares, comments, followers, and engagement.

T - Transform

We aim to transform you into a thought leader. We will audit progress and look to expand your impact and amplify your ideas to a wider audience so that you can leave a lasting legacy.

Building brand equity takes time. Through our thought leadership consulting, we aspire to provide thought leaders and organizations with a long-term plan to establish them as an authority in their field. We aim for sustainable transformation, which is our key differentiator.

What would you like to be known for?

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